Corrina Tan, Strategic Marketing Manager - Singapore Tourism Board

It was a really useful course. I think negotiation is a really important aspect of our daily life. The rules that were taught to us are so implementable that it baffles me that I've never thought of using it earlier. If you had to take one course in your entire life, this would be it!


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21 Kexxel Group: Alan Fell captivates Kuala Lumpur & Singapore delegates with his Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts training

22 Kexxel Group: Expert Sales Strategist Ian Segail’s Commercializing the Sales Conversation was a proven success in Dubai & Kuala Lumpur!

23 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford’s Simplified Strategic Planning first time appearance was a success in both Jakarta and Bangkok.

24 Kexxel Group: A commendable session of FOREX by Clive Corcoran was held by Kexxel Group in Malaysia!

25 Kexxel Group: Singapore and Brunei delegates are prepared to win more negotiations in the future after a 2-day seminar in Negotiate to Win Masterclass by Jim Thomas.

26 Kexxel Group: Jim Thomas’s Negotiate to Win Masterclass allowed delegates from Malaysia to experience the upper hand in winning negotiations!

27 Kexxel Group: Negotiate to Win Masterclass by Jim Thomas motivates Dubai delegates to venture into new ways of negotiation.

28 Kexxel Group: Richard delivers standing ovation worthy performance in his latest comeback in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai!

29 Kexxel Group: Leading with Emotional Intelligence by Paul Mills returns to South East Asia for another grand beginning to a new year!

30 Kexxel Group: Kuala Lumpur and Dubai Safety Personnel Revisit Safety Measures with Behavior-Based Safety Guru, Daniel J. Moran.

31 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford’s Simplified Strategic Planning makes highly anticipated return to Dubai

32 Kexxel Group: Joe Caruso steals limelight in Dubai with his latest Service Level Agreements Masterclass

33 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford delivers another energetic and charismatic Simplified Strategic Planning course for Singapore delegates

34 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford returns to Kuala Lumpur for another insightful Simplified Strategic Planning

35 Kexxel Group: Rolling Forecasts, Planning & Budgeting Masterclass By John Stretch Was A Tremendous Success!

36 Kexxel Group: Joe Caruso Presented An Extraordinary Service Level Agreements Masterclass

37 Kexxel Group: Acclaimed Marketing Innovator Lon Safko Was A Spectacular Success-Organized By Kexxel Group!

38 Kexxel Group: Jim Thomas Rewrites Excellence Through Negotiate To Win Masterclass Organized By Kexxel Group!

39 Kexxel Group: Sharpen negotiation skills with Worldclass Negotiator Jim Thomas this April

40 Kexxel Group: Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok prepares to welcome Robert Bradford to their shores his popular Simplified Strategic Planning Masterclass this April.

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