Rudy Lim, Sales Training & Development Manager - Henkel Group, Malaysia

I am a professional trainer for my company, so some of the takeaways from this event have sharpened up my skills and have increased the leverage of my capacity as a trainer and coach as well. And of course to bring it forward to the very people that I am training. I would give this training a 100%! To those who have not attended, not only on the sales aspect, but managers, administrators and all; the total package of those involved in coaching: I think this is a very god program to take. Congratulations Kexxel Group! I think the trainer gave all his passion in wanting us to learn and he is articulate; his stories, directions and explanations create a very good understanding for the participants!


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Home Events Review Kexxel Group’s Negotiate To Win Masterclass with Jim Thomas wows leading Malaysian companies

Kexxel Group’s Negotiate To Win Masterclass with Jim Thomas wows leading Malaysian companies

Event Review

Negotiate To Win Masterclass @ Kuala Lumpur
09 May 2016 - 10 May 2016
In House Training , Management , Talent Management , Sales and Marketing , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Legal , Leadership , Information Technology , Human Resource , Finance   

Kuala Lumpur, 8th – 9th June 2015 – Jim Thomas descended into Kuala Lumpur for his Negotiate To Win Masterclass seminar organized by Kexxel Group and left 47 business delegates star-struck at his ability to combine both theoretical and strategic viewpoints to implement a much-needed practical approach to negotiation in the business world.

The room was filled with eager and enthusiastic business executives who were full of energy as they sought out unique lessons from one of the world’s leading negotiators on the importance of skillful negotiation and how that influences the process of making effective business decisions.

As part of Jim’s signature workshops, the setting was casual and participants were encouraged to break boundaries and interact with fellow attendees before proceeding to discussing real-life case studies in groups. Some participants were even seen intensely debating the topics presented amongst other groups and this provided for an electric mood within the hall which led to an ever-increasing competitive spirit.

Various team activities were organized to maintain the bustling atmosphere in the hall and overall the event went along smoothly with representatives from diverse local companies enjoying the unexpected and challenging scenarios offered.

Take-aways from the attendees:

“The one thing that I have learnt from this masterclass is how Jim Thomas classified the 21 rules of negotiating. That was very useful to me. I am from Finance so I am dealing a lot with financial institutions so I will use this to better negotiate in financial terms.”  
Mokthar Ramlan, Senior Manager (Finance), UEM Sunrise Berhad.

“It was a great opportunity to attend Jim’s lecture, with his practical knowledge & willingness to share experiences. The main strength of the event was the speaker and the opportunity to network. Kexxel Group is an excellent event organizer.”  
Azizul Bin Mohd Said, Deputy Director, Bank Negara Malaysia.

The trainer has a good negotiation methodology. The strength of the event was the exercises that made participants understand better. Kexxel Group is well organized.”
Seah Chong Sen, Procurement Director, Keysight Technologies Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

“The trainer was passionate, energetic & knowledgeable, with the theory of agenda being the strength of the event. Kexxel Group was well-organized with the setting for the course.”
Joan Lee, Area Sales Manager, UMMI Surgical Sdn Bhd.

“Jim is an excellent trainer who could provide powerful practical approach to negotiation. Kexxel Group has good engagement in participants prior to the course commencing.”
Chiok Foong Chuan, Senior Manager, PIDM.

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