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The main thing that reached my objectives at the beginning which I found really beneficial is the techniques of negotiation; the steps, the main rules and the main right things you have to do. I have never attended a negotiation class before, and that was my objective and that was what I exactly found. I think anyone, especially those who are doing daily negotiations for so long should attend this course to know about the process before and after negotiation because it will help them a lot to use all the experiences in a more efficient way. Thank you Kexxel Group; very nice organization, nice event and all the help I got from your emails. To me, the people who were invited to this negotiation event are lucky because it is very important. You can take this course any time! Jim is an experienced negotiator; very humourous!


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Home News Kexxel Group’s events for 2017 kickstart with leadership training expert Paul Mills’ Leading with Emotional Intelligence taking center stage in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai

Kexxel Group’s events for 2017 kickstart with leadership training expert Paul Mills’ Leading with Emotional Intelligence taking center stage in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai

Following 2016 rave reviews on Paul Mills’ Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Kexxel Group will be bringing him back for another highly anticipated Leading with Emotional Intelligence course in January 2017.

Leadering with Emotional Intelligence, Singapore 2017

The aim of this event is to equip leaders with enhanced emotional intelligence that ensures smart decision-making and the ability to bring out the best in people to produce impressive bottom-line results. For those who are looking for a course that is set to impress and produce results, this is the one for you!

With over 20 years of experience being an executive education specialist, designing and delivering leadership development programs for some of Australia’s largest and most influential organisations, Paul Mills is set to bring his expertise to share with eager delegates who will be attending his event.

For more information on the course, please refer the link below:

By the end of this course, you will learn to:

  • Develop self-awarenessand understanding of impact on others
  • Develop a clear personal brandas a leader
  • Develop personal influenceand impact
  • Leading strategicallyto positively impact culture
  • Identify and break-down silosthat restrict collaboration
  • Develop learning agilitythrough goal setting and action planning

Who should attend?

  • Chairman’s, CEO’s, VP’s, Director’s and Department Head of Procurement, Logistics, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Legal & Operations or anyone who leads a team and is interested to maximize their own effectiveness and their team’s productivity.

Feedbacks from previous clients:

“Self-confident and motivated trainer. The main strength of the event was the Trainer/Speaker’s time management, he followed the schedule accordingly.”
Low Suan – Deputy Director, Planning, ST Microelectronics Sdn Bhd

“Paul was very clear and concise in his delivery. The main strength of this course was its good organization and excellent delivery by an experienced speaker. Kexxel organized and coordinated the program very well and I look forward to the forthcoming events.”
Viraj Perera – Chief Executive Officer, Platcom Ventures

“Well organized event comprises a number of notable slots which includes FIRO Business Report, Leadership Branding an Managing Competitive Change, among others”
Tomas A. Riveral – President & General Manager, Oriental Port & Allied Services Corporation

“Paul Mills is an excellent speaker, knows his craft and provides close level of participation and engagement to the audience. His ways of processing and delivering his contents are remarkable. Credits to Kexxel Group for organizing this event in such efficient manner”
Mark Paolo Calata – AVP, Engineering Management, Philippine Airlines Inc

“This event has a very knowledgeable speaker that practices interesting methods in his training session. My favorite exercise from the event is an excellent profiling method which I find to be useful for my administration style.”
Hee Joh Liang – Deputy Principal (Development) & Senior Director (Applied & Health Sciences Cluster), Singapore Polytechnic

“The speaker maintained a great emphasis on the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. In addition, he has done a great job in differentiating existing leadership styles as well as highlighting the importance of one’s adaptability to such style when the need arises
Samer Al Masri – Managing Director, FourMed

“The training was productive because I get to re-discover and improve myself. Paul Mills also did a great job in educating me to the new ways of professionalism.”
Fatin Ataya – Executive Principal, Dar Jana International School

“I find the course to be very informative because the speaker has the ability to deliver ideas to the audience with excellence.  Kexxel Group’s effort in organizing this wonderful event is greatly appreciated”
Rashid Ali – Resource Manager, SPME Middle East Gen Con LLC

For more information, kindly go to our website at www.kexxel.com                            

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Kindly acknowledge that there is a special 3+1 package available for this course! If a company decides to register three delegates, they will be entitled to register a fourth delegate for FREE! We highly encourage you to take advantage of this special offer for your own benefit as an investment to your company.

If you have more than 16 delegates and would be keen to conduct an In House Training in your own company for this topic or any other topic of interest for that matter, just give us a buzz or forward your enquires to   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and we will definitely strive to present the best for you! Book now and save up to 50% on the whole cost of the event!

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