Yousif Naghi, Commercial Manager, Finance Department - Cigalah Group, Qatar

The level of structure of this event was truly high. The materials provided were good and the speaker was very welcoming and open. Everyone from Kexxel Group was very friendly and kind.


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61 Richard Parker | Strategic Finance Workshop | Manila | 2014

62 Kexxel Group: Doha will be graced by the presence of Richard Parker this November with Strategic Finance for Decision Makers.

63 Kexxel Group: The Guru of Financial Education, Richard Parker is making an appearance in Jakarta with his Strategic Finance for Decision Makers Workshop in November.

64 Kexxel Group: Another year, another big hit in Dubai with Robert Bradford’s 4th Annual Simplified Strategic Planning!

65 Kexxel Group: Robert Bradford dazzles Singapore with his Simplified Strategic Planning Workshop

66 Simplified Strategic Planning | Robert Bradford | Kuala Lumpur | Workshop 2014

67 Consumer Card Marketing | Peter Gordon | Dubai | Workshop 2014

68 Consumer Card Marketing | Peter Gordon | Kuala Lumpur | Workshop 2014

69 Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management | Jim Bergman | Kuala Lumpur | Workshop 2014

70 Simplified Strategic Planning | Kuala Lumpur & Singapore | 2014

71 Simplified Strategic Planning | Robert Bradford | Dubai | Workshop 2014

72 Kexxel Group: Peter Gordon the leading expert in Consumer Card Marketing is making his way to Dubai this coming August!

73 Kexxel Group:The Consumer Card Marketing Strategies Expert, Peter Gordon is making an entrance in Kuala Lumpur this August!

74 Kexxel Group: Strategic Finance For Decision Makers with Richard Parker was a hit in Middle East

75 Kexxel Group: Richard Parker broke a record with a total of 115 delegates in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with Strategic Finance For Decision Makers

76 Kexxel Group: Fusion Marketing Masterclass at its best by Lon Safko in Asia and Middle East

77 Kexxel Group : Fusion Marketing Masterclass by Lon Safko is making a debut in Shanghai, this April 2014!

78 Kexxel Group : Master of fusion marketing, Lon Safko, is returning to Dubai for another magnificent round of Fusion Marketing Masterclass, this April 2014!

79 Kexxel Group : Lon Safko with his Fusion Marketing Masterclass is back for the second time in Kuala Lumpur, this April 2014!

80 Kexxel Group: Superstar negotiator, Jim Thomas, is heading to Dubai for another session of Negotiate to Win Masterclass, this May 2014!

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