Junaid Jafar, Executive Director - Tadhamon Capital, Qatar

This is one of my first experiences in a class about negotiating. It’s very beneficial especially if some of the things you see yourself doing or common mistakes you shouldn’t be making. Jim puts these into perspective and says don’t do that, don’t get deceived to negotiate. Always try to negotiate with the procedure. These small tips I think you should follow then use a lot of his input into each and every negotiation and hopefully we improve in time. It’s been a great two days! There are a very diverse number of people from different walks of lives and Jim kept us entertained throughout the whole two days!


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Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Masterclass @ Abu Dhabi


Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Masterclass @ Abu Dhabi
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Masterclass @ Abu Dhabi
01 March 2015 - 02 March 2015
The Millenium Hotel - Abu Dhabi
Plant and Engineers



Use highly successful planning methods, practices and processes that deliver great work productivity, outstanding equipment reliability, and maximum ‘tool time’

Facilitated by: Author & World Class Maintenance Expert, Mike Sondalini

"The cost of maintenance can send your business broke. If your annual maintenance cost is higher than 5% of your asset value you are in trouble!"

-35+ years in engineering and maintenance
-General Manager of Lifetime Reliability Solutions
-Past Chairman of the WA Chapter of the Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia.
-Developer of freeforward - UPTIME training series for chemical and process plant operators and maintainers.
-Assist organizations such as BHP Billiton, NickelWest, Smorgon Steel (now OneSteel), P&H MinePro , Barrick Mining, Imdex and State Energy Commission.-Former Held project engineering and maintenance management positions at the Swan Brewery and at Coogee Chemicals (Australian industrial and mining chemical manufacturer)

Why you should attend

Documented evidence confirms that proper maintenance planning and scheduling can deliver you the following benefits when compared to planning on-the-run:

  • Up to 100% more work done
  • ‘Tool time’ can rise to 50% of maintainers’ day
  • Planned work is 4 – 12 times more efficient
  • Planned work is 3 – 9 times less cost than reactive work
  • On larger jobs an hour of planning saves 3 – 5 hours of execution
  • 90% of your work can be planned
  • 95% of work can be done when first scheduled

Maintenance planner training for high reliability & productivity saves your operation $100,000’s in maintenance costs & downtime losses!!

This course is packed with insights and powerful techniques of successful maintenance planning and scheduling for high equipment reliability. The comprehensive content gives you best practice maintenance planning and scheduling and covers all aspects of maintenance planning and scheduling systems and explains how to produce great task productivity and maintenance work quality. You learn what to do and why to do it so you can get your production plant back into operation faster and running for longer. You learn how to quickly move your maintenance planning and scheduling performance towards the Pacesetter results in the table below.




‘Hands on tools time’ % possible



Jobs per man-day (Mech, I/E)

1 , 4

3 , 8

Testing jobs overdue %



Mechanics per Planner

8 - 10 : 1

20 - 27 : 1

Maintenance Workforce Weeks Backlog

8 – 10 weeks

4 weeks

% Planned Work

< 50%

> 80%

Schedule Compliance

< 50%

> 90%

Urgent Job Requests




His well known book's:



“Very good mix of theory and company applications”
– Engineering Manager, Chevron Corporation

“Excellent presentations on diverse subjects”
– Maintenance Manager, Premier Oil

“Very informative and useful, our up-line managers and superintendents could also benefit from this information.”
– Worsley Alumina Refinery

“Very well presented, Mike is a good speaker and has the experience to support his presentation.”
– Hyne Timber

“Very useful and provides information I was not aware of.”
– Asset Management Engineers

“Very good, some good concepts to take back to work which could help our business.”
– BGC Maintenance Contracting

“Usually I find that if one thing of value is learnt per day of a course, then value has been achieved – value has definitely been achieved”.
– Pearlstreet maintenance contractors

“While Mike managed the Maintenance Department at Coogee Chemicals he continually introduced and led new initiatives to improve plant uptime. Such successes as the preventative maintenance of bearings that reduced failures from 4 per month to 4 per year on bulk materials handling equipment. He introduced maintenance planning and scheduling and root cause analysis of asset failures into the company. He championed the use of shaft laser alignment and made sure the tradesmen were trained in its use. That initiative, combined with him training the plant operators in the proper use of pumps, saw mechanical seal failures drop from 20 per year to 3 per year. He worked enthusiastically with the maintenance crew to improve production equipment designs that boosted plant availability. In the fertiliser plant reliability rose from 85% to 98% and made the operation profitable. In pastillation availability went up from 80% to 95% in six months under Mike’s stewardship.”
– Geoff Nott, Maintenance Workshop Supervisor, Coogee Chemicals

What you will learn by the end of this course?

  • How to prepare work, Coordinate resources and people
  • Install the right systems and schedule maintenance activities
  • How to deliver high-quality workmanship and become highly productive
  • Ensure machines and equipment operates reliably for far longer.
  • Discover the good techniques, practices and methods
  • The necessary requirements to deliver highly effective maintenance work planning and scheduling outcomes.

Program Agenda

Day 1

Session 1: Necessary Planning Office Systems And Methods

  • Work Order Costing
  • Plant and Equipment Information
  • Planning Documents and their Control
  • Equipment Records and their Control
  • Job Procedures
  • Job Records and their Control
  • Equipment Performance Trending
  • Job Performance Trending
  • Track Planning Performance & Benefits
  • Job, Work and Personnel Safety

Session 2: Specifying Workmanship Standards

  • Standardized Work
  • Setting the Standards for a Job
  • Identifying Necessary Skills for a Job
  • Failure Preventing Job Procedures

Session 3: Data Capture For Maintenance

  • Data Capture for Maintenance

Session 4: Inventory Purchasing And Management

  • Refurbishment Decisions and Costs
  • Important Purchasing Information
  • Useful Store Control Practices
  • Good Storage Practices
  • Working with and Developing Suppliers

Session 5: Project Management Principles And Practices

  • Identify Work Priorities
  • Set Project Goals and Objectives
  • Specifications and Contracts
  • Bar (Gantt) Charts
  • PERT Charts (Critical Path)
  • Checkpoints and Checklists
  • Preparing for All Eventualities

Session 6 : The Work Planning Process

  • Site Investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Failure History
  • The Required Documentation
  • Specifying Important Information to Capture During the Job
  • Developing Job Procedure with Required Outcomes and Measures
  • Specifying Materials
  • Specifying Subcontract Resources
  • Specifying Tools and Ancillary Equipment
  • Specifying Human Resources
  • Build-in Time for Quality Work
  • Developing the Job Plan and Times
  • Setting Job Performance Requirements
  • Specifying Job Quality Standards
  • Safety Considerations
  • Calculate Maintenance Cost vs Budget
  • Compiling the Job Pack
  • Job Task Planning
  • Scheduling the Job Plan
  • Job Planning and Review Meetings
  • Preparations Before the Job Starts
  • Complete the Checklists
  • Job and Workmanship Feedback
  • Post-Job Review
  • ‘Lessons Learnt’ Meeting
  • Continuously Improving the Planning

Session 7 : Shutdown And Outages Planning

  • Using Project Management Methodology
  • Successful Shutdown Management Strategies

Day 2

Session 8: Failure Prevention And Defect Elimination Maintenance Procedures Controlling Work Process Variation with 3t Work Quality Standards

Session 9: Standardizing Planning Procedures and Scheduling Procedures

Session 10 : Planning And Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

  • Maintenance Effectiveness Indicators
  • Equipment Performance Indicators
  • Production Indicators
  • Planning Indicators
  • Job Quality Indictors
  • Supplier Performance
  • Inventory/Store Management
  • Safety
  • Top-performance Industry Benchmarks

Session 11 : Visual Management In All Occasions

Relationship Building

  • Identify planning/scheduling value add
  • Bring groups together to cooperate
  • Request others’ improvement ideas

Session 12: Production Requirements And Limits The Production Plan

  • Liaison with Production
  • Scheduling into the Production Plan

Session 13

  • Important Time Management and Scheduling Concepts
  • Clear Job and Work Order Scheduling
  • Prioritise Work Orders based on Operational Risk
  • Manpower Scheduling and Resources Scheduling

Session 14

  • Preparations before the Job Starts
  • Addressing On-site Issues and Changes in the Plan with Team-based
  • Risk Analysis
  • Monitoring Job Performance and Schedule
  • Backlog Management

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors, engineers, planners and other key members of the shutdown or outage team responsible for shutdowns and outages or non-maintenance engineers who are training for this position:

  • Maintenance managers
  • Engineers
  • Planners
  • Schedulers
  • Reliability Professionals
  • Operations Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Material Coordinators

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The Millenium Hotel
Abu Dhabi