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The Resilient Leader Masterclass @ Kuala Lumpur


The Resilient Leader Masterclass @ Kuala Lumpur
The Resilient Leader Masterclass @ Kuala Lumpur
05 March 2019 - 06 March 2019
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Malaysia) - Kuala Lumpur


Resilient Leader

Dr Sven Hansen

Dr Sven Hansen is the Founder of The Resilience Institute and an author of 6 books including Inside Out: The Practice of Resilience. With an MBA and history of medical practice behind him, Sven has worked as a Director at PwC and across various industries including banks, sports, government and education for over 20 years. In Asia, he has worked with Microsoft, INSEAD, Ernst & Young, Yum, Watsons, Shell and Deloitte.

Sven has run corporate resilience programmes since 1988 and his concepts are used by thousands of professionals in many global organisations. Evidence based, integral and practical, his approach on cultivating resilience propels his audience into deeper self-awareness and heightened emotional intelligence necessary for leaders of today’s competitive world.


Books & Publications 


"Our staff found the facilitation extremely professional and many took away concrete commitments in terms of changes of practices they would make to create a more sustainable approach to their work and their life in general."
Beth Callen, Global HR Manager, Shell International Petroleum Company

"We have enlisted the services of internationally renowned resilience expert Dr Sven Hansen to plan and deliver personal resilience training programmes aimed at helping our people “get the right perspective” to achieve physical vitality, self-awareness and advancement at an emotional and cognitive level."
Warwick Hunt, Then CEO of PwC NZ, now Senior partner, UK firm.

"Powerful session today. I tried to get to as many one on one through the day. Without fail, each has plenty to think about, with actions to work out. The death spiral just nailed it for one. For the first time, he knew where he’s been and is now, to quote: “still way down there.” Perhaps more importantly, for the first time, he has confidence he can recover.  Your stuff resonates."
GM Strategy, IBM

"It was a great journey of self-discovery, I came away with many practical changes to my life that will help me grow."
Carlo Santiago, Partner, PwC

Eye-opening. I appreciated the scientific, emotional and evidence-based examples throughout. But, most important to me was thinking through how I can apply the discussions to my own life to be a better, healthier and more in-control person as well as a more effective leader. Excellent, thought-provoking material. 
Maureen Tickner, Partner, PwC


Past Clients 

  • HSBC
  • Microsoft
  • Deloitte Asia Pacific
  • Westpac
  • ANZ
  • BNZ
  • ASB
  • Ernst&Young Asia Pacific
  • Auckland University
  • All Blacks and NZ Rugby
  • Shell
  • PwC Global (Europe, Canada, UK, China, Australia, Newzealand) 
  • AXA
  • Vodafone
  • IBM 

Why Should You Attend?

Today’s leaders are stormed with roadblocks, let-downs and failed attempts at success. Adversity presents itself and oftentimes people will react negatively. However, the true grit of a leader is not how they perform during the good times but rather how they display emotional strength, courage and professionalism during the most trying times.

Performance in leadership and influencing others must begin with self-awareness. This is a course for leaders who want to master taking control of situations rather than reacting; by being tenacious, flexible and effective no matter rain or shine.

For the first time, we have clear, scientific methods to master the body, heart mind and spirit for improved leadership and personal life. This masterclass provides practical tools recommended for leaders aspiring to the executive team or managers, team leaders and HR professionals seeking structured methodologies of developing people and overcoming obstacles.


Program Agenda 

Day 1 and 2


The workshop begins with introductions and an overview of the program. Participants will focus on personal (day 1) and interpersonal (day 2) dimensions of resilience. While participants learn the science and methodologies of building resilience in their own lives and teams, the practical learning will be through group dialogue, coaching pairs and studying real world business scenarios.



Mastering resilience requires a good understanding of the evidence for its value. In module 1 we will learn to master the core concepts, understand our own resilience and explore the domain of leadership excellence. Specifically, participants will use their own resilience feedback to define where they are and where their priority development opportunities lie. We will establish strong executive coaching skills during this session.

  • Resilience Definition, Science & Frameworks
  • How resilience fails under pressure and the physiology of “stress”
  • What we can do to master rapid bounce following adversity
  • Tactical calm and how to be relaxed and powerful under presssure
  • What optimal resilience looks like when we are in “flow”

Practice support: Resilience Diagnostic report, the spiral, tactical calm and expert performance.

Practice activities: Coaching Pairs exercises in understanding distress, coaching for bounce and mastering flow. Group exercise on building bounce in business teams.



The foundation of resilience is excellent health and wellbeing. Participants will learn how to assess health risk and master the foundations of the wellbeing that supports leadership and productivity.

  • Health risk & vitality: Safe, well and efective
  • Constructing your own fitness program
  • What we need to know to sleep well and master fatigue
  • Nutrition and setting up a daily practice
  • The role of the leader in organizational health and wellbeing

Practice support: Diagnostic report, sleep, fitness and nutrition tip sheets

Practice activities: Group exercises in office fitness practices, coaching pairs to design your daily practice and group exercise on organizational health and wellbeing leadership.



When we are well, we can access our full emotional and mental resources. In module 3, participants will learn how to understand and master emotional intelligence and mental skills.

  • The incredible leadership impact of emotional intelligence
  • What we need to know about our emotions and our thoughts
  • How to master emotion under pressure and cultivate positivity
  • How to build attention, presence and confidence in an overloaded world
  • Situation awareness and how to reframe for expert performance

Practice support: Diagnostic report, defining the key emotions, practice tips, situation mastery practice sheets.

Practice activities: Group exercise in defining emotionally intelligent leadership, pair coaching in impulse control, positivity, attention control and reframing.



Skilful human connection underpins leadership and high performing teams. In module 4 we will learn from the science of empathy and the dynamics of high performing teams.

  • What we are learning about how high performing teams work
  • Empathy: what is required to accurately read and understand others
  • Matching our leadership to the different styles in teams
  • Defining and building your influence competence

Practice support: Facial expressions training, empathy and influence practice tips.

Practice activities: Group exercises in defining team styles and shaping culture, coaching pairs to upgrade your empathy and influence competencies.



Mastering resilient leadership happens when we express our unique talent, passion and skills. This is leadership flow and it is different for every leader. In the final module we encourage participants to explore and move towards the best expression of themselves.

  • Build a strategic view of human motivation & consciousness
  • How to incorporate your new skills into leadership flow
  • Presence, authenticity and integrity – why and what am I doing?
  • Altruism and caring for your family, your people and your community
  • Conclusion, review and reflections

Practice support: Diagnostic report, personal development plan, presence practice tips.

Practice activities: Group exercises in authenticity and altruism, coaching pairs to explore your leadership vision and define your development plan.

Who Should Attend

Highly recommended for:

  • Aspiring to the executive team or CEO role. 
  • Human resource professionals will learn a whole new methodology to develop people. 
  • Team leaders will take something powerful back to their teams. 
  • It is a must do for any entrepreneur or owner manager.
  • Thousands of school principals and leaders have taken the concept back to their schools and universities. 
  • Coaches can also learn how to bring a new method of assessment and coaching skills to their work.

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