Junaid Jafar, Executive Director - Tadhamon Capital, Qatar

This is one of my first experiences in a class about negotiating. It’s very beneficial especially if some of the things you see yourself doing or common mistakes you shouldn’t be making. Jim puts these into perspective and says don’t do that, don’t get deceived to negotiate. Always try to negotiate with the procedure. These small tips I think you should follow then use a lot of his input into each and every negotiation and hopefully we improve in time. It’s been a great two days! There are a very diverse number of people from different walks of lives and Jim kept us entertained throughout the whole two days!


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Home Events Review Kexxel Group: Leaders were enlightened by the 9 habits of trust by John Blakey during his Trusted Executive masterclass

Kexxel Group: Leaders were enlightened by the 9 habits of trust by John Blakey during his Trusted Executive masterclass

Event Review

The Trusted Executive @ Kuala Lumpur
12 February 2020 - 13 February 2020
In House Training , Management , Leadership   

Kuala Lumpur, 12th – 13th February 2020– As ambiguous as it seemed to break down trust, top managers were in for an eye opening treat as they found out otherwise during Dr. John Blakey’s session at the Grand Millennium. One of the elements of trust that surprised most was benevolence in a usually cold corporate setting.

After a day of pondering theories and cases, the leaders were asked to reflect upon themselves and their organization on the second day. This was done through a self-evaluation test curated by John, to understand where they stood on the trust axis.

Touched by their results, John then introduced them to the 9 habits, the essential ingredients that make up trustworthiness within themselves. Participants went home that day with a deep sense of self-awareness and a new outlook on their culture. A renewed mission to work on themselves to unearth the organic best in their people under their guidance the next day.

Take-a-aways from the attendees:

“The content of the workshop is definitely the main strength of the event. John was very engaging and presented his content in a way that was very easy to understand and well structured. I found this to be a well-managed workshop as the team is very attentive and flexible.”
Ema Fadilah Ahmad – Assistant Vice President, Events & CSR, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan)

“Dr. John’s mastery and expertise on the subject matter were what I appreciated the most. He delivered a masterclass in trust with the perfect balance of theory and practice to immediately apply in our daily lives. This is my first session with Kexxel and it is one of the better trainings I have attended in the past year.”
Mohamed Hafidz Bin Mohamed Ismail – Head, Marketing, PLUS Malaysia Berhad

“Good lesson structure complimented with practical action plans, Dr. John clearly demonstrates his expertise within this domain as illustrated in his award winning book. Keep it up!”
Azlan Bin Ahmad – Head, Digital Business & Technology Advisory, ICT Division Tenaga Nasional Berhad

“The lessons and actionable takeaways from the class have been very insightful. Dr John Blakey has simplified the 9 key habits and actions to practice and ponder upon in one’s journey towards becoming a trusted leader. I personally found this to be a well-coordinated and organised workshop with a professional and helpful team.”
Syed Mohammed Idid Syed Ahmed Idid – Head, Corporate, Community & Public Engagement, PLUS Malaysia Berhad

“I believe the speaker, John himself was the main strength of the event as he is well versed in this subject. Pleased to say it was a very enjoyable training with a lot of two way communications. Good organised coordination of the training course.”
Syahrul Manap – Deputy Director, Flow Group, Sirim Berhad

“The nine habits for leaders to build trust were the main strengths of the event. John is knowledgeable and an expert on the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the course. The training was very well organized and I have no complaints.”
Kamarul Adlan Adzman Omar – Deputy Senior Manager, Corporate, Community & Public Engagement, PLUS Malaysia Berhad

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