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Strategic Finance for Decision Makers @ Singapore


Strategic Finance for Decision Makers @ Singapore
Strategic Finance for Decision Makers @ Singapore
21 February 2019 - 22 February 2019
Grand Copthorne Waterfront -
In House Training , Management , Leadership , Finance


Facilitator - Richard Parker

Voted No. 1 Provider of Executive Education by the Financial Times for four consecutive years (2008 - 2011)

Photo of Richard Parker, the trainer for Strategic Finance for Decision Makers @ Kuala Lumpur

Former Program Director, Executive Development Programs, MBS
Former Program Director, Finance and Strategy programs, Mt Eliza Executive Education

"Often the case - top management comes from different backgrounds typically not from finance, bringing with them lots of expertise (Marketing, Ops, Strategy) and often fail to understand how the impact of their decision has affect on the financial outcome of the overall business."

Renowned for his skill and reputation as a finance presenter all over the world, Richard Parker is a highly sought after educator and consultant who specializes in corporate financial management.

This course is aimed to assist you to become recognized as a knowledgeable and skilful strategic thinker in your organization, enabling you to engage with other senior level executives with more confidence. Whether you are experienced or not, if you want to learn how to use financial concepts and techniques to make better management decisions, then this course is for you.  


A brief introduction to the programme


“Richard Parker is a good trainer. He was able to synthesize the key points for managers and explain concepts with simple examples. The main strength of this event was that the course caters to participants without a financial background as well.”
Phau Hui Hoon - Associate Director, Changi Airport Group

The trainer was able to put things across in a way that helped a non-finance person grasp the key essence of the subject.”
Ng Cher Keng – Director, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

“Richard did a great job in raising the participant’s interest by sharing philosophies & principles that is easily understood. He did a fantastic job simplifying, complex financial tools and practical examples. The main strength of the event for me was the training itself and the trainer, Richard Parker. The event was handled well by Kexxel Group and they are a professional organization."
Andrew Kang - Director, Quality Management, Biotronik

“Richard makes complicated concepts practical and simple to understand.”
Eileen Tan Seok Ling – Director, Singapore Telecommunications

“Richard gave a great presentation and he was able to explain a complex topic in a manner that was easy to understand. The main strength of the event for me, was the small group and great content.”
Marc Lohoff - Chief Operations Officer, Conergy Asia & ME

“The speaker gave very clear, good mix of examples, humor, as well as stories to bring ideas and principles to life. It has a good pace. The highlight of this event is the broad overview of financial principles and terminology, along with good handout materials.”
Graeme Read – EVP Chief Strategy Officer (Asia Pacific), McCann Health

“Richard communicates to the level of the audience. The main strengths of this event include the speaker and his knowledge regarding the topic.” 
Mary Carla Christine Sia – Chief Operating Officer, C.P. Reyes Hospital

“I find the course to be a good refresher. Richard provide me a good perspective when we look into numbers and how can they can be used to interpret our business. I can definitely use this in my career seeing that I’m working in a banking institution. Richard’s delivery was extremely good and detailed. 
Lum Joy Deng- Director, GAM1 Business Planning, CIMB Investment Bank

“For those who have great exposure to finance, this is very good program for them. I would like to recommend to every executive regardless they are in product development or engineers because one way or another they actually have to understand finance figures…Overall, very satisfying experience and exposure I got by attending this program. We actually see that it is very useful and we would recommend it to other staff within our organization..”
Khaidhir Elias - Vice President, Marketing, Telekom Malaysia

"Clear and informative presentation. The strength of the event was the reputation of the speaker. Just the right content for non-financial manager."
Mohd Khiri Abd Wahab - Vice President, Sime Darby Plantation

Past Clients

Why You Should Attend

Program Agenda

Day 1

The focus on day 1 is learning about the most important ideas in finance (such as WACC, NPV, IRR, Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Creation) and how you can use them to make critical management decisions.

Session 1 : The Cost of Capital (WACC)

Practical exercise: Estimating cost of capital at WalMart

Session 2 : Discounted Cash Flow

Practical exercise: Analysing and evaluating a strategic project proposal

Session 3 : Creating Economic Value

Practical exercise: Estimating value created at WalMart

Session 4 : Free Cash Flow

Practical exercise: What would you pay to acquire WalMart?

Day 2         

This about the larger scope of finance and how managers make decisions about appropriate levels of debt, inventory, receivables and payables for the business. We will also learn to use a tool for testing whether the present financial condition of a business will provide it with a safe financial future. We will finish by examining the financial characteristics of some well-known global businesses and how they reflect the different strategic objectives of those businesses.

SESSION 1- Managing Working Capital

Practical exercise: Learning from working capital management at WalMart

SESSION 2- Managing Debt

Practical exercise: Analysis and assessment of debt at WalMart

SESSION 3- Managing the Financial Future

Practical exercise: How financially sound is WalMart?

SESSION 4: Managing the Connection between Finance and Strategy

Practical exercise: Examining how strategic decisions at WalMart, Coca Cola, Louis Vuitton, Pfizer and Tesco have created distinctive financial characteristics in those organisations.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is specifically designed for managers who may or may not have an accounting or finance background who see their future management role as requiring greater understanding of financial concepts to assist them in making sound management decisions.

Inquiry/In-house Training

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Grand Copthorne Waterfront
Country: sg