Waleed A. Al-Hamlan, Maintenance Manager - National Water Company, United Arab Emirates

It's my first time with Kexxel Group and they are very profficient!


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21 Kexxel Group’s Negotiate To Win Masterclass with Jim Thomas wows leading Malaysian companies


22 Kexxel Group: Lon Safko toured across Asia and the Middle East leaving a spark of creativity with his Innovative Marketing Masterclass!


23 Kexxel Group: Mike Sondalini mesmerized Abu Dhabi with his Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Masterclass!


24 Kexxel Group: “5 Star” Reviews for Mike Sondalini’s Maintenace Planning & Scheduling Masterclass


25 Kexxel Group: Another event, another hit! Richard Parker does it again with his Strategic Finance for Decision Makers workshop in Doha!


26 Kexxel Group: Another winning workshop with Richard Parker and Strategic Finance for Decision Makers in Jakarta!


27 Kexxel Group: Tendering & Contracts Management made easy with Jim Bergman


28 Kexxel Group: Another year, another big hit in Dubai with Robert Bradford’s 4th Annual Simplified Strategic Planning!


29 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford dazzles Singapore with his Simplified Strategic Planning Workshop.


30 Kexxel Group: Simplified Strategic Planning made even easier with the charismatic Robert Bradford’s Workshop in Kuala Lumpur.


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Service Level Agreements @ Dubai
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Next Generation Digital Marketing @ Dubai
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