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Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Skills for Leaders @ Kuala Lumpur


Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Skills for Leaders @ Kuala Lumpur
Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Skills for Leaders @ Kuala Lumpur
26 March 2012 - 27 March 2012
Kuala Lumpur -
In House Training , Leadership


Inspirational NLP Trainer, Emotional Intelligence Specialist and author of " 55 Ways To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence" and " Achieve Your Goals: Strategies to Transform Your Life"

Andy Smith
CEO of Coaching Leaders Ltd

Andy is an Emotional Intelligence coach, Appreciative Inquiry facilitator and NLP trainer. He specialises in the practical application of leading-edge approaches to the personal development of leaders and key professionals.

Andy’s work ranges from executive coaching (using the Hay Group’s Emotional Competence Inventory 360º assessment as a starting point) to the design and delivery of coaching skills training for managers and coaches. He has developed a number of coaching models which incorporate appreciative and solution-focused tools in practical and jargon-free formats.

Some clients' Andy has worked with include:

- Sony
- GlaxoSmithKline
- National School of Government
- Mizuho Corporate Bank
- Roche
- Genus Pharmaceutical
- British Vita
- Mintel
- Chester, Ellesmere Port and N Wales Chamber of Commerce
- The Cabinet OfficeHalton and St Helens Primary Care Trust
- Vedas
- Southampton City Council
- The Executive Foundation
- True North Design
- Disney
- Congleton Borough Council


"Andy very quickly established himself as an effective facilitator, but supported this with lots of knowledge and practical examples from his varied experience. He made it an interesting, useful and worthwhile day.”
Alan Mayes, Deputy Director Estate Strategy & Policy, Ministry of Defence (Emotional Intelligence and leadership training)

“Just a very quick note to let you know that I very much enjoyed the NLP course, and that it met and indeed exceeded my expectations. It was well-planned and executed in a measured, highly professional manner, which created an optimum learning environment. All facets of the course made it an excellent experience and a very worthwhile investment of my time (and money!)”
Jane C Barber, Business Partner Client Executive, Lenovo (NLP training)

“Andy has run several emotional intelligence training days and large-group half-day intros for us. Participants come away with a solid understanding of what emotional intelligence is, and many practical ways they can use it for themselves and their teams. The feedback tells us that they also enjoy themselves while they are learning!”
Sharon Clayton, Training Organiser, Lancashire County Council, UK (Emotional Intelligence management training)

“Andy ran a training course for both our sales and management team, since which time we have all benefited hugely, both professionally and personally. I cannot speak too highly of him and what he can do for you and your business”
Peter Ballard, Managing Director, Genus Pharmaceuticals UK (NLP training)

“When we started working with you, we knew there were certain issues that, if unattended, might have hampered the growth and development of our young business. With great speed and precision you helped my business partner and I to identify very clearly what they were, and then helped us fix them. Specifically, you helped us to co-ordinate our individual aspirations into a shared vision for the business, with subsequent plans to ensure we stayed true to and realised that vision.”

“You also helped me to work better with our own team and allow people to flourish and develop in their own ways, within clear parameters. In particular, you helped me find ways to reduce the frequency (and length) of internal meetings, thereby empowering the team and freeing me up as Managing Director to work ‘on’ as well as ‘in’ the business.”
Martin Carr, MD, True North (Executive Coaching)


• - Why you affect the mood of your team more than you realize
• - How to stay calm in any situation
• - How to understand your team better
• - What emotional intelligence is and why it’s essential for leaders
• - How to use your emotional intelligence to improve any ‘difficult’ working relationship
• - The six leadership styles - when to use each one, and when not to use them
• - How to develop emotional intelligence in your team
• - What you need to do to develop your own emotional intelligence
• - The ADEPT Model - a simple coaching format to find and build on strengths
• - Four coaching styles and when to use each

Program Agenda

Day 1

Session 1: Why Emotional Intelligence is important?
• The business case for Emotional Intelligence
• Good Boss/Bad Boss (team exercise)
• Personal objectives - why Emotional Intelligence is important to you (individual exercise)
• Goleman’s Four-Quadrant Model of emotional intelligence

Session 2: How to develop self awareness?
• Somatic awareness (team exercise)
• Conscious vs ‘automatic’ processing
• Single and Double-Loop learning
• When ‘why’ is not a good question
• ‘CEO Disease’ and how to cure it
• The ‘Derailler Detector’ - identifying personal obstacles to progress (individual exercise)

Session 3: Emotional self-management skills
• The Triune Brain and the Amygdala Hijack
• Centering (team exercise)
• Developing resilience
• Stress-proofing with brain-friendly working

Session 4: Using the Four-Quadrant model to develop yourself and others
• How to bring emotional intelligence to any situation
• Coaching for emotional intelligence (team exercise)

Session 5; The " Emotional Climate" and how to affect it
• Why change requires positive emotion
• Fredrickson’s ‘broaden and build’ theory
• The paradox of change
• Why leaders underestimate their impact on the emotional climate
• How to enable an emotionally intelligent team (team exercise)

Session 6: Leadership styles: 'resonant' versus ' dissonant'
• The ‘emotional bank account’ and how to build it up
• The question that tells you how much feedback a direct report needs
• Six leadership styles and when to use each (team exercise)

Session 7: Developing your action plan for emotionally intelligent leadership
• Develop your personal action plan for becoming a more emotionally intelligent leader. (individual exercise)

Day 2

Session 1: What is coaching?
• Coaching vs Training and Mentoring
• Why you don’t have to be a technical expert to coach
• The benefits of coaching and a coaching leadership style
• Why learning goals are better than performance goals
• Boyatzis’ self-learning model
• How to define and scope topics for coaching (individual exercise)

Session 2: The Appreciative approach to Leadership and Coaching
• How emotions affect learning, memory and behavior
• Benefits of the Appreciative Approach (team exercise)
• Research supporting the Appreciative Approach
• How to use psychological priming to encourage the right emotional states for creative goal-setting and problem solving

Session 3: The ADEPT Model of coaching 1
• Practical experience of coaching and being coached (team exercise)
• Discovering what works:
- resource mining
- scaling questions
- questions to use with a ‘negatively-minded’ person

Session 4: Using ADEPT Model 2
• Envisioning the future (team exercise)
• How to get beyond ‘limitation’ thinking
• How to make visions for the future easier to develop and more credible

Session 5: Using ADEPT Model 3
• Generating possible options (team exercise)
• Two models for moving from Vision to Action
• Helping the ‘stuck’ coachee to think differently

Session 6: Using ADEPT Model 4
• Taking Action (group exercise)
• How to help the coachee select the right actions
• Questions to evaluate the chosen options
• How to review and learn from results without sapping motivation

Session 7: Practical considerations for coaching
• The four styles of intervention (group exercise)
• Contracting, confidentiality and boundaries
• Limitations of the ‘manager as coach’
• Team coaching
• Implementing coaching skills in practice
• How you will utilize coaching (individual exercise)

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is SPECIFICALLY designed for leaders - business owners, executives, VPs or anyone who leads a management team and is maximize their own effectiveness and their team’s productivity.

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