Sharon Francis, Corporate Sales Assistant Manager - Royal Selangor Marketing, Malaysia

Keith did an excellent job in relating the key points to our daily task. It was certainly related to coaching. I am in a position to coach my direct reports on a daily basis. By attending this training, it has opened up my perception to be an effective and PRACTICAL coach cum colleague. Kexxel Group handled the event well. I liked what I saw and heard; no complaints here!


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141 Kexxel Group: Doha will be graced by the presence of Richard Parker this November with Strategic Finance for Decision Makers.

142 Kexxel Group: The Guru of Financial Education, Richard Parker is making an appearance in Jakarta with his Strategic Finance for Decision Makers Workshop in November.

143 Kexxel Group: Another year, another big hit in Dubai with Robert Bradford’s 4th Annual Simplified Strategic Planning!

144 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford dazzles Singapore with his Simplified Strategic Planning Workshop

145 Simplified Strategic Planning | Robert Bradford | Kuala Lumpur | Workshop 2014

146 Consumer Card Marketing | Peter Gordon | Dubai | Workshop 2014

147 Consumer Card Marketing | Peter Gordon | Kuala Lumpur | Workshop 2014

148 Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management | Jim Bergman | Kuala Lumpur | Workshop 2014

149 Simplified Strategic Planning | Kuala Lumpur & Singapore | 2014

150 Simplified Strategic Planning | Robert Bradford | Dubai | Workshop 2014

151 Kexxel Group: Peter Gordon the leading expert in Consumer Card Marketing is making his way to Dubai this coming August!

152 Kexxel Group:The Consumer Card Marketing Strategies Expert, Peter Gordon is making an entrance in Kuala Lumpur this August!

153 Kexxel Group: Strategic Finance For Decision Makers with Richard Parker was a hit in Middle East

154 Kexxel Group: Richard Parker broke a record with a total of 115 delegates in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with Strategic Finance For Decision Makers

155 Kexxel Group: Fusion Marketing Masterclass at its best by Lon Safko in Asia and Middle East

156 Kexxel Group : Fusion Marketing Masterclass by Lon Safko is making a debut in Shanghai, this April 2014!

157 Kexxel Group : Master of fusion marketing, Lon Safko, is returning to Dubai for another magnificent round of Fusion Marketing Masterclass, this April 2014!

158 Kexxel Group : Lon Safko with his Fusion Marketing Masterclass is back for the second time in Kuala Lumpur, this April 2014!

159 Kexxel Group: Superstar negotiator, Jim Thomas, is heading to Dubai for another session of Negotiate to Win Masterclass, this May 2014!

160 Kexxel Group: Top class negotiator, Jim Thomas, is coming to Shanghai & making a debut in Beijing with his Negotiate to Win Masterclass in May 2014

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