Mohd Fayoumi, Director of Engineering - Movenpick, United Arab Emirates

The whole event was very well organized and the trainer was experienced. I only have one word for Kexxel Group - G.R.E.A.T.!!!!


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41 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford yet again dazzled the crowd in Asia with his Simplified Strategic Planning!


42 Kexxel Group: Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Masterclass With Joel Levitt, Another Winner in Asia For The Third Year in A Row!


43 Kexxel Group: Negotiate to Win Masterclass and Jim Thomas Have Once Again Raised The Bar in Asia!


44 Kexxel Group: SLA In House Training by Andrew Hiles for IATCO, Saudi Arabia – A Major Success….


45 Kexxel Group: Negotiate To Win Masterclass: Jim Thomas nailed it again in Qatar!


46 Kexxel Group: Negotiate To Win Masterclass by Jim Thomas continues to amaze multinational organizations in Dubai!


47 Kexxel Group: Getting To “CLOSED”: A Sales Materclass: Prof. Steve Schiffman leaves Dubai spellbound by his phenomenal sales tactics!


48 Getting To “CLOSED”: A Sales Masterclass: Kexxel Group and Steve Schiffman impressed Kuala Lumpur at this informative event!


49 Kexxel Group: Joel Levitt’s Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Masterclass proved another year of excellence at Abu Dhabi!


50 Kexxel Group: Joel Levitt’s Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Masterclass once again triumphed Kuala Lumpur!


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