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Simplified Strategic Planning @ Kuala Lumpur


Simplified Strategic Planning @ Kuala Lumpur
Simplified Strategic Planning @ Kuala Lumpur
02 September 2015 - 03 September 2015
J W Marriott Kuala Lumpur -
In House Training , Management , Leadership , Finance


Leading Co-Author and Best Seller, Simplified Strategic Planning Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford is the keenly creative and insightful CEO of the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning and co-author of the Simplified Strategic Planning Manual and Simplified Strategic Planning. He has assisted many clients in a wide variety of industries, delivering outstanding results. Robert is a member of the National Speakers Association and a Certified Speaking Professional. A master trainer, he has spent the last nineteen years converting management theory into real-life application. Robert always stimulates great strategic thinking and leaves seminar participants with practical, “how-to” steps they can take home to put to use immediately. Robert’s seminars resonate with business audiences because they are built upon years of real-world strategic decisions. This real-world management experience enables Robert to bring real nutsand-bolts strategic thinking into every seminar presentation.

A No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast!

Video - Robert in Action

Strategic Planning - Setting and Reaching Your Goals with Robert Bradford 



“The training is compact with clear and concise presentations. The flow of the agenda is great and rather easy to understand. The main strength of the event is the content, good presentation and elaboration of the topic or agenda. Kexxel Group is well-organised. The training provides insights into strategic planning which is something new and the applications learnt such as strategic focus, can be applied in the management level as planning is important. Budgeting is done every year, it is beneficial to come up with a number, create strategies to achieve numbers and action plans to achieve those strategies. We should definitely send more participants to attend these trainings. It was a compact and good programme. Kexxel Group is well organised! “
Henry Goh Jiok Vui- Managing Director Business Banking(CFS), Maybank

“Robert puts strategic planning into perspective and an easy method to adapt to any business. The main strength of the event is Robert’s enthusiasm and passion and vast knowledge in the area or strategic planning. Kexxel Group has a good organization and hospitable staffs.”
Eileen Ooi- Strategic Planning Director, Carat Media Services

“Robert is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and is incredibly approachable and is ever ready to impart with valuable information and experience. The main strength of the event is the trainer and the vast experience he brings to the course. Kexxel Group has done wonderful job energy for the event including all the necessary meals. The staffs are also very accommodating and helpful.”The topic was very vast and the training was very helpful. It was a simplified version of the whole process of strategic planning, strategic planning in a nutshell. The training was efficient, enlightening and a refresher with a lot of insides to be applied in my profession. It is very beneficial and Kexxel Group is very well organized.”
Farid Zainuddin Rahman – Vice President, Pos Malaysia

“Robert is a very experienced trainer who has to be resourceful to depart all knowledge to the audience. The main strength of the event is the speaker. Kexxel Group is a good coordinator.”
Elaine Chan- Chief Risk and Admin Officer, HSBC (M) Berhad

“An excellent speaker with a vast experience to share.”
Evonne Chim-Head of Corporate Finance, Sime Darby Plantation

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By the end of this course you will learn:

Why Most Companies Fail at Strategic Planning
How to Create a Great Strategic Team
How to Dominate Your Market
How to Get Information You Need
How to Measure Key Success Factors
How to Find Your Unique Strategic Competency
How to Make Good Assumptions
How to Select and Exploit Your Best Opportunities
How to Protect Your Company From Potential Threats
How to Determine Your Strategic Focus
Get From Where You Are To Where You Want to Be
How to Best Allocate Your Resources To Meet Your Objectives
- How to Most Effectively Use Your Strategic Plan

Program Agenda

Day 1

Session 1: External Situation

• Markets
- Key data to collect on markets for strategic planning
- Customer behavior and strategy
- Market segmentation

• Competition
- Key data to collect on competitors
- Where to get competitive data
- What matters most about a competitor

• Other external factors
- How technology can make or break strategy
- Supplier Market dynamics
- Economics and strategy

Session 2: Internal Situation

• Financials
- The role of the balance sheet
- Assessing your income statement

• Measures of performance
- Measures you should use to think about strategy
- Why financials aren’t enough
- How to select the most important measures

• Profitability analysis
- Using the profitability analysis to spot strategic issues
- Why profitability shouldn’t dictate strategy

Session 3: Strategic Capabilities and Competencies

• Quick strengths and weaknesses
- Defining your capabilities quickly, without fuss
- Pitfalls in using strengths and weaknesses in strategy

• Strategic competencies
- Understanding competencies, and why

Session 4: Assumptions

• Market assumptions
- Projecting changes in your markets
- Key data to assess in formulating strategy

• Competition assumptions
- How to see how you will stack up against the competition in the future
- Understanding how you can change your competitive position

• Opportunities and threats
- Brainstorming the best opportunities
- How to separate the best opportunities from the good ideas
- Highlighting the most critical threats to your strategy

• Industry scenario and winners’ profile
- Projecting the more distant future
- Using the far future to guide your strategic thinking

Day 2

Session 1: Strategies

• Strategic assessment
- Identifying market attractiveness
- Identifying your competitive position
- Using your position to begin strategic thinking

• Strategic issues
- The one strategic issue every company must address
- How to identify and resolve most of your strategic issues

• Strategies
- Defining strategies for market segments
- Capturing your vision about your strategic focus
- Building a set of capabilities to support your vision

Session 2: Goals and Objectives

• Mission statement
- Why you need a mission statement – and why you don’t
- How to get your mission written down in 30 minutes

• Goals
- Defining corporate goals
- Relating goals to measures of success
- How goals can drive execution – and how they shouldn’t

• Objective setting
- How to set objectives for optimal execution
- What to do with objectives that you don’t select for execution

Session 3: Action Plans

• Action plan writing process (group exercise)
- Formulating action steps
- Sequencing action steps
- Allocating resources to action steps

• Rules for better execution
- Tips from companies that achieve 100% of their objectives
- How to build better execution into your processes and culture

Session 4: Budgets

• Cash flow budget
- Using the cash flow budget to protect your company

• Investment budget
- How to prioritize spending on strategic initiatives

• Five year projection
- Testing your strategic plan as a hypothesis
- How to quickly use your strategic plan to create a five-year budget forecast

Session 5: Schedules and Agendas

• Time budgeting process
- Understanding the role of time in strategy execution
- How to allocate time and schedule execution for better results

• Schedules
- Putting the whole strategic planning process together – what to do and when
- How to modify the process to fit your company

• Monitoring process
- How to keep your strategic planning dynamic and alive
- How to assure excellent execution by monitoring

Who should attend:

• Head of Strategic Planning
• Head of Corporate Planning
• Executives who report to the CEO

Some of the clients Robert has worked with :

• Maybank
• Exxon Mobil
• HSBC (M) Berhad
• Pos Malaysia
• Carat Media Services.
• OCBC Bank (M) Bhd
• Sime Darby Plantation
• Ramsay Sime Darby Health
• Philip Morris (M) Sdn Bhd
• Bank Simpanan Nasional
• InQpharm Group Sdn Bhd
• Malaysian Kuwaiti Investment Co. Sdn Bhd
• Toyota Capital Malaysia Sdn Bhd
• Bank Muamalat (M) Berhad
• Department of Broadcasting (RTM) 
• Harwood Timber Sdn Bhd.
• B Braun

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