Odette Schweitzer, Business Unit Manager (Key Account Management) - Novartis, Singapore

Since I’m managing a Business Unit at Novartis, I need to be able to lead my people and help support them. I think I can use these techniques and the approaches here in this session to be a more effective coach and leader. I think it is truly worthwhile to attend such an event. I’ve attended many other coaching courses before which I feel were both too theoretical and not very applicable to my daily work. What makes this course different is that it really does show you what techniques, what approaches you can really use to become an effective coach, and then you can start using them right away. I have to say that I was really impressed with the course; the presentation is really engaging. I think it was really great that Kexxel Group brought us this opportunity. It was really well-organized, great location for the setting; very accessible!


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Home Events Review Kexxel Group: A masterclass on “Trust” led by best-selling author John Blakey in Asia and Middle East, empowering delegates with Trust!

Kexxel Group: A masterclass on “Trust” led by best-selling author John Blakey in Asia and Middle East, empowering delegates with Trust!

Event Review

The Trusted Executive - A Leadership Masterclass @ Singapore
24 April 2019 - 25 April 2019
Leadership , Corporate Training , In House Training , Customer Service , Finance , Human Resource , Information Technology , Legal , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Plant and Engineers , Sales and Marketing , Management   

Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, 13th - 14th, 17th - 18th, and 24th - 25th April 2019. The enthusiastic John Blakey arrived in Asia and Middle East with the aim to impress the attendees with trust.

The event witnessed a whole new level of building trust and comprehending the importance of it. John Blakey delivered impressively, he was lively and spirited for the whole two days and the participants admired his great showmanship. John was very passionate towards the topic that he was discussing and exceeded the expectations of the participants.

John discussed about the “9 habits of trust”, self-growth, identifying areas of development, and so much more during his masterclass. The participants who attended, talked about how his masterclass has helped them to understand their position in an organization and how it will affect the employees and the company. Overall it was a very insightful event.

Take-a-ways from the attendees:

“John Blakey is passionate about the topic and he managed to maintain a high level of energy amongst the participants throughout the two-day session. Further, it was great to work with delegates from various industries who had similar work experiences. This was great for knowledge sharing.”
Valerie Lim – Associate Director, Retail Marketing, Marina Bay Sands Retail Management Company

“Individually, we need to be a coach and try to empathize with other people. It's important to do that in order to build trust. It is key to build trust and be able to coach. When there is change in an organization, we need to gain trust amongst everyone in the team. We want to make sure everyone is on the same path and not have people drop-off, especially the senior management. This is a new avenue to be explored. Most large corporations are still in the blue pill zone and it takes time for them to move into the red-pill zone. I encourage others to participate in the training with an open-mind to better absorb the input John and other delegates can share with you. Kexxel has provided many interesting trainings and we look forward to attending future events.”
Sharimahton Mat Saleh – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Exporters Development, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

 “Trust is now is a big thing. It is a fresh and revealing avenue to research as many 20th century leaders may have not seen it before. The input I got can definitely help me in my position at my company is going through some positive changes, whereby gaining trust of our employees and thinking in their best interests are our goals now. This propels us to create a better future for all.  This is truly a must attend event! I will share the course outline with my colleagues and recommend it to them. It is a good way to become better leaders. John is a great trainer. I enjoy it when trainers know their stuff and are passionate about it. Kexxel has always organized good events, which is why we have always sent our staff to the courses to learn and benefit from them.”   
Aziemah Haji Abdullah – Manager, Business Development, Royal Brunei Technical Services

“John is a very skillful trainer. He got us engaged in healthy discussions, and sharing sessions. It was insightful to listen to him as he has a rich coaching experience. His examples of trust and benevolence, were good. Overall, his case studies, content, and experience were the main strengths of the event.”
Wai Ling Wong – Director, School of Infocomm, Republic Polytechnic

John is an amazing presenter on leadership. The balance between theory and practice was achieved and the presentation was engaging and fun. The energy across the two days was maintained and appreciated.The event was a mixture of professionals, practical examples, and great discussions.” 
Kieran Shankland – Managing Director, IKEA Supply (Middle East)

“John did an amazing job at delivering and in provoking thought. The event focused on self-reflection for self-growth. Kexxel Group was very organised and professional.”
Michael Beck – Senior Manager Training, Nabors Drilling International

“The course is definitely an eye-opener. The most important thing I learned is about being benevolent. For my company, we do empower our staff by adapting a trust-based culture. It is quite a challenge to implement what I learnt here, but it needs to be done. We need to change. John is kind, approachable, and walks the talk. He genuinely believes what he preaches. The training is good. Everyone should attend the course. Leaders, especially those in the older generation could step-up and take the red pill. I highly recommend the course to others. Join the race or you will be left out. It’s time to change! The event was well-organized.”
Idi Saffri – Manager, Crude Supply Operations, PETCO Trading Labuan Company (PTLCL), subsidiary of PETRONAS Trading Corporation


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