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I gained a lot of new techniques, more strategies on negotiations and also the different ways of doing it. Personally, everyone should attend this; it gives you more information, more insight into the overall subjects which we always take for granted. Kexxel Group is good, well organized. I just heard that it’s a new company so congratulations on doing a good job!


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Maximizing Value through Mergers & Acquisitions @ Kuala Lumpur


Maximizing Value through Mergers & Acquisitions @ Kuala Lumpur
Maximizing Value through Mergers & Acquisitions @ Kuala Lumpur
20 February 2019 - 21 February 2019
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Malaysia) - Kuala Lumpur
Management , Sales and Marketing


Facilitated by: Bill Snow 

M&A professional, author and speaker with over 29 years of business experience

Managing Director at Jordan, Knauff & Company
Former Managing Director at Cambridge Partners & Associates and Kinsella Group
Author of Amazon's Best Selling Books: Networking is a Curable Condition, 
Venture Capital 101, How to Hire an Advisor to Sell Your Company


Bill explained the Process of Mergers and Acquisitions in a logical, easy-to-understand, and witty manner. Giving us an overview and then carefully chosen details, Bill helped us to understand the ins and outs of the process. His obvious mastery of the subject, along with his winsome sense of humor, held us in thrall.”
Marianne Phalen, Treasurer (retired), Illinois CPA Society, Chicago, Illinois USA
“Bill has presented to my Executive Opportunity Forum group of C-suite leaders on numerous occasions. We’ve always found his presentations to be insightful, thought provoking, humorous, and filled with actionable advice.”
Kathy Kilroy, President, The Mentor Group Inc., Deerfield, Illinois,USA
“Bill gave a terrific presentation at a networking group I attended. He is engaging and informative and the audience enjoyed hearing his insights and stories. Bill is not only an M&A expert, but he also knows how to cultivate business relationships that are solid, genuine, and productive.”
Larry Gard, President, Hamilton-Chase Consulting, Chicago, Illinois,USA
“Bill does a fantastic job outlining the foundation of good networking and providing the structure to help individuals do a much better job with their networking activities ...”
Scott Morling, CEO, Addition Manufacturing Technologies, Lebanon, Ohio, USA.
“Bill inspires his audience to develop relationships built on value. By focusing on this approach, I have helped others further their goals and have created ongoing interactions that build relationships. I recommend Bill as an entertaining presenter with a practical message.”
Mark Quint, Vice President, HARMAN International, Novi Michigan, USA
“I recently attended a seminar where Bill Snow of Jordan Knauf presented his thoughts on networking and connecting. It was a great presentation and Bill is an excellent speaker, very engaging. I highly recommend Bill as a speaker.”
David P Benhke, Director of Finance, Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois
“Bill is passionate, articulate, and seasoned. His ability to synthesize the complex and esoteric ideas into simple stories that are clear, concise, and entertaining yet valuable is one of his gifts. We discussed opportunities for buyers and sellers based on market conditions. He just gets it and makes it sound simple. I recommend Bill as an insightful, quality business resource.”
Gary Grossman, Principal Consultant, Venn Strategy Group Inc.

Bill's Book 


Why you should Attend

Successful business executives in almost all functional areas must have at least a solid working knowledge of the broad topic of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). While maximizing value for owners has always been a fundamental goal of businesses worldwide, achieving that goal has become more and more challenging. 
Developing and managing a successful portfolio of businesses requires determining the right courses of action. Whether a merger, an acquisition, an alliance, or even a licensing contract is being considered, understanding the pros and cons of each option is imperative and will increase likelihood of success.
Understanding the fundamentals of M&A will help any professional be better prepared for competition in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment. If you are contemplating the effects on mergers & acquisitions can have on your company and career, this event is for you.

Program Outline 

Module 1: Terms, Definitions & NomenclatureUnderstanding M&A transactions starts with an understanding of the building blocks of deals. In this section, industry specific terminology, including myriad M&A related acronyms, will be introduced and explained.

  • The language of M&A
  • Brokers, investment bankers, auctions, and negotiated transactions
  • Strategic buyers, private equity firms, and family offices
  • The misconceptions and realities of the M&A world
  • Common pitfalls in M&A deals and how to avoid them

Module 2: The M&A Process – Two Sides of the Same Coin

M&A deals do not happen in a vacuum, they are the result of step-by-step process. Understanding the M&A process will enable deal makers to better prepare and position themselves for successful transactions

  • An in-depth review of the fundamental steps to an M&A transaction will be explained
  • The differences between the roles and expectations of buyer and seller and their respective actions during the process will be discussed and explained
  • How to hire an investment banker and the differences in compensation for sell side and buy side M&A advisors
Module 3: Valuation and The Strategic Imperative
Valuation often begins as a science buts ends as an art. The science portion of valuation starts as an academic exercise. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) is often one of the main components of valuation, but other important considerations are also examined.
  • Explanation of EBITDA and why it is used as a basis for valuation
  • Alternative valuation techniques to EBITDA
  • An examination of an investment banking pitch book and a detailed analysis of transaction comparables, trading comparables, leveraged buyout analysis, and discounted cash flow analysis
  • Enhancers and detractors to valuation
  • Pro-forma explanations of valuation
  • Finding a strategic imperative and how that can help shape valuation expectations
Module 4: Documents and Legal Considerations
The role of attorneys in M&A deals will be discussed and a deep dive into the legal documents that are used to affect transactions will be explained. What is a confidentiality agreement and why is it used?
  • A detailed explanation of term sheets, Indications of Interest (IOI), and Letters of Intent (LOI)
  • An analysis of purchase agreements
  • What is working capital in an M&A transaction?
  • What is an adverse material change?
  • Legal discussion, including explanation and examples of representations and warranties, indemnification, and escrow
  • What recourse, if any, does a buyer have if a seller breaches a representation?
Module 5: Buyer’s Folly
In the world of M&A, the roles of buyer and seller are reversed. Buyers far outnumber sellers and as a result, buying a company is far more difficult and challenging than selling a company.
  • The competitive landscape of private equity, limited partners, unfunded sponsors, family offices, and corporate development initiatives of strategic buyers
  • Other buyers are not the only competitor for acquisitive companies, “stasis” or in other words, a seller not making a decision, can slow or scuttle a deal
  • What is the difference between proprietary deal flow and an auction process? What are the benefits and limitations for buyers and sellers?
  • Buyers should strive to find unique techniques and strategies to differentiate themselves from other buyers. Avoid overused phrases and instead offer a value proposition – in addition to money - that resonates with the seller.
Module 6: Avoiding the “Passive Ask” When Pursuing Acquisitions
Acquiring companies is easier said than done. Reading press accounts of a closed transaction often leaves out the most difficult part of the process: Finding a company to buy.
  • Search, negotiation, and finance, the three main components of buy side M&A, are discussed.
  • Successfully finding a buy side target is improved with a proactive process. Passively asking others if they know of a good opportunity decreases the odds of success.
  • Compiling a buyer’s list and sourcing transactions
  • Approaching acquisition targets is improved when buyers have a thesis. Examples of topics and techniques will be provided.
  • What to look for when visiting an acquisition target, from the appearance of facility to the body language of the business owner
Module 7: Financing Options and Putting A Deal Together
M&A transactions are complicated affairs and a seller can convey a company to a buyer in innumerable ways. What is being acquired by the buyer and what is obtained by the seller in exchange?
  • Cash, stock, and assumption of debts are some of the methods that buyers can use to acquire companies
  • The differences between buying equity and buying assets
  • Cash at closing is king but what other structures may be of interest to sellers?
  • What does “structuring a deal” mean and how can it be used to bridge valuation gaps between buyer and seller
  • Sources of capital for M&A transactions include cash, senior debt, mezzanine financing, and equity investors. What are the pluses and minuses to each of these sources?
Module 8: Negotiating Insights
Negotiating deals is where the science of valuation often morphs into an art. While analogies to poker are apt, successful negotiating is not about bluffing. The key is understanding the relative strength of your hand to the other side.
  • Determining the strength of your position relative to the other side is important. Overplaying a strong hand is just as bad as misplaying a weak hand.
  • Bluffs in M&A will be called, the better approach is honesty, objectively and forthrightness.
  • State your case with evidence and logic. Appeals to the authority of others are a logical fallacy and will be exposed by an experienced counterpart.
  • Avoid line in the sand and “take it or leave it” negotiating ploys.
  • Explain your position and endeavor to understand the motivation of the other side.
  • Everything is capital and can be used in a trade. Give nothing away.
Module 9: Due Diligence, Integration Planning, and After The Close
A signed LOI is only a starting point for a successful transaction. The buyer must perform due diligence to confirm the seller’s representations and more importantly, the buyer must properly plan to integrate the acquired company.
  • What are the differences between entrepreneurial companies and professionally managed companies?
  • What is due diligence and how should buyers confirm the information provided by the seller?
  • What does the seller want to do post-transaction and does the acquired company have sufficient management to run the business?
  • What is the difference between an audit and a quality of earnings report?
  • Integration issues can be limited with proper planning…and the right checklist.
  • The team an acquirer needs includes personnel from legal, accounting, human resources, payroll, insurance, and environmental.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for people who plan to be or are involved in mergers and acquisition activities. These include but are not
restricted to:
  • Managing Directors & Senior Management
  • CEOs
  • CFOs & Financial Heads
  • Executives of M&A Team
  • Legal Heads & In-House Counsels
  • Directors of Strategic Planning
  • Financial Managers / Executives
  • Operations Managers / Executives
  • Investment Bankers
  • Corporate Development Professionals
  • Private Equity Professionals
  • Lawyers / Accountants
  • Contracts Executive

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