Basel Mustafa Hammad, Operations & Maintenance Manager - Al Hamra Oasis Village Compound, United Arab Emirates

I will definitely recommend the trainer for a In House Training in my company. Kexxel Group is very professional and they know how to use the right trainer!


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11 Kexxel Group: The Secrets of Negotiating revealed to delegates across Asia and Middle East in Jim Thomas’ Masterclass last April 2018!


12 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford returns to Asia with his much sought after “Simplified Strategic Planning” training!


13 Kexxel Group: Dr. Sven Hansen brings his “Resilient Leader Masterclass” training to Asia and the Middle East for the very first time.


14 Kexxel Group: Renowned trainer Richard Parker comes back to Kuala Lumpur with his anticipated training “Strategic Finance for Decision Makers.”


15 Kexxel Group: Experienced practitioner Joe Caruso blows delegates away with his Service Level Agreements Masterclass!


16 Kexxel Group: Daniel J. Moran brings his “Behaviour-Based Safety and Severe Incident Prevention” to Kuala Lumpur.


17 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford’s Simplified Strategic Planning a hit once again in Asia & Middle East!


18 Kexxel Group: Alan Fell captivates Kuala Lumpur & Singapore delegates with his Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts training


19 Kexxel Group: Expert Sales Strategist Ian Segail’s Commercializing the Sales Conversation was a proven success in Dubai & Kuala Lumpur!


20 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford’s Simplified Strategic Planning first time appearance was a success in both Jakarta and Bangkok.


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