Sharon Francis, Corporate Sales Assistant Manager - Royal Selangor Marketing, Malaysia

Keith did an excellent job in relating the key points to our daily task. It was certainly related to coaching. I am in a position to coach my direct reports on a daily basis. By attending this training, it has opened up my perception to be an effective and PRACTICAL coach cum colleague. Kexxel Group handled the event well. I liked what I saw and heard; no complaints here!


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Innovative Marketing Masterclass @ Singapore


Innovative Marketing Masterclass @ Singapore
Innovative Marketing Masterclass @ Singapore
20 April 2015 - 21 April 2015
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Singapore) - Singapore
In House Training , Sales and Marketing


Innovative Marketing with Lon Safko

Renowned Author, Award Winning & Globally Recognized Authority on Fusion Marketing and Social Media

Lon Safko

- The Social Media Bible Hit #1 on Amazon! -
- The Fusion Marketing Bible, published by McGraw Hill hit #3 on Amazon! -
- Featured in New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, PC Novice, INC. Magazine, CFO Magazined -
- Creator of the “First Computer To Save A Human Life” as coined by Steve Jobs, Apple -
- Fusion Marketing and The Safko Wheel Marketing Toolkit has been accepted by the US Patent and
Trademark Office as patent pending-

Lon’s Amazon Best Selling Books

The Social Media Bible       The Fusion Marketing Bible

What Will You Learn by The End of This Course

1. Steal killer strategies from the biggest marketing success stories on the planet.

2. Jolt your right brain into action – and jump-start the flow of creative ideas you can implement right away.

3. Get in on a dozen “down-and-dirty” creative tricks the pros swear by – for phenomenal results!

4. Combine fun with functionality for a guaranteed boost in your online marketing success.

5. Be the Marketing Idea Hamster. You know, the one who always has an idea generator running.

6. Get in touch with your “inner marketing child” to regain that playful mindset that removes mental barriers – and leads to inspiration.

7. Discover imaginative new ways to target your audience and get them to buy, buy, buy.

8. Blast through “creative block” with an arsenal of “creative blockbusters.”

9. Leave with your cranium crammed full of innovative marketing ideas you can’t wait to put into action.

10. Spend the day picking the brains of other creative types — and have more fun at a conference than humans should be allowed!


“Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to better understand the relationship between traditional media and marketing and social media. A very likeable book indeed!”
Dave Kerpen, New York Times bestselling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business

“As many marketers get attached to social media ‘tools,’ they have forgotten that all marketing is about having conversations and providing real benefits to customers. Lon’s techniques will teach you how to ‘fuse’ traditional media, social media, and digital media to create authentic conversations that build trust, loyalty, and, yes, revenue.”
Carmine Gallo, author of the bestselling books The Apple Experience, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, and The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs


Program Agenda

Day 1

Suffering From Creative Block? Try These Creative Blockbusters!
We’ve all been there: You muddle for days, weeks, even months on a marketing campaign and can’t get off dead-center because you’re creatively blocked.

Talk about frustration!
That’s why we’ve crammed this decidedly “coloring-out- of-the-lines” session with enormously powerful “blockbusting” tools that no marketing pro should leave home without! You’ll say goodbye to the stuck-in-a-rut thinking that thwarts your creativity and limits your effectiveness when you discover how to put these mind-expanding “creative blockbusters” to work for you and your marketing team.
Hey, Right Brain –WAKE UP!!!! 10 Ways to Jumpstart Ideas
If your attempts at conjuring up a creative brainstorm don’t even amount to a creative sprinkle, this high-energy, interactive session will forever change the way you approach idea generation.
You’ll discover 10 simple but incredibly effective ways to give your dormant right brain a mega-jolt – and jumpstart the flow of one creative idea after another. You’ll learn where your “sparks” for new ideas originate and where to look for your richest sources for innovations. Find out how to “flip your creative switch” to generate tons of great ideas fast.
Prepare to put the squeeze on your creative juices!
Beyond Demographics: Getting in Synch With Your Audience
“Know Your Audience” is a basic pillar of successful marketing – but in today’s highly competitive environment, it’s not enough to know who your audience is. When are they most likely to buy? What do they read, listen to, watch?
This highly innovative session offers dozens of nontraditional ideas for moving beyond the information available in basic consumer demographics to get the real scoop on your target market. You’ll discover clever ways to get in synch with your audience by getting inside their heads – for absolutely amazing marketing results!
Motivators: Pushing Your Customer’s Buttons – And Making the Sale
Fear. Greed. Love. Security. Health.
These are basic motivators that move your audience to buy your marketing message, and it all boils down to WIIFM? – what’s in it for me?
This high-energy “how-to” session offers you a multitude of creative tips for subtly – and not so subtly – pushing those buttons all the way to marketing success! Discover innovative spins on using the emotional appeal and playing up the drama of your unique message to pique your audiences’ interest. Find out which calls to action are most effective, and which “hot button” words to avoid at all costs.
The 10 Unbreakable Marketing Rules - And When to Break Them
Sure, we can quote marketing rules – and canons and maxims and precepts – to you until the cows come home, but which ones really work? Even in an industry that’s gone high-tech and is changing before our eyes, there are still time-tested marketing strategies that guarantee you exceptional results when applied correctly. 
Find out what the most highly successful marketing gurus decree about positioning your offer, lead generation, pricing strategies, freebies, attention getters and much more. In addition, you’ll discover which once immutable rules of marketing are now history.
Day 2
The Essentials for Creative Marketing Success
Whether marketing is just part of your job or the whole enchilada, whether you’re selling gourmet fish bait or fund-raising to save the gourmet fish, there are marketing essentials that you need to know to succeed. We’ll cover the bases, using examples of highly creative content and design from various media to make each point. Use this lively “how-to” session to learn something new or as an invigorating refresher!
You’ll learn how to...
• Get in synch with your audience – to find and hit your TARGET
• Develop a marketing mix that sticks to the message
• Deliver a clear, consistent message
• Make an offer they can’t refuse
• Move your audience to action
• Use bells and whistles – and know when not to
• Make things happen on a limited budget
• Work with copywriters and graphic designers and other creative types
• Test effectively, measure results and put the information to work for you
Creative Marketing Strategy: Trends for and Beyond
The Web as a major marketing channel has shaken up the marketing communications mix, rewritten marketing strategies, and has, in short, changed all the rules. Join us as we explore the latest marketing trends and take a look at emerging trends predicted to be significant within the next few years.
Don’t miss this opportunity to find out what you should be doing now to position your organization for a marketing success in the near future!
Attend this session and you’ll learn...
• What the future looks like for traditional marketing media such as print, radio, TV and direct mail
• Hottest trends emerging in e-marketing
• Web innovations on the horizon that will further change marketing strategies
• How integrated marketing is altering the marketing communications mix organizations use
• Where CRM is heading and what that means to your marketing approach
• How brand marketing is continuing to evolve
• New strategies industry leaders are using to nurture customer loyalty and profit from it
• Marketing opportunities – and marketing challenges – the aging population will provide.

Who Should Attend?

-Marketing Professionals
-Marketing Consultants
-Business Owners
-Social Media Specialists
-SEO Specialists

-Sales Professionals


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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Singapore)
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