Ekvin Chia, Division Manager - Henkel, Malaysia

Kexxel Group presented a great speaker. He inspired me to open up enormous possibilities in coaching!


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21 Kexxel Group: Alan Fell captivates Kuala Lumpur & Singapore delegates with his Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts training


22 Kexxel Group: Expert Sales Strategist Ian Segail’s Commercializing the Sales Conversation was a proven success in Dubai & Kuala Lumpur!


23 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford’s Simplified Strategic Planning first time appearance was a success in both Jakarta and Bangkok.


24 Kexxel Group: A commendable session of FOREX by Clive Corcoran was held by Kexxel Group in Malaysia!


25 Kexxel Group: Singapore and Brunei delegates are prepared to win more negotiations in the future after a 2-day seminar in Negotiate to Win Masterclass by Jim Thomas


26 Kexxel Group: Jim Thomas’s Negotiate to Win Masterclass allowed delegates from Malaysia to experience the upper hand in winning negotiations!


27 Kexxel Group: Negotiate to Win Masterclass by Jim Thomas motivates Dubai delegates to venture into new ways of negotiation.


28 Kexxel Group: Richard delivers standing ovation worthy performance in his latest comeback in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai!


29 Kexxel Group: Leading with Emotional Intelligence by Paul Mills returns to South East Asia for another grand beginning to a new year!


30 Kexxel Group: Kuala Lumpur and Dubai Safety Personnel Revisit Safety Measures with Behavior-Based Safety Guru, Daniel J. Moran.


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