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25 - 28 July 2022
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Ian Thompson is a highly experienced procurement and supply chain trainer with over 20 years’ experience as a senior practitioner. He is one of the founding directors of Cordie Ltd, an award-winning sales and procurement training and consulting company. Prior to setting up Cordie in 2003, Ian was engaged in a series of consulting and practitioner roles, including Head of Supply Chain at AXA and Head of Managed Services at Barclays Bank plc.

He has considerable experience in global delivery to middle and senior level procurement executives throughout the world, including UK, Europe, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Argentina and the US. Ian has worked with major corporates and government organisations in numerous sectors throughout the European, Middle East and African regions bringing commercial insight and added value through the application of category management and strategic sourcing techniques.

Ian is the co-author of several internationally recognised procurement textbooks, including The Procurement Models Handbook, 3rd Edition (Routledge, 2019) and The Category Management Handbook, 1st Edition (Routledge, 2018).

He has been an active member of The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) exam assessment team for a decade and has made a significant contribution to the development of the CIPS Diploma qualifications. Ian is also the programme director for Cordie’s four study centres (rated ‘centres of excellence’), overseeing approximately 200+ CIPS students and 100+ apprentices.

Course Facilitator


Senior VP & Co Founder, Cordie

Co-Author, The Procurement Models Handbook & The Category Management Handbook

Course Overview

MODULE 1 : The Value-Added Procurement Model

  1. The Strategic Value of Procurement – more than just savings
    • Strategic vs. Tactical Procurement
    • Redefining procurement as a service provider and thought leader
    • The business case for strategic procurement
    • Case Study: The bottom-line delivery from procurement
  2. Earning Respect at the Leadership Table
    • The unique selling point occupied by procurement
    • Exploring engagement strategies for senior stakeholders
    • How to reach the top table of influencers
    • Core Principles for Success
    • Activity: Develop your procurement influencing skills
  3. Value Levers of Global Leaders in Procurement
    • What leading procurement organisations are doing to leverage value in their supply chains
    • Taking procurement to the next level
    • Inside track on category management, strategic sourcing and supplier relationships
    • Case Study: A study on how a leading global corporate maximises value from its supply chains
  4. Future Trends in Procurement
    • Analysing how the procurement function is changing
    • Future skills required for procurement
    • The scope and role of the procurement profession of the future
    • Take-away: Design your stakeholder engagement plan for immediate use

MODULE 2 : ‘Breakthrough’ Category Management

  1. The Importance of Category Management
    • How category management out-performs procurement
    • The key components of a successful category strategy
    • Global best practice processes for category management
    • Resourcing the category management team
    • Activity: Identify the critical success factors for category management
  2. Improving Your Category Strategy
    • Thinking beyond sourcing solutions
    • Implementing disruptive strategies to deliver breakthrough results
    • Applying adaptive strategies for incremental improvement
    • Developing third and fourth generation strategies
    • Case Study: Application of category strategies in a global corporate
  3. Selling and Implementing the Category Strategy
    • Building a coalition of support for change
    • Maintaining stakeholder buy-in
    • Developing the foundation for competitive leverage
    • Take-away: Checklist for category strategy development in your organisation

MODULE 3 : Effective Sourcing Solutions

  1. Maximising your Sourcing Leverage
    • Discovering and holding on to the keys for successful leverage
    • Managing dynamic and unpredictable supply markets
    • Overcoming the risks of losing leverage
    • Activity: Leverage analysis in the global automotive manufacturing market
  2. Managing Supply Chain Bottlenecks
    • The disruptive effect of supply chain bottlenecks
    • Strategies to re-vitalise your leverage over bottlenecks
    • Case Study: Risks and pitfalls associated with underestimating bottleneck markets
  3. Facing-off to Monopoly Suppliers
    • The power and dependency dynamics of major vendor relationships
    • How some global corporates gain (and lose) their power of leverage
    • Exploring strategies for re-gaining your power and overcoming vendor dependency
    • Case Study: Out-smarting a duopoly in the global airline industry
  4. Maintaining Strategic Relationships and Supply Partnerships
    • The benefits of partnership sourcing and supplier relationship management
    • How supplier relationship management can lead to complacency and lost leverage
    • Managing vendor relationships to ensure competitive leverage and collaboration
    • Take-away: Your power/dependency profiling tool for immediate implementation in your own spend categories

MODULE 4 : The Power of Strategic Vendor Relationships

  1. Prioritising the ‘Winning’ Vendor Relationships
    • Segmentation and prioritisation of key vendor relationships
    • Assessing critical vendor relationship factors
    • Scope of influence is more important than size of opportunity
    • Case Study: Picking ‘winners’ in a global financial services company
  2. The Four Levels of Vendor Relationship Maturity
    • Putting in the necessary foundations of governance
    • Creating a performance regime that delivers
    • Building the basis for continuous improvement and innovation
    • Activity: Supply chain vendor audit
  3. Stimulating Product Development and Innovation
    • Exploring structured approaches to supplier development and continuous improvement
    • Unlocking the key components of successful collaboration
    • Preventing your vendor relationships from going stale
    • Take-away: Your vendor relationship action plan

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