Samir Ali, Material Manager - Middle East Paper Company, Duabi

The exercises executed during the event were simply good!


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31 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford returns to Kuala Lumpur for another insightful Simplified Strategic Planning


32 Kexxel Group: Rolling Forecasts, Planning & Budgeting Masterclass By John Stretch Was A Tremendous Success!


33 Kexxel Group: Joe Caruso Presented An Extraordinary Service Level Agreements Masterclass


34 Kexxel Group: Acclaimed Marketing Innovator Lon Safko Was A Spectacular Success-Organized By Kexxel Group!


35 Kexxel Group: Jim Thomas Rewrites Excellence Through Negotiate To Win Masterclass Organized By Kexxel Group!


36 Kexxel Group: Alen Fell's modern approach to budgeting and rolling received high praises at the two-day event in Kuala Lumpur


37 Kexxel Group: Dubai delighted by Mike Sondalini’s Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Workshop.


38 Kexxel Group: Mike Sondalini uplifts Malaysian’s Leading Maintenance Experts with his “Preventive and Predictive Maintenance” Course @ Kuala Lumpur


39 Kexxel Group: Jim McCormick Dazzled the Crowd with his “First Time Manager” Masterclass @ Kuala Lumpur


40 Kexxel Group: Richard Parker introduced Malaysian Top Decision Makers to a whole new perspective in Finance!


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