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18, 19, 20, 21 July 2022
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Ian is a highly experienced sales coach and is passionate about supporting both small and large sales teams to increase sales, faster and at higher margins. He is the author of ‘Bullet Proof Your Sales Team – The 5 strategies guaranteed to turbo boost your sales teams’ results’, which is regarded as Australia’s number one book written to enable sales management to get more sales, faster and with higher margins. Drawing on his real-world experience in sales, sales management, Human Resource Management and C-level management, Ian also works as a Strategic Sales Performance Coach with both experienced and novice sales managers and business owners across a wide variety of industries and selling disciplines, including: Microsoft, St George Bank, Chubb Fire & Security, AMP, Astra Zeneca, Rebel Sport, JVC, Abbott Laboratories, Macquarie University, Rio Tinto… just to name a few.

Course Facilitator

Ian Segail

Leading Authority in Sales

Author of 6 Sales Effectiveness Books

Client Portfolios includes Microsoft, AstraZeneca, JVC and many more

Course Overview


Overview – In this session you’ll discover the roadmap to creating a predictable key account strategy that moves your targeted Key Accounts forward to becoming strategic partners within 6 months or less.

Key Objectives

  • Understand the 3 key phases required to move your targeted Key Accounts forward to becoming strategic partners within 6 months or less.
  • Learn the strategic roadmap used by the world’s best Key Account Managers to devise a targeted strategy that advances a targeted key to becoming a strategic partner.
  • Understand the missing data gap that’s impeding strategic customer growth
  • Understand the tactical planning process to gain entry, create tactical propositions and plans to counter opposition.
  • Learn how marketing can best support the tactical sales plans to ensure forward account movement
  • Learn how to keep the strategic account plan on track and the processes required to continually make forward progress and change ineffective behavior and tactics so they stick.

Day 2 – SETTING THE COMPASS Strategies, Drivers & GOALS

Module 1: Develop Your Targeted Key Account Strategy

  • Understand the strategic roadmap used by the world’s best Key Account Managers to devise a targeted strategy that advances a targeted key account to becoming a strategic partner.
  • Apply the 3 key essential phases of defining the target customer journey to becoming a strategic partner to a targeted key account.
  • Activate the 3 requisite keys to setting your Key Account Compass for a predictable outcome so you can move your targeted account forward to becoming a strategic partner within 6 months.

Module 2: Clarifying the Finish Line

  • Outline the exact steps top Key Account Managers use to convert their targeted account strategy into short, ambitious yet demonstrably achievable growth targets that predictably move the account forward.
  • Translate the 3 Phases for getting clear on what finished looks like into your own targeted key account strategy
  • Learn and apply the 3 core business models to your targeted Key Account strategy to drive deliberate and measurable actions which move the account forward.
  • Discover how to use the SMARTER Objectives model to substantiate your strategy and ensure key account forward progression success

Module 3: Data Confirmation

  • Outline the exact information the best Key Account Managers collect to ensure they can predictably move their target accounts forward according to their pre-set strategic plans.
  • Understand the 3 critical information frameworks required to quickly and predictably build account plans that actually work and result in revenue growth, deeper relationships, and overall account strategy success.
  • Understanding the drivers and motivations of each of the key stakeholders within the accounts, their value required, their buying behaviours and the influence they have over their company’s spending.
  • Understand the key information required to become a strategic partner by determining how decisions are made within your target organization reflecting their short, medium, and long-term goals

DAY 3 – ENSURING PREDICTABLE SUCCESS: Develop a Targeted Key Account Scorecard and Tactical Sales Action Plans

Module 1: The Success Evaluation Scorecard

  • Define and agree on specific measures of commercial success and set up an easy to manage and implement evaluation scorecard that drives performance predictably forward.
  • Develop a targeted Key Account Scorecard to predictably move your targeted key accounts forward to become a strategic partner in 6 months or less.
  • Know and apply the simple three measures of performance to easily keep score on the measurable actions.
  • Learn how to incorporate evaluation criterion, objectives, and performance measures into a simple and easy to manage scorecard.
  • Learn the steps involved to creating your own customized Targeted Key Account Scorecard

Module 2 – Tactical Sales Action Plans

  • Define the most important activities required to move the targeted key account forward to strategic partner status
  • Develop tactical 90-day action driven sales plans to predicably move your targeted key accounts forward to becoming strategic partners.
  • Identify the 3 key tactical issues that must be addressed to gain access, reduce opposition, and position your company as the ideal strategic partner.
  • Identify the ideal proposition and core friction points that will gain entry to the targeted account’s key stakeholders and move the account predictably forward.

Module 3: Tactical Marketing Support

  • Determine the critical marketing activities required to support Key Account Managers to move the targeted account forward according to their pre-set strategic plans.
  • Learn the 3 steps required to ensure Marketing and key account growth strategy alignment to ensure completion of your target key account strategy.
  • How to determine effective marketing resources for the KAM team required to for forward movement success.
  • Understand the PSPRV method creating for engaging content for specific key account messaging along their buying journey.
  • Understand the key marketing support tools Key Account Managers need to leverage and drive their targeted accounts forward

Day 4 – MAKING IT HAPPEN: Execution & Performance Tracking

Module 1: Project Review

  • Define and regularly track relevant performance measures and KPI’s using simple project management processes.
  • Discover the traction power of regular and consistent KAM project review meetings ensuring project traction.
  • Understand and apply the 3 gears of performance that ensure accountability for the KAM projects maintaining forward momentum of the target customer journey.
  • Apply the ICSA problem solving model for engineering solutions and resolving roadblocks to maintain forward momentum.

Module 2: PDCA Progressive Momentum

  • Outline the proven PDCA process loop to continually analyse and improve predictability for moving targeted key accounts forward.
  • Understanding the difference between PDCA as a continuous loop versus Project Review as a process with a beginning and an end.
  • Understanding the 3 main criteria used to measure PDCA success ensuring feedback to validate guesses (hypotheses) and increase knowledge by testing and measuring progress.
  • Applying the SMARTER model to ensure success criteria is implementable and measurable.

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