Raji Varghese, Customer Service Executive - Binzagr Company, Qatar

The trainer was very good. The main strengths would be the case studies and discussions. Kexxel Group definitely organized the event very well. The follow ups and the pre event communication from them were very prompt.


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Service Level Agreements @ Kuala Lumpur


Service Level Agreements @ Kuala Lumpur
Service Level Agreements @ Kuala Lumpur
04 December 2018 - 06 December 2018
Sheraton Hotel Petaling Jaya -
In House Training , Management , Legal , Information Technology , Corporate Training


Delivering Service Excellence and Cultivating Relationships with SLA Guru, Joe Caruso

Joe Caruso, SLA expert

Director in Education & Consulting Services in The Cullen Group.
A former CIO in Contract Management.
An expert in providing SourcingSLA, and Contract Management Advices.
Trained over 5,000 professionals on Outsourcing, Strategic Contract Management & Governance.
Developer & Publisher of the outsourcingtoolset





“Joe was approachable and knowledgeable. He highlighted the key point and values. From the training I have gained a better understanding of the life-cycle of contract management. The course has also opened my eyes to areas where I may have overlooked or areas where I may need to improve. I would strongly recommend people to come for this training because sometimes people think they have already gained enough knowledge but I think if people come for this training they will learn more because there is always more knowledge to gain."
Jassen Anthony a/l Nyanapongasam - VP, Technology Delivery, AXA Affin General Insurance

“The trainer was excellent in delivery, language, understanding of the subject matter and industry relevant explanations. With adequate training material from multiple sources, he definitely approached this course positively. The main strengths of this event was Joe teaching us how to create, manage and negotiate brilliant SLAs while maintaining the contracting life cycle.”
Ubaid Mustafa Qadiri – Head of Operations, Infrastructure & Applications, Celcom Axiata

“Joe is an experienced trainer that is able to share his knowledge and practices to better manage SLA’s. For me I took back a better understanding of SLA. The practices the trainer gave were also useful. We learnt different techniques on how to tackle certain issues that we face on a daily basis and how to negotiate better with suppliers. We  can the input learnt in our profession. The course is worthy to be recommended to not only to for people working in the finance sector but anyone who is in a managing position.”

Steven Tan Kean Hoe-Service Level Manager, Maxis Broadband

“The trainer was lively. Joe shared from his past experiences, which was useful for me. The main strength if the event was the content of the training.  Kexxel Group organized the event well. I don’t usually deal with SLA’s so during the two day training I learnt a lot. I gained a lot of knowledge during the training. I learnt that when we develop the SLA we should be more specific and I would definitely recommend this training to others.”
Janine Lee Yen Nee- Team Leader, Card Ops & Call Centre, Boustead Petroleum Marketing 

“Joe made the training very interesting, he is very experienced and kept the class ALIVE!!! For me the whole training was useful.”
Helen Sak Lye Quen-Vice President,Regional Infrastructure & Security Engagement, RHB Bank

“Joe provided the needed understanding on SLA which through implementations will be beneficial to all.”
Mohamad Sham Mohd Nor – Senior Manager (Procurement), Tenaga Nasional Berhad

“Joe provided the ideal environment for learning and the made the subject easy to understand. Case studies, examples and tips are valuable.”
Abdul Rafiz Rasid-General Manager, Telekom Malaysia Berhad

“The main strength of this event is how Joe facilitated the whole course and allowed the participants to exchange experiences and knowledge especially as we come from different industries and backgrounds.”
Norjanah Abu Kassim – Head, Monitoring Tools & Software Management – Service Assurance, Celcom Axiata

“Excellent presentation format and skills. The main strength was exercises conducted during the course.”
Samantha Leong – Assistant Vice President, Commercialisation Specialist, PlaTCOM Ventures

“The trainer has experience in managing SLA’s and is able to articulate a practical approach of preparing SLA’s, communication negotiations skills that are required. The main strength of the event was that the training was conducted by a trainer with a vast experience in this field.”
Vimala N Rathnam Sumitomo Mitsui-Senior Manager, Operation and System, Banking Corporation Malaysia

Joe Caruso's Past Clients:

  • Telekom Malaysia Berhad
  • Pos Malaysia
  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad
  • Maxis Broadband
  • DiGi Telecommunications
  • Sarawak Shell
  • Standard Chartered
  • Celcom Axiata
  • Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial
  • PlaTCOM Ventures
  • Technip Geoproduction
  • Logica Malaysia
  • VADS Berhad
  • Agrobank
  • Fujitsu
  • NEC Corporation Malaysia
  • Cuscapi Malaysia
  • Sinarmas Agribusiness & Food
  • Brunei LNG
  • Ncell
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Singapore Post
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Mitsubitshi Corp

What Will You Learn From Attending This Event:

  • Examine issues in Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Plan and develop SLA strategically
  • Effectively analyze the costs and benefits of SLAs
  • Identify the key stakeholder in SLA
  • Establish SLA governance framework to manage it effectively
  • Design practical and effective SLA communication
  • Learn about the best practices in outsourcing, contracts, and supplier evaluation

3-Day Program Agenda

Overview of Day 1 - Constructing Your SLA – Planning and Writing the SLA

Introduction and Overview of Training

  • Course design layout – walkthrough what you will learn
  • Meeting individual objectives – discuss your goals

Strategic Elements of the SLA – things you need to know before you begin

  • Understand the relationship of the SLA to the contract and other governing documents – they all serve different purposes
  • Key objectives of SLAs – what SLAs need to accomplish to be successful
  • Establish advantages and disadvantages of SLAs – ensure it is the right tool for you
  • Plan and ensure your successful SLA – get the right strategy and approach

Section 1: Setting the context of your SLA

  • Determine what is in and out of the scope of your SLA – set the extent of your agreement
  • Distinguish who is responsible for what - establishing the responsibility matrix
  • Identifying the stakeholders to understand their benefi­ts and objectives
  • SLA formats and options

Section 2: Setting the boundaries by defining the scope and accountabilities of your SLA

  • De­fine the in-scope services in a commercial manner – minimise misinterpretations
  • Identify critical success factors of each service – to ensure success will be achieved
  • Avoid common misinterpretations – you know what you mean, but will the other party?

Section 3: Developing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure performance

  • Get a holistic report card – applying the Balanced Scorecard to SLAs
  • 6 Steps for setting KPIs that matter - all the techniques and issues
  • KPI options – during/after normal hours, geographic or business unit distinctions, weighting

Section 4: “Incentivising” the SLA to keep your service providers motivated

  • Financial and non-financial means of getting the right behaviour – it isn’t just money that can motivate a service provider
  • Use of positive and negative incentives – select the “carrots” and “sticks”
  • Explore different techniques to apply incentives – percents, fi­xed amounts and points
  • Investigate KPI strati­fications – different KPIs for different situations

Section 5: Reporting – proven techniques in getting the right information

  • Assess the different types of reports common in SLAs
  • Design your reporting needs for optimal results – what you need to know to manage and keep track of the service
  • Exploring the various reports desired at different periods
  • Ensure reports can reflect the trends and analyses - keep the SLA aligned to and informing the business needs

Section 6: SLA Governance and Management

  • Activities required for successful SLA management – ensure you are ready
  • Setting the roles of each party – get the right interparty relationships mapped out
  • Dynamic team roles – is your SLA management team well represented?
  • Meetings – frequent forms of different interaction is critical
  • Evaluations, reviews and audits and reviews – frequent assessment ensures success
  • Benchmarking – make certain of ongoing value for money
  • Issue, variation and dispute management - staged approach to resolution

Recap and Case Study “What is wrong with this SLA?” – diagnose an ineffectual SLA

Overview of Day 2 - Making Your SLA Work in Commercial Operations

Section 7: Service Contracts - drive a watertight Contract

  • Explore key contract planning issues – who prepares it, length, extensions, etc
  • Examine the key clauses relating to the SLA – ensure the contract supports the SLA, not clashes with
  • How SLA operations can make contracts ineffective
Section 8: Pricing – How it effects your SLA
  • Explore the pros/cons of various pricing models – avoid the traps of the inexperienced
  • Identify how price models impact on managing the SLA – danger in every corner

Section 9: Understanding and optimising Outsourcing Lifecycle – the eight building blocks of a successful outsourcing program
  • Architect Phase – preparing the strategies and designing the future
  • Engagement Phase – selecting the supplier and making the transition
  • Governance Phase – managing the arrangement and planning for the next generation
  • Plan your SLA lifecycle

Section 10: Lifecycle Skills – know what competencies your SLA lifecycle team needs
  • The breadth of skills to manage the SLA through an outsourcing lifecycle
  • Targeting the skills your SLA needs
Section 11: Planning the Next Generation - the end of the current SLA and the beginning of the next
  • Ways SLAs end – “natural” and “unnatural”…be prepared for all
  • Planning the next “wave” SLA options and issues
  • Disengagement, handover and post termination assistance – ensure you don’t impede your options
  • Assessments to consider – well before the end of a SLA

Overview of Day 3 - Mastering the Core Skills of Relationship Management, Communication & Negotiation

Section 12: Relationship Management
  • Forms of relationships from power based to partnering
  • Planning a successful relationship
Communicate or Let the SLA Die
  • Set your communication goals – informing, gaining commitment or action
  • Target who you need to communication with and why – one technique won’t serve for all
  • Profile your targets – determine the right approach
  • Ensure your communication will be effective – identify your targets’ stage of commitment
  • Kick off a communication plan for your SLA
Securing successful SLAs through negotiation
  • Determine how often you may renegotiate your SLA
  • Assess how you manage conflict
  • Be able to identify negotiation styles and how they impact reaching agreement
  • Role playing session – put it in practice negotiating KPI penalties and rewards
  • Negotiation tactics, tips and strategies
  • Prepare a negotiation plan

Applying best practice for your organisation

  • Steps for best practice SLA development and management – tips from nearly two decades of hindsight with over 75 organisations
  • Attributes of a best practice SLA - know what characteristics you want to ensure your SLA has

Who Should Attend:

  • Service Level Managers
  • Service & System Managers
  • Head of IT
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Shared Services Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Service Procurement Managers
  • Strategy, Planning & Resource Managers
  • Contract Personnel
  • Operations & Divisional Managers
  • Procurement & Purchasing Managers

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Sheraton Hotel Petaling Jaya


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