Cheat Yuet Mun, National Sales Manager - Biosensor International Technologies, Malaysia

The trainer gave clear ideas which were supported by real case scenarios. The whole event was well organized by Kexxel Group. It was simple and not over cramped and I found the main strength of the event in the sharing of real case scenarios together with the role plays that were followed by the lectures.


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Home News Kexxel Group: Fine tune the art of Service Level Agreements LIVE with Joe Caruso’s VILT Masterclass this September

Kexxel Group: Fine tune the art of Service Level Agreements LIVE with Joe Caruso’s VILT Masterclass this September

During tough business environments calling for downsizing and tighter budgets, it is only natural that the SLA can be tricky to manage on sustainable terms.This September 2020, Kexxel Group has invitedJoe Caruso to go live to untangle the complexities of Service Level Agreements and build successful relationships between companies and their IT service providers.

Service Level Agreement

Having clear perspectives of the “buy side” and “sell side” of businesses through experience, Joe Caruso has a bird’s eye perspective of conducive agreements that gives him the valuable advantage to spot loopholes in SLAs that are often overlooked.

Joe’s creditworthy background in Contract Management, Service Level Agreements and Tendering has called for 110 organisations across Asia with $1.5 billion per annum contracts seeking his expert advice. This hands-on training course will deliver the key framework for identifying and implementing techniques for successful SLAs and service performance management.

For further info, please refer to the link below:

[Service Level Agreement (VILT) Event Brochure]

What will you learn by the end of each event?

Event 1: Laying the Foundations for Effective Strategic SLA

  • The role of the Service Level Agreement in the total contractual picture
  • Practical ways to build a comprehensive and solid framework for establishing an SLA
  • Specifying which party is accountable for what
  • Articulating the requirements in a clear and useful manner
  • Why words matter - How to minimise ambiguity in the SLA

Event 2: Developing KPI’s to Measure and Drive SLA Performance

  • Using a Balanced Scorecard and effective key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Balancing penalties and rewards to get the behaviour you want
  • Detailing your reporting requirements
  • Overcoming challenges in defining the quality of service
  • Determining the appropriate key performance measurement parameters
  • Establishing incentives to ensure that contractors continuously meet and exceed expectations

Event 3: Managing SLAs in Commercial Operations

  • Establishing the SLA governance framework – clear structure, accountabilities, reviews, meetings, and management procedures.
  • Dealing with issues, variations, and disputes.
  • Managing the SLA – it takes many skills to ensure success.

Event 4: Mastering the Core Skills of Relationship Management, Communication and Negotiation in SLAs

  • Knowing when to prepare it in the lifecycle to maximise your bargaining power
  • Understanding how to plan and resource your team for the lifecycle
  • Facilitating good relationships in SLA management
  • Using good communication practice
  • Negotiation skills for conflict and issue resolution in SLAs


“Joe provided me a very structured framework for creating an SLA from scratch to negotiating with others. I learnt that it is more than just copy-pasting from Google and inserting KPIs. There are a lot of fundamental elements to be considered when dealing with SLA before engaging with stakeholders. The course is an eye-opener for me as I got to listen to Joe share about best practices in his career which I can relate to my own field of work. Now I know how to react to a situation when it arises as Joe has showed me the way”

William Tan, Head of Regional IT Service Management, CIMB Bank

“The trainer had depth of knowledge and provided adequate examples to facilitate understanding. The business requirement and benefits is the main strength of the event. This is my second course with Kexxel Group and the courses are very specific and informative.”
Rajesh Bangera – Supply Chain Manager, Service Delivery, Emirates Airlines

“Joe showed us that everything can be done in a systematic manner. It helps us better manage our time and deliver SLAs to our stakeholders within the stipulated time. I would recommend the course to others as Joe is very experienced. He provided useful tips and managed to answer any question thrown at him with ease.”
Ayman Tantawy, Senior Service Manager, Brunei Shell Petroleum

“Joe is a very knowledgeable person and he gave us a good understanding in all the aspects of an SLA from formulation to management”
James John – Service Delivery & Contracts Lead, Schlumberger

“Joe is a clear and effective communicator. He possesses mastery of the entire course. The main strengths of the event are the materials, presentation and venue selection. Kexxel Group has done a great job! Continue empowering people with up-to-date business knowledge.”
Sancho Guinanao Jr. – Coordinator, Aircraft Maintenance Cost, Saudi Arabian Airlines

“Joe provided the needed understanding on SLA which through implementations will be beneficial to all. I learned how to develop SLA’s; what content to have in an SLA and also the important points that should be taken into consideration when drafting an SLA. We can definitely apply what we learn from the course to our current job.”
Mohamad Sham, Senior Manager - Procurement, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

 Who Should Attend?

  • Service delivery managers
  • Shared service managers
  • Business analysts
  • Service procurement managers
  • Strategy, planning and resource managers
  • Contracts personnel
  • Operations and divisional managers
  • Procurement and purchasing managers
  • Logistics and supply chain managers

For more information, kindly go to our website at www.kexxel.com

Kindly acknowledge that there is a special 3+1 package available for this course! If a company decides to register for three events in the series, they will be entitled to register for a fourth event for FREE! We highly encourage you to take advantage of this special offer for your own benefit as an investment to your company.

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