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This 5 days workshop is amazing. I learned a lot of new information which are vital to my field of work. I will surely recommend this program to my colleagues in the company.


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Home Events Review Kexxel Group: “Simplified” Strategic Planning, just like what Robert Bradford has promised

Kexxel Group: “Simplified” Strategic Planning, just like what Robert Bradford has promised

Event Review

Simplified Strategic Planning @ Kuala Lumpur
22 April 2019 - 23 April 2019
In House Training , Management , Sales and Marketing , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Leadership , Human Resource , Finance , Corporate Training   

Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok, 22-23 April 2019 & 25-26 April 2019 – Simplified Strategic Planning masterclass by Robert Bradford was an immense success. Delegates in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok were very satisfied with the outcome of the topic itself. The trainer delivered an excellent presentation on his area expertise.

The trainer received so much praise for doing such an amazing job. Throughout the event, he was greatly admired for his experiences and using his experiences as examples. He was also very detailed and informative towards the subject as well as handling the duration of time professionally by being able to discuss in detail about the topic.

Many delegates were elated with the content of the masterclass. The content was the main strength of the event because Robert elaborated it immensely well and it was easily comprehended by the attendees.

Take-a-ways from the attendees:

Robert is very skilled in the topic and has many exposure in different fields. His presentation was lively with many situational examples that were useful in my work field. On top of that, he was also detailed and informative as well as has good control of time with many detail and relevant discussions provided.  Kexxel is such a professional event organizer that organized great training topics.”
 Evon Ho Country Brand Lead, Marketing, Pfizer (M)

“The trainer has a full grip of what he is talking about and gave a good and professionally presentation. The main strength of the event for me was the great and interesting presentation as the trainer presented with two way communication. A well-organized event organization.”

Dato’ Ku Azhar Bin Ku Ahmad Executive Director, AVP Engineering

“Rob is a fantastic trainer and coaches very well. He has various experiences and strategic knowledge. Kexxel Group is a leading training company that has held many successful events.”

 Asawin Khemarath –  General Manager, IMI Industries Co. Ltd

“The trainer used very well balanced approach between various sectors, companies, and real life situation. Strategic Planning did get simplified, the event adhered to the topic of the event. Kexxel Group is a good organizer on career development programs.”

Gaurav Ghosh – Manager, Business Development, Valmet Co. Ltd

“The trainer excelled in his training and is very generous with his knowledge. The topic which was ‘Strategic Planning’ itself were the main strength of this event. Robert Bradford presented very well and beneficial in my opinion. His presentation was understandable and professional too. An event organizer that is very good in coordination and organizing an event as well as put a lot of effort into making this event successful.” 
Capt. Mohanathanapalan Narayanasamy General Manager, Commercial, Orkim Ship Management

”Robert is very passionate in presenting the topic and has the energy that can be contagious. He also knows how to take Strategic Planning positively.” 
Ooi Teng Chow Director, Manufacturing Engineering, Intel Microelectrics


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