Odette Schweitzer, Business Unit Manager (Key Account Management) - Novartis, Singapore

Since I’m managing a Business Unit at Novartis, I need to be able to lead my people and help support them. I think I can use these techniques and the approaches here in this session to be a more effective coach and leader. I think it is truly worthwhile to attend such an event. I’ve attended many other coaching courses before which I feel were both too theoretical and not very applicable to my daily work. What makes this course different is that it really does show you what techniques, what approaches you can really use to become an effective coach, and then you can start using them right away. I have to say that I was really impressed with the course; the presentation is really engaging. I think it was really great that Kexxel Group brought us this opportunity. It was really well-organized, great location for the setting; very accessible!


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