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Consumer Card Marketing Strategies @ Dubai


Consumer Card Marketing Strategies @ Dubai
Consumer Card Marketing Strategies @ Dubai
24 August 2014 - 25 August 2014
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai) - Dubai
In House Training , Sales and Marketing , Corporate Training


The Leading Commercial Payments Expert in the Cards and Credit Card Industry

34 Solid Years of Experience..

Peter Gordon

Achieved MasterCard's highest sales award: Global Sales Champion
Asia Pacific Regional Sales Champion (2004)
• Runner-up Sales Champion Asia Pacific (2007)
• Former VP Mastercard Worldwide Global Commercial Products
• Assisted over 50 banks to implement innovative commercial payment solutions
• Part of the project team which launched the world’s first Government procurement card program
• Launched the world’s first one-card solution
• Principal of Peter Gordon Consulting

By the end of this course you will be able to :

GAIN understanding of various strategies for credit card marketing
UTILIZE all available distribution networks
UNDERSTAND the importance of securing activation at early stages of new card acquisition
INCREASE card’s share of wallet
PROMOTE the use of electronic transactions
SECURE longstanding and profitable relationship with card members
IDENTIFY the best media channel for target customer groups
LEVERAGE on existing consumer card portfolio to develop new commercial card customers
KNOW your card system and functionalities to better promote card products

Program Agenda

Day 1 :

Session 1: Gain New Insights on Different Customer Acquisition Strategies

• Acquiring good quality accounts within the banked base
• Fully leveraging the distribution networks available
• Above-the-line and below-the-line marketing strategies & campaigns
• Using other bank product information to cross sell cards
• Product enhancements
• Product packaging strategies
• Sales collaterals and customer brochures, forms and documentation
• The value of creating a “sales champion” culture

Session 2: Getting a Head Start With The New Card

• Importance of securing card activation at the very early stages of new card acquisition
• Leveraging 3rd party programs eg Insurance Companies where monthly premiums are charged to card account
• Importance of data management strategies in being able to rank customers by
• Expanding card usage to new spend categories

Session 3: Increasing Share of Wallet & Encouraging Card Use

• Increasing share of wallet / purse – obtaining customer’s “top of wallet / purse” position
• Securing satisfactory results on key performance indicators such as spend per card or annum, domestic vs overseas, lifestyle spending vs aspiration spend
• Displacing cash and cheque
• Regular usage promotions including merchant discounts eg dining awards

Session 4: Keeping Cardmembers Loyal

• Strategies in securing longstanding and profitable customer relationships and minimising attrition
• Are you losing the highly valued customers, whilst retaining the less valued customers?
• Review how customer service call centre team can help avoid unwanted customer attrition
• The value in customer surveys post attrition
• Review the customer data management strategies that can provide customer intelligence and allow appropriate decisions

Day 2:

Session 5: Explore Different Methods for Product Strategies and Maintaining Card Relevance

• Product lifecycle strategies
• Customer Lifecycle strategies
• Wealth segment strategies
• Customer identification strategies

Session 6: Get Practical Approaches on Reaching Out to The Masses

• Customer communication strategies:
• Branches & Network

Session 7: Strategies to Maximize Card Portfolio Performance & Revenues

• Performance and customer segmentation management, through metric reporting and dashboards
• Alternative customer segmentation strategies
• Maximising business performance and profitability
• Increase revenues through customer segmentation eg separating business users from consumer card portfolios
• Value of regular product and performance health checks
• Market benchmarking, research and mystery shopping
• Creating effective sales teams
• Optimizing customer service and account management strategies plus leading service level standards
• The value of continual 360° internal and external reviews
• Product,Customer Service, Collections & Risk and Card Systems teams

Session 8: Leveraging Card Systems

• Knowing card system functionality and capabilities
• Using potential hidden, forgotten or unknown card system functionalities that could ensure customer value proposition
• Ensuring that product team have strong input into new card system functionalities and enhancements that could bring value to customers and products
• The value of regular product planning sessions with Card Systems experts

Who Should Attend?

• Marketing / Branding
• Reward & Loyalty
• Acquisitions, Cards Business
• Product Owners / Portfolio Management
• Product Development

Some of the clients Peter has worked with are :

• Standard Chartered Bank
• Citibank
• Taipei Fubon Bank
• China Merchants Bank
• Guangdong Development Bank
• Agricultural Bank of China Bank of China
• Commonwealth Bank Westpac
• Commercial Bank of Dubai
• Emirates NDB
• Mashreq Bank
• Korea Exchange Bank
• Kookmin Bank
• GE Capital
• Mitsubishi UFJ
• Mizuho Bank
• Hitachi Credit Japan
• Lao Development Bank
• OCBC Bank (M) SdnBhd
• RHB Banking Group
• Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Bank

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai)
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