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Budgeting and Rolling Forecasts @ Bangkok


Budgeting and Rolling Forecasts @ Bangkok
Budgeting and Rolling Forecasts @ Bangkok
08 August 2019 - 09 August 2019
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Bangkok) -
In House Training , Finance , Corporate Training


World Renowned Finance Expert!

Budgeting Expert Alan Fell

Alan Fell is a leading, internationally recognized and respected specialist, with over 40 years of financial and business experience, in financial performance management – both in policy formulation and in practical application roles.

Alan has wide practical experience of budgeting and forecasting techniques and has particular interest in the linkage of budgeting to other planning and performance measurement disciplines and in the wider application of modern budgetary techniques relevant to the fast-changing 21st century business world.

For the last 20 years, Alan has been operating as an independent management consultant and trainer, covering a wide breadth of closely related topics – from strategic planning and execution through to detailed budgeting and balanced scorecard.

He has led well over 350 conferences, public training seminars and customized in-house training in a wide-range of international locations, especially in the Middle East/Gulf region and SE Asia, but he also covers North America and Australia / NZ and his home country of the UK. Alan has been as very regular business visitor across the SE Asia Region since 1995.

Prior to that, he was a senior executive with a major UK commercial bank and in his most recent line management role he was Head of Planning and Finance for a major division of the Bank with 3,000 staff.


“Alan was clear, concise and an excellent trainer. I understood his presentation very well and I found a lot of it to be interesting and also a good introductory course. Hence why I found the trainer’s knowledge and ability to present to be the main strength of the event.”
Yenny Muslim 
– Head, Accounting & Finance, Telekom Brunei Berhad

“The training was handled on a more personalized approach. Alan was very competent on this topic and very engaging with the audience. I found the small number of attendees to be a strength as the training was more efficient and helpful to all. This is the first time we are dealing with Kexxel nad we are very happy with the way they have handled this event.”
Alvin Doctor 
– Director Corporate Finance, The Discovery Leisure Co

“To me, I believe the trainer was the selling point of the event.”
Pakineenard Tiyachate – Director & Senior Executive Vice President, Finance, Muang Thai Life Assurance

“I found Alan to be very rich with experience and knowledge.”
Agung Kurniawan – Division Head, Corporate Finance, PT Astra International

“We have learnt from the best. Do keep up the good work. The main strengths were the experiences and issues faced by otheindustries that were discussed in the event. Kexxel Group’s staffs were efficient and effective.”
Jeremy Yong – Senior Assistant Manager, The Bank of Nova Scotia

“One thing that I have learnt from this training is a new concept of budgeting. I have learnt how to apply this new approach to our company. I think I will be able to apply this new concept to my company. I think it’s a good concept that we want to learn and it will benefit our company Allan has a lot of experience that I admire. Kexxel Group organised a small group for this training which was good for group discussions.”
Rathavich Ratanasimanon – Regional Finance Manager, Linfox Transport (Thailand)

“Alan is a guru in this topic! He has vast experience and I found this to be a real training, instead of just a textbook reading class. I believe that the main strength of this event was that I finally gained understanding on what I have been doing well and how to make it even better.”
Riche Ewe Regional Finance Manager, PPG Industries

“Alan is a very knowledgeable trainer who shared real time stories for us to learn. It is good to learn about beyond budgeting! The main strength of the event was the experience and real life stories shared by Alan. And also I believe that the section on rolling forecast will be very useful for my organization.”
Mona Ali Associate Director, Finance, QFC Regulatory Authority

“Alan offered a very clear understanding of the topics. He gave multiple examples related to the actual industry. For me, the main strength of the event was the update on rolling and forecasting and how traditional budgeting is now discredited.”
Cheryl Ruiz Finance Manager, The Discovery Leisure Co

Past Clients

  • Maybank Investment Bank
  • Malayan Banking Berhad
  • CIMB Investment Bank
  • Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Pos Malaysia Berhad
  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad
  • The Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Guiness Anchor Berhad
  • Mars
  • Publicis Re:sources
  • PTTEP, Thailand
  • TAIB Bank, Brunei
  • CIMB Niaga
  • Oman Oil Refineries
  • UAE Oil & Gas Company
  • UK Logistics Organizations
  • Bintulu Port Holdings, Malaysia
  • Kuwaiti Trading Group
  • European Electronics/Technology Joint Venture Company
  • Saudi Arabian Industrial Manufacturing Conglomerate
  • Petronas Malaysia
  • PT Bank OCBC NISP TBK, Indonesia

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Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts

Why You Should Attend:

Program Agenda

Day 1

SESSION 1 – The business context and historic / traditional budgeting

SESSION 2 – Newer approaches to Budgeting and Forecasting.

The newer budgetary techniques and how do they compare with traditional / historic budgeting: what are the advantages and disadvantages of each..?

SESSION 3 – Project and Capital Budgeting / “Capex” evaluation

Businesses are a mixture of both process / operations and projects. In this session we explore the challenges of project budgeting and the associated capital expenditure “capex” evaluation disciplines

Day 2

SESSION 4 – “Beyond Budgeting”

How the Beyond Budgeting concept has grown internationally through to the present day – the Beyond Budgeting Round Table

SESSION 5 – Rolling Budgets and Forecasts (Part 1)

SESSION 6 – Rolling Budgets and Forecasts (Part 2)

Who Should Attend?

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Bangkok)
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