Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Baderulzaman Ibni Sultan Mahmud, Excecutive Chairman - TBM Resources Sdn Bhd

I gained a lot of new techniques, more strategies on negotiations and also the different ways of doing it. Personally, everyone should attend this; it gives you more information, more insight into the overall subjects which we always take for granted. Kexxel Group is good, well organized. I just heard that it’s a new company so congratulations on doing a good job!


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81 Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management | Jim Bergman | Kuala Lumpur | Workshop 2014

82 Simplified Strategic Planning | Kuala Lumpur & Singapore | 2014

83 Simplified Strategic Planning | Robert Bradford | Dubai | Workshop 2014

84 Kexxel Group: Peter Gordon the leading expert in Consumer Card Marketing is making his way to Dubai this coming August!

85 Kexxel Group:The Consumer Card Marketing Strategies Expert, Peter Gordon is making an entrance in Kuala Lumpur this August!

86 Kexxel Group: Strategic Finance For Decision Makers with Richard Parker was a hit in Middle East

87 Kexxel Group: Richard Parker broke a record with a total of 115 delegates in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with Strategic Finance For Decision Makers

88 Kexxel Group: Fusion Marketing Masterclass at its best by Lon Safko in Asia and Middle East

89 Kexxel Group : Fusion Marketing Masterclass by Lon Safko is making a debut in Shanghai, this April 2014!

90 Kexxel Group : Master of fusion marketing, Lon Safko, is returning to Dubai for another magnificent round of Fusion Marketing Masterclass, this April 2014!

91 Kexxel Group : Lon Safko with his Fusion Marketing Masterclass is back for the second time in Kuala Lumpur, this April 2014!

92 Kexxel Group: Superstar negotiator, Jim Thomas, is heading to Dubai for another session of Negotiate to Win Masterclass, this May 2014!

93 Kexxel Group: Top class negotiator, Jim Thomas, is coming to Shanghai & making a debut in Beijing with his Negotiate to Win Masterclass in May 2014

94 Kexxel Group: Simplified Strategic Planning by Robert Bradford is returning to Asia & Middle East in September 2014!

95 Kexxel Group: Richard Parker’s First Time In Singapore This February 2014, Bringing Strategic Finance To A Whole New Level!

96 Kexxel Group: Richard Parker Returns to Kuala Lumpur with an Advance Strategic Finance Course in February 2014!

97 Kexxel Group: Welcoming Richard Parker Back to Dubai for an Impressive Strategic Finance Session.

98 Kexxel Group : James Terrell Made his Emotional Intelligence Debut in Dubai!

99 Kexxel Group: James Terrell Spread his Knowledge About Emotional Intelligence in Singapore!

100 Kexxel Group: Joel Levitt inspired Maintenance Professionals with Management Skills in Kuala Lumpur

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