Norazdisham Abdullah, Instrumental & Electrical Planner - Exxon Mobil

The trainer is very experienced and knowledgeable. Kexxel Group is good and well organized!


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41 Kexxel Group’s Negotiate To Win Masterclass with Jim Thomas wows leading Malaysian companies

42 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford will be making waves with Simplified Strategic Planning in Dubai this September.

43 Kexxel Group: The Strategic Planning event that cannot be missed will be making its way to Singapore this September.

44 Kexxel Group: Robert Bardford is back with his yearly World Tour of Kexxel Group’s biggest events, Simplified Strategic Planning!

45 Kexxel Group: Dubai will be excited to welcome the World Famous Expert on Service Level Agreements, Andrew Hiles this August!

46 Kexxel Group: The talented Andrew Hiles will be in Kuala Lumpur to share his expertise on Service Level Agreements this coming August!

47 Kexxel Group: The Spectacular Sales Specialist, Ian Segail will be Transforming Sales Leaders into Great Coaches in Dubai this August!

48 Kexxel Group: KL is all set to give a standing ovation to Ian Segail this August, for his world famous, Transforming Sales Leaders into Great Coaches!

49 Kexxel Group: Negotiate to Win by Jim Thomas, will be heading back down to Dubai for the 6th year running this August 2015

50 Kexxel Group: Jim Thomas, Negotiation Superstar & Bestselling Author is bringing Negotiate to Win to Singapore once again!

51 Kexxel Group: World’s No 1 Negotiator, Jim Thomas will be back in KL with his annual Negotiate To Win Masterclass!

52 Kexxel Group: Lon Safko will be gracing Singapore with his Innovative Marketing Masterclass this coming April!

53 Kexxel Group: Lon Safko will be making an appearance in Kuala Lumpur with his Innovative Marketing Masterclass this April.

54 Kexxel Group: Lon Safko is gracing Dubai with his brand new Innovative Marketing Masterclass in April!

55 Kexxel Group: Fusion Marketing Masterclass with Lon Safko will be taking place in Bangkok this April!

56 Kexxel Group: The World Class Maintenance Expert, Mike Sondalini will be taking a Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Masterclass journey in Abu Dhabi this 2015!

57 Kexxel Group: Mike Sondalini will be in town this coming March 2015 with his exceptional Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Masterclass!

58 Kexxel Group: Another event, another hit! Richard Parker does it again with his Strategic Finance for Decision Makers workshop in Doha!

59 Kexxel Group: Another winning workshop with Richard Parker and Strategic Finance for Decision Makers in Jakarta!

60 Kexxel Group : The Middle East will be welcoming Richard Parker & his Strategic Finance For Decision Makers for the 4th time this February 2015!

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