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Home News Kexxel Group: Dr Sven Hansen’s “The Resilient Leader Masterclass” to debut in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai!

Kexxel Group: Dr Sven Hansen’s “The Resilient Leader Masterclass” to debut in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai!

For the very first time Dr Sven Hansen makes his way across Kuala Lumpur, Singapore andDubai with his “The Resilient Leader Masterclass” over one week from the 5th-12th March.

Dr Sven is no stranger to Resilience training. He has been teaching resilience for over 20 years and has worked with professional firms, banks, entrepreneurs, elite athletes and global corporates.
His past clients of his trainings, walk away with a new perspective of resilience and knowledge of how to implement resilience into their lives. Not only in the workplace but in their personal lives as well.

Dr Sven comes from a medical family, Sven’s interest in resilience started when he joined Pathfinders, a Special Forces team in South Africa, before completing medicine. His passion for sport and his love of achieving the flow state of mind took him into sports medicine and a personal practice in resilience. Dr Sven Hansen is also the founder of The Resilience Institute. He has also lead the development of The Resilience Institute’s methodology and is an experienced executive coach, keynote speaker and leadership trainer.

For further info, please refer to the link below:

[Event Brochure @ Kuala Lumpur] [Event Brochure @ Singapore]  [Event Brochure @ Dubai]

What will you gain from this event?

  • How to bounce fast with confidence when knocked back
  • How to arrange your lifestyle for energy, pace and performance
  • The power of sleep to recover, focus and connect
  • How to train attention and stay focus and connect
  • How to train attention and stay focused on you goal
  • How to generate creative options under pressure
  • How to master your emotions and make powerful, trusting connections
  • How to generate and hold the optimal performance state


"We have enlisted the services of internationally renowned resilience expert Dr Sven Hansen to plan and deliver personal resilience training programmes aimed at helping our people “get the right perspective” to achieve physical vitality, self-awareness and advancement at an emotional and cognitive level."

Warwick Hunt, Then CEO of PwC NZ, now Senior partner, UK firm.

"Powerful session today. I tried to get to as many one on one through the day. Without fail, each has plenty to think about, with actions to work out. The death spiral just nailed it for one. For the first time, he knew where he’s been and is now, to quote: “still way down there.” Perhaps more importantly, for the first time, he has confidence he can recover.  Your stuff resonates."
GM Strategy, IBM

"It was a great journey of self-discovery, I came away with many practical changes to my life that will help me grow."
Carlo Santiago, Partner, PwC

One of the best leadership course materials I have ever taken. Truly an exceptional experience. Overall I found the course so worthwhile and inspiring. I am constantly thinking about all aspects of it. There is so much relevance to my role in high performance sport, but to every other aspect of my life also. I can feel how some of these things I really want to master are going to be tough, but my awareness of those things and understanding the trigger is t happening every day.
Jay Chakraborty & Maion Meates, High Performance Coach & High Performance Sport New Zealand

"Eye-opening. I appreciated the scientific, emotional and evidence-based examples throughout. But, most important to me was thinking through how I can apply the discussions to my own life to be a better, healthier and more in-control person as well as a more effective leader. Excellent, thought-provoking material."
Maureen Tickner, Partner, PwC

Who should attend

  • The Resilient Leader Masterclass is suitable to a wide audience. It is highly recommended for:
  • Aspiring to the executive team or CEO role.
  • Human resource professionals will learn a whole new methodology to develop people.
  • Team leaders will take something powerful back to their teams.
  • It is a must do for any entrepreneur or owner manager.
  • Thousands of school principals and leaders have taken the concept back to their schools and universities. 
  • Coaches can also learn how to bring a new method of assessment and coaching skills to their work.

For more information, kindly go to our website at www.kexxel.com

Kindly acknowledge that there is a special 3+1 package available for this course! If a company decides to register three delegates, they will be entitled to register a fourth delegate for FREE! We highly encourage you to take advantage of this special offer for your own benefit as an investment to your company.

If you have more than 16 delegates and would be keen to conduct an In House Training in your own company for this topic or any other topic of interest for that matter, just give us a buzz or forward your enquires to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and we will definitely strive to present the best for you! Book now and save up to 50% on the whole cost of the event!

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