Alvyn Toh, Assistant General Manager - Inter-Roll Bearings Shanghai, China

The trainer is very approachable and is always encouraging. The event provided a different perspective to the same situation we face. I learned how to get people to think differently rather than the norm. Kexxel Group was very efficient.


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11 Kexxel Group: Joe Caruso switches on the style by making the ‘technical’ Service Level Agreements Masterclass course a whole ball of fun!


12 Kexxel Group and Robert Bradford captivate the Middle East with another impressive Simplified Strategic Planning program!


13 Kexxel Group: Simplified Strategic Planning course at its best with Robert Bradford in Singapore!


14 Kexxel Group: Kuala Lumpur was blown away by Robert Bradford’s Simplified Strategic Planning course!


15 Kexxel Group and Lon Safko bring life to the staff of Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand with the Fusion Marketing Masterclass course!


16 Kexxel Group: After wow-ing Asia in June, Jim Thomas adds another Dubai’s Negotiate To Win Masterclass to his successful year!


17 Kexxel Group: Transforming Sales Leaders into Great Coaches with Ian Segail at Kuala Lumpur exceeded expectations


18 Kexxel Group’s Transforming Sales Leaders into Great Coaches with Ian Segail amazes participants with key coaching techniques


19 Kexxel Group: Negotiate To Win Masterclass by Jim Thomas promises to help Singaporean business decision-makers stay ahead of the curve


20 Kexxel Group’s Negotiate To Win Masterclass with Jim Thomas wows leading Malaysian companies


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