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I'm glad to learn that the trainer had already been through what I am going through now. Thus, he was able to relate to the examples and reinforce my beliefs.

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Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management @ Kuala Lumpur


Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management  @ Kuala Lumpur
Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management @ Kuala Lumpur
08 October 2014 - 09 October 2014
Renaissance Hotel (Kuala Lumpur) - Kuala Lumpur
In House Training , Management , Plant and Engineers , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain


 The Expert on Competitive Commercial Tenders & Contracts Management

Jim Bergman

Headed by Jim Bergman, CEO of Global Supply Management, Inc. and Vice President of Learning and Development for IACCM (The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management)
  • Over 20 years of experience in oil & gas commercial procurement contract development, negotiation and management.
  • Former contracts attorney for the Fortune 500 petrochemical corporation, Amoco Corporation (now known as BP) and was responsible for legal and negotiation support.
  • Insight into RFx development and its crucial impact in the negotiation and supplier relationships management phases of the sourcing cycle.
  • Has first-hand experience with the emerging role of e-tools in the procurement discipline.
  • On hand experience through the development and delivery of numerous training sessions has effectively led contract development and negotiation teams.
  • Savings of well over US$100 million through training, coaching and advisory efforts, with numerous process improvements and additional instances of value generation to numerous organizations.
  • Led & Managed supply base portfolio valued at more than $1 billion.


“Very good, highly recommended.”
Malaysia Airport
“It is a very excellent learning experience.”
“Excellent material, presentation and Content.”
Petronas VCM
“Practical examples used were very useful and easy to understand.”
Brunei Shell
‘Speaker is very knowledgeable, points/key elements presented on making a contract a success are beneficial, well structure and very useful.’
Brunei LNG
Communication, Malaysia ‘Excellent and an eye opener.’
“Good course content with lots of real life examples in order for fresh participants like me to understand clearly and know how to practice in real working environment”
Shell Brunei
“I understand more on how to prepare a contract draft and ensure it does not have too many ambiguities”
Chevron Geothermal Salak Ltd
“Knowledge, experience well shared with the participating delegates.”
Sime Darby Engineering Sdn Bhd
“The workshop is useful for procurement/contractexecutives, and also enhances those with working knowledge and experience.”
TL Offshore
“Reinforces and renews negotiation skills set”
Exxon Mobil Malaysia
“Able to provide a venue for professionals to enhance their working knowledge”
Mersing Construction
“I would like to express my thanks for your excellent & interesting lecture at the course. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing you again.”
PetroVietnam Drilling & Well Services Corporation

By the end of this course you will be able to:

- DISCOVER the latest trends and strategies in creating effective winning tenders to achieve optimum productivity.
- EXPLORE the best practices for picking the right supplier for the right reason in order to achieve a win-win situation.
- MAXIMIZE and improve your business leverage from tender by minimizing and managing the risk.
- DEFINE your own personal value and that of your team as a key advisor on tender presentation within your organization.
- GAIN INSIGHTon essential service procurement and/or tendering tools and techniques from a whole new perspective.
- ENHANCE your procurement skills and techniques with well recognized and methodologies and practices.
- ESTABLISH effective tender writing skills and information mapping within your organization with proven results.
- IDENTIFY supplier and buyer perspectives and differences in the tendering process to achieve mutual understanding.
- GUARANTEE a good impression to clients and out shine competition by building long term relationship after the contact.

Program Agenda

Day 1:

SESSION 1: Assessing and Positioning your Current State
• Understanding the mind of the buyer
• Understanding the mind of the supplier
• Understanding the market - your competition and fellow customers
• Integrating corporate strategies and aligning with the market approach strategy
SESSION 2: Implementing the World Class Tendering Practices
• Top reasons why the tendering and proposal process fails
• The difference between a tender and a proposal
• Tender and bidding strategies
• Tender and bidding tactics
SESSION 3: Examining the Different Elements of Tenders and Bidding
• Best practices in tenders and bidding
• The good, bad and ugly in tenders and bidding
• Producing an effective tender document
• Key tools, talents and processes
SESSION 4: Identifying the Rfx and Developing the Evaluation and Negotiation Strategies
• RFx’s -RFP, RFI, RFT, RFQ, RFO and an occasional EOI
• Prioritizing the project objectives and mapping to the RFx
• Developing a preliminary evaluation matrix
• Developing a preliminary negotiation strategy
SESSION 5: Establishing the Connection between Key Value
• What do we want?
• Defining value
• Embracing Total Cost of Ownership - TCO
• What is in and out of scope?
SESSION 6: Discovering the Optimal offer with Effective Framework Strategies
• What are they offering?
• Implementing effective evaluation methodologies
• Tender assessment criteria
• Best practice procedures for rejecting proposals
SESSION 7: Mastering the Art of Communications in Tenders and Bidding
• Develop communication strategies that lead to superior contracting results
• Effective writing styles - common faults in business writing and how to avoid them
• Making an effective presentation
• Managing communications throughout the stakeholder base

Day 2:

SESSION 8: Understanding the Different Documentation Options
• Contract types
• Purchase orders
• Master purchase and sales agreements
• NDA’s, MOU’s, Bailment agreements and other related documents
SESSION 9: Reviewing the Best Practices in Negotiation
• Negotiation philosophies
• Negotiation strategy documents
• Negotiation tactics and counter tactics
• Defining a win-win and placing a price on it
SESSION 10: Managing Risk in Contract Management
• Identifying and managing contract risk (the role of contract risk assessment)
• Types of risk - from contract clarity to the weather
• Sources of risk - customer, supplier, third party and environment
• Mitigating the risk through effective contracting
SESSION 11: Strengthening the Role of Automation and Human Resource in Contract Management
• Contract Administration and Contract Management
• The role of automation in contract management
• The role of the Contract Administration / Contract Manager
• Key process steps and team members
SESSION 12: Generating Long Term Effective Business Relationship
• Building long term relationship after the contract is signed
• Supplier relationship management, Customer relationship management
• Managing disputes and conflicts
• Closing out the contract

Who Should Attend?

• Legal Managers and Support Staff
• Tender Managers and Support Staff
• Contract and Procurement Managers
• Purchasing and Supply Managers
• Tender Coordinators
• Project Coordinators, Supervisors, Engineers, Assistants and Administrators
• Tender or Project Support Staff
• Planning Supervisors, Coordinators, Assistants, Engineers
• Operations Supervisors, Engineers, Coordinators
• Oil & Gas
• EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

Some of Jim Bergman Clients Are:

•Petronas Methanol                         
•Carigali Hess
• Shell
• Haliburton
• Schlumberger
• Sime Darby Engineering                            
• ConocoPhillips
• Dana Gas
• DuPont
• Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding
• Vietnam Oil and Gas Group                
• Malaysia Marine & Heavy Engineering
•Tenaga Nasional
•Saudi Aramco
•Baker Huges
•General Motors
•Mimos Berhad
•Talisman Malaysia                          
• Petrovietnam Gas
• TL Offshore
• BHP Billiton
• Japan Vietnam Petroleum
• RasGas



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