Steven Wong, National Sales Manager - Merck Sharp Dohme, Malaysia

Keith is a competent trainer who knows the subject very well. The training was filled with good examples and good lessons.


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Home Events Review Kexxel Group: Yet again, Jim Bergman wows the crowd in Kuala Lumpur with “Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management”

Kexxel Group: Yet again, Jim Bergman wows the crowd in Kuala Lumpur with “Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management”

Event Review

Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contract Management @ Kuala Lumpur
12 November 2018 - 14 November 2018
In House Training , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Legal , Human Resource , Corporate Training   

Kuala Lumpur, 12th – 14th November 2018 – With an incredible turnout at the “Competitive Commercial Tenders and Contract Management” masterclass, Jim Bergman delivered an impeccable presentation on setting the bar of excellence in tendering and contracting standards that concluded to be a raging success! Delegates were inspired by the trainer’s vast knowledge and experience in the subject.


The delegates were deeply engaged in the course as Jim provided an in-depth lesson on how to avoid mistakes in tenders as well as the detailed and correct preparation of contracts at service level agreements. They were equipped with the framework in implementing an effective tendering strategy, with an in-depth look into the market approach strategies, tendering and contracting strategies and also negotiation and contract management strategies.


Jim Bergman broke down the components of contract management effortlessly and successfully completed the three-day course with his practical training that was done through group dialogues, coaching pairs and examining applications in real world business scenarios.


Take-a-ways from the delegates:


“In terms of contract drafting management, I can approach it in a more open and honest matter. That’s the key thing that I can take back from this seminar. Conventionally, we look at what are mentioned in the contracts that if you are the buyer or the seller you try to take an advantage but Jim comes from a different perspective on trying to be more transparent which I think is a good approach. It’s a hard change for most parties but I think it’s a good approach. One of the things that Jim has pointed out is to prepare for your negotiation in terms of finding out what are the things that as a seller we want and what the buyer is looking for so we’re able to make a concession when needed and we know what they’re looking for as well so I think it’s a really good tool to prepare us for commercial negotiations. Those who have yet to attend this event, it is a good introduction. Jim was great and interactive and I enjoyed the real-world examples that he provided.”
Ir Arvind Menon – Division Director, Business Development, Ranhill Bersekutu


“I’ve gotten a very good perspective on how to plan, strategise and negotiate contracts. It will definitely help me to manage all future contracts with our business partners to conclude a great deal with a win-win situation. This is a great course for those involved with tenders, contracts, supplier relationships and even customer relationships. The trainer, Jim is no doubt a very experienced speaker. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to sit in his class.”
Akhbar Bin Muhamad – Senior Manager, Pharmaniaga Logistics


“I’ve actually learnt a lot but one thing that was very valuable is the negotiation strategy. And one thing worth mentioning is that whenever you are engaging in any deal, you have to look at all aspects of the contract and really know what you want to achieve. I’m from the legal department at my workplace, and we always look at the contract and try to limit or reduce the risks but after attending this training I understand a bit more from the commercial, finance and technical side of things so that would pretty much give me more room to consider and understand their perspective. Definitely a course I’d recommend as it gives new insights and refreshes what we’ve already known. The trainer has a vast experience and exposure on the course content.
Noor Yasmin Binti Samsudin – Assistant Manager, Legal, Boustead Penang Shipyard


“The one thing that I’ve learnt from the angle of the contract management is to have the perspective of the full cycle of contract management itself instead of from what I’ve been through. So now I pretty much understand the aspects of the application of the contract management from the start to the end. This course will help me a lot in terms of executing future projects especially when dealing with contracts with bits and tenders with customers and potential clients. For those who have not attended this training, I’d highly recommend doing so, specifically to gain an understanding in the aspects and terms of the whole idea of the contract management principles as we have various key departments who are dealing with our contracts especially on the supply chain management, procurement and operations so they should understand the aspects of contract management itself. Jim is a great guy, I know him as a member of the IACCM and he is well known for his experience. Coming from oil & gas, this course has been very helpful. I am honored and privileged to be trained by him.”
Mohd Norhatta Bin Azhar – AGM, Contract Management, Velesto Drilling

“I learnt quite a number of things during this event but one of the key moments was when Jim taught us about the “X factor” when you move from one phase to another phase where your bargaining power would either increase or reduce and that was really useful info that he shared which I am able to apply to my work. In terms of planning, this event has helped me tremendously. To those who have yet to attend this training, I would definitely encourage them, especially to those involved in negotiation as Jim does not only share theoretical concepts but really more real-world experiences which are of high value.”
Hasfizal Bin Mukhtar – Senior Manager, Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad


“With excellent and in depth knowledge about the topics presented, Jim is well experienced and also his willingness to share with the audience is outstanding. The speaker’s experience and knowledge was of great benefit.”
Muhammad Faidzal Mohd Nadzri – Senior Tender & Contracts Executive, Handal Offshore Services


“Great content; I especially enjoyed the contract and tendering processes. The staff at Kexxel Group were very helpful and welcoming.”
Nurahimah Binti Ramlan - Executive, Real Estate Ventures, Tenaga Nasional Berhad


Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management 2018


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