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Negotiate To Win Masterclass


Negotiate To Win Masterclass
Negotiate To Win Masterclass
15 May 2017 - 17 May 2017



Jim Thomas is an attorney, author, speaker, and media personality, but above all, a busy full-time negotiator. For the past 35 years, Jim’s law practice has focused exclusively on negotiating. He is the author of Harper Collins’ international bestseller, Negotiate to Win. Jim's book was rated one of the Best Business Books of 2006 by Strategy & BusinessMagazine and is available in 18 languages. Jim is a popular speaker and a frequent guest on television and radio programs including CNN, Channel News Asia, CBS News, ABC News, MSNBC, and Fox News. He’s been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide, including Newsweek, Forbes, Dow Jones Marketwatch, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health Singapore, 8 Days, Her World, Mademoiselle, Global Investor, Marie Claire, Better Homes,Woman’s Day, American Executive, and Pacific Business News.



“Jim Thomas is a good speaker with a vast experience. The negotiation structure, on the other hand, is the main strength of the event.”
Mohd Abdullah Shabri – CV Sales Manager, Petron Fuel International Sdn Bhd

“The material is really useful. In addition, Jim is knowledgeable and has given some useful formulas and tips to use in negotiations.”
Datin Noriza bt Ibak – General Manager, Legal Services, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

“I learn more how to negotiate better through the case study. The presentation was very good. Jim was able to answer QA session with details clearly and make me understand it. I recently know about Kexxel, so far so good!”
Nurdian Sukor – Assistant Manager, Purchasing, UMW Advantech Sdn Bhd

“The trainer is really experienced with the subject. The main strengths are the punctuality of the event and on-point presentation. Kexxel Group is a good event manager.”
Mohamed Akhbar Bin Muslim – General Manager, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

“The speaker has impressive knowledge and the ability to articulate and relate his experience in the art of negotiations. The main strength is the case studies and simplified notes for a speedy understanding. Kexxel group is a well-organized training provider.”
Koh Chin Lai – Senior Manager, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

” The seminar has a lot of practical exercise and a lot of practical advice that is easy to understand. The tips are doable with some practice. Kexxel Group has a well-organized training.”
Jessie Sam – Business Operations Manager, Pfizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Past Clients

Why You Should Attend

Program Agenda

Day 1- Overview

The Negotiate to Win Workshop begins with participant introductions, an overview of the program’s content and methodology, and the establishment of ground rules. We then discuss participants’ goals and expectations for the Workshop and share personal best and worst negotiating experiences

Module 1: Negotiation-What Lies Beneath The definition of negotiation

Module 2: What “Win-Win” Negotiating Is Really All About”

Module 3: The Critical Rules of Negotiating

Module 4: The important But Obvious Rules of Negotiating

Module 5: The “The Nice To Do” Rules of Negotiating”

Day 2: Overview

We begin Day 2 with a review of lessons from Day 1. After a brief summary of Day 2’s agenda and goals, we move on to the vitally important subject of Concession Management.

Module 1: Concession Management

Module 2: Pre-negotiation Homework

Module 3: Performing a Successful Negotiation

Module 4: Navigation Negotiation’s Minefields

Module 5: Negotiation Leadership

Who Should Attend

This intensive seminar is designed to help anyone who deals with people. It is particularly well suited to the needs of owners, executives, senior managers, salespeople, legal and other professionals, buyers, marketing managers, purchasing managers, operations managers, procurement managers, supply chain managers, logistics managers, HR managers, distribution managers, and anyone else who needs to quickly and dramatically enhance their negotiating skills.

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