Kelvin Hwang, National Sales Manager - Astra Zeneca, Malaysia

The trainer definitely knows his stuff. He’s very passionate and practical and he delivered very practical tips.


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41 Kexxel Group: Acclaimed Marketing Innovator Lon Safko Was A Spectacular Success-Organized By Kexxel Group!

42 Kexxel Group: Jim Thomas Rewrites Excellence Through Negotiate To Win Masterclass Organized By Kexxel Group!

43 Kexxel Group: Sharpen negotiation skills with Worldclass Negotiator Jim Thomas this April

44 Kexxel Group: Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok prepares to welcome Robert Bradford to their shores his popular Simplified Strategic Planning Masterclass this April.

45 Kexxel Group: The Trusted Executive Leadership Masterclass is debuting for the first time ever in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai by Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker, John Blakey

46 Kexxel Group: Master Financial Decision Making with Guidance from Expert Trainer Richard Parker in his two-day Masterclass

47 Kexxel Group: Experienced Contract Attorney, Jim Bergman will take centre-stage in Kuala Lumpur for a 3-day Masterclass

48 Kexxel Group: Joe Caruso returns to Kuala Lumpur and Dubai this December for yet another exciting session on Service Level Agreements

49 Kexxel Group: Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer – Glen Gilmore’s Next Generation Digital Marketing debuts in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai this coming November

50 Kexxel Group: Plan a winning strategy in seven days, as presented by strategic planning expert Robert Bradford

51 Kexxel Group: The much awaited “Transforming Sales Leaders into Great Coaches” by Ian Segail is set to take place in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur this September!

52 Finance experts recommended Strategic Finance Masterclass is back by demand this coming July 2018!

53 Kexxel Group: The Strategic Planning event that cannot be missed will be making its way to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok in 2018!

54 Kexxel Group: Renowned trainer Jim Thomas set to bring his Negotiate To Win Masterclass to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai in 2018!

55 Kexxel Group: Renowned trainer Richard Parker set to bring his Strategic Finance for Decision Makers Training to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai in 2018

56 Kexxel Group: Dr Sven Hansen’s “The Resilient Leader Masterclass” to debut in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai!

57 Joe Caruso returns this November with another intriguing and enlightened session of Service Level Agreement Master Class.

58 Robert Bradford returns with insightful ideas to tackle the complexity of Strategic Planning this October and November!

59 Kexxel Group: Ian Segail returns to Dubai and Kuala Lumpur with a new topic on “Commercializing the Sales Conversation” this August 2017!

60 Kexxel Group: Simplified Strategic Planning debuts in Jakarta and Bangkok!

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