Mike Cornock, Sales Manager - Oracle Corporation, Australia

The trainer really engaged the audience. He has lots of energy. I learned the methods of interpreting peoples’ thoughts. Kexxel Group ran the event very well!


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61 Kexxel Group: Another winning workshop with Richard Parker and Strategic Finance for Decision Makers in Jakarta!


62 Kexxel Group: Tendering & Contracts Management made easy with Jim Bergman


63 Kexxel Group: Another year, another big hit in Dubai with Robert Bradford’s 4th Annual Simplified Strategic Planning!


64 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford dazzles Singapore with his Simplified Strategic Planning Workshop.


65 Kexxel Group: Simplified Strategic Planning made even easier with the charismatic Robert Bradford’s Workshop in Kuala Lumpur.


66 Kexxel Group: Peter Gordon takes Card Marketing to the next level with Consumer Card Marketing in Dubai


67 Kexxel Group: Pushing the cards business forward with Peter Gordon’s Consumer Card Marketing Strategies in Kuala Lumpur


68 Kexxel Group: Superstar Negotiator & Bestselling Author Jim Thomas charms Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with his “Negotiate to Win” Masterclass


69 Kexxel Group: Sales Person of The Year, Ian Segail demystifies the key to sales increase in Asia & Middle East through his Sales Leadership Masterclass


70 Kexxel Group: Strategic Finance For Decision Makers with Richard Parker was a hit in Middle East


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