Bryan Mole, Field Operations & Maintenance Advisor - Exxon Mobil

I think the biggest thing for me: where we're at, my organization is trying a lot to make the perfect job plans for every job because you have to plan for every job at first. Then you see the improvement cycle to fix the job plan over time. The venue nice. The trainer certainly has a lot of experience in planning and scheduling and setting up as well as setting us to sustain an organization working - which is very difficult to do. I would say if you're involved with a maintenance organization, whether from a maintenance supervisor to a planner, to a scheduler, you should attend this course. It's wonderful working with Kexxel Group!


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Home News Kexxel Group: SLA In House Training by Andrew Hiles for IATCO, Saudi Arabia – a major success….

Kexxel Group: SLA In House Training by Andrew Hiles for IATCO, Saudi Arabia – a major success….

Saudi Arabia, 15 & 16 April 2013 Andrew Hiles successfully exhibited his expertise in a Service Level Agreements Event at Ismail Abudawood Trading Company (IATCO), Saudi Arabia.

Top management from IATCO graced this In House Training and was fascinated by Andrew’s knowledge in the subject. He introduced them to new dimensions in service level agreements which can contribute to their job functions.

Being a lively speaker, Andrew managed to form a friendly bond with the participants. They had a great time interacting with him and gained new insights on the topic. The delegates were satisfied with the skills and knowledge that they have garnered from this course and want to have more future trainings as such in their company. Here are a few testimonials provided by the candidates from IATCO:

“Andrew was extremely knowledgeable about the topic, extremely pleasant and helpful. The main strength of the event is the content and the trainer’s expertise.”
Ziad Damergi – Managing Director-RPG, Ismail Abudawood Trading Co.

“The real life examples were great. The commitment to the agenda and timetable was noticable. The event relates a lot to my function and it put things in perspective. I found no weaknesses.”
Mohamed Hamdan – Client Manager, Ismail Abudawood Trading Co.

“The trainer’s patience and honest information delivery is highly appreciated. Kexxel Group has excellent organized materials. The whole course was the main strength.”
Elghaly A. Hafiz – Import Manager, Ismail Abudawood Trading Co.

“Andrew is definitely very knowledgeable of the Service Level Agreement subject. He has got an extremely solid background and knows his material well. The content of the event was beneficial to me.”
Bahaa Hussein – Corporate Learning & Development Officer, Ismail Abudawood Trading Co.

“The materials and flow of presentation were excellent. This event has given me a new way of providing service to other functions in a company.”
Hisham Arabi – Admin Manager, Ismail Abudawood Trading Co.

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