Nabil Iweir, General Manager - Abbott Lab, Qatar

The training contained real life examples, the slides were not too fancy and the exercises were very good! Jim Thomas has excellence experience and he has a rich history. All I can say is EXCELLENT, really excellent! I would love to attend more of Kexxel’s trainings. I like Kexxel’s organization; their coordination, reminders and follow ups were up to time and good.


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Leading With Emotional Intelligence @ Singapore


Leading With Emotional Intelligence @ Singapore
Leading With Emotional Intelligence @ Singapore
14 January 2016 - 15 January 2016
Pan Pacific Singapore - Singapore
In House Training , Leadership , Corporate Training


Your #1 Leadership Expert, A Dynamic Presenter and Facilitator!

Paul Mills
Program Director
Mt Eliza Executive Education
Melbourne Business School 

Paul specialises in leadership and professional development, change leadership and strategy formulation and implementation, having run countless off-sites, strategy development sessions and executive development events over the years.

He holds a Master of Business Enterprise Innovation (Entrepreneurship) with particular interest in organisational renewal and regaining agility. He also holds a sweep or professional accreditations and certifications which, combines with his strong ability to read people, produces deep self-awareness in those he works with. 

A dynamic presenter and facilitator, he has a capacity to reduce complex concepts into practical and meaningful ways of advancing leadership practice. Working with managers and leaders at all levels, his practice has advanced over the years to focus on senior managers through to executives and executive teams in both the private and public sectors. 

He joined Mt Eliza Business School (now Mt Eliza Executive Education) in 1999, where his client portfolio included Subaru, Honda, Coles Myer Group, Parmalat Australia, Leightons Contractors and Macquarie Group. 

He has worked in Asia as an Executive Coach for the Center for Creative Leadership (USA) and has facilitated senior leadership programs in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, China, Japan, Korea,Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam for a number of corporate clients. 


"Great professional coach and mentor. Very motivating facilitator with a great deal of expertise."
- Private sector client, Medical industry, Private Sector, Asia
“ Paul was a very engaging and motivating facilitator. He showed trust in sharing real world examples and his experience, which built trust within the team. Paul provided many practical skills to implement the theory which I found very useful. A wonderful role model throughout the course.”
- Public Sector Leader, Australia
"Paul is exceptionally articulate and gets his point across easily - creates a very respectful environment".
- Senior Leader, Private Sector (Media)
"Paul brought his vast experience to the room with each session. He brought focus and wonderful visuals and tools that helped me enormously with recall and process."
- Private sector client, Medical industry, Private Sector, Asia
"Paul actually blew me away! He was such a refreshing facilitator, he explained topics very carefully and skilfully! His facilitation delivery and one on one presence really resounded with me."
- Public Sector Leader, Australia

Attend this course and you will learn how to:

• Develop self-awareness and understanding of impact on others
• Develop an understanding of the values that drive behaviours and how these are perceived by others
• Develop personal influence and impact
• Leading strategically to positively impact culture
• Identify and break-down silos that restrict collaboration
• Develop learning agility through goal setting and action planning

Program Agenda

Day 1

The contemporary landscape for senior leaders
– Key megatrends and change forces.
This session explores the significant forces for change impacting organisations including key mega trends as we approach 2020. Learn about likely changes in the environment, how these will impact senior leaders and how to fast track the skills that will lead to success now.
• Identify the key mega trends approaching 2020 – what will this mean for your organisation and sector?
• Develop change anticipation capability
• Emerging leadership capability research
Leadership brand and identity
- Personal drivers, values and judgment frames
This session involves the notion of leadership brand or identity. Recent research tells us that, when we assume a new role or level of responsibility, adverse judgements can sometimes form about us that will be difficult to shift. Participants will learn about developing a strong personal brand aligned to values, and how to maximise the prospect of success of any leadership transition. 
• Understanding identity and developing a sustainable personal brand
• Develop an understanding of the values that drive behaviours and how these are perceived by others
• Maximise the success of leadership transitions, new roles and responsibilities
Maintaining effective interpersonal relationships
– FIRO-Business assessment
During this session, participants will receive the FIRO-Business Leadership Report. The questionnaire is completed as part of the pre-work, and participants receive a detailed leadership report that shows an individual’s orientation to interpersonal relationship behaviours. This session will frame each individual participants needs around relationships, how these can be similar or different to others and how to manage and maintain stakeholder relationships effectively.
• Understand how you orientate to others in relationships, through interpersonal needs
• Understand the sources of conflict that develop in relationships through different needs
• Manage stakeholders including bosses more effectively
Transformational leadership
- Developing engagement and alignment
This session introduced contemporary thinking around transformational leadership, the capabilities required to be a transformational leader, and the skills associated with driving engagement and alignment in teams and across the organisation.
• Leading research into transformational leadership
• Leading strategically for high levels of engagement and alignment in your workforce
• Understand the role that culture plays in delivering strategic outcomes

Day 2

Transformational leadership
- Leading change and disruption, managing psychological transitions
This session introduces some of the key global research around leading change and disruption. Participants will learn around how to manafe psychological transitions as people navigate change,and the latest change leadership capabilities. 
• Managing versus leading change
• The ongoing role of disruptive change
• Taking people on the journey – managing psychological transitions when change happens
Transformation and the six leadership styles
This session focuses on achieving the right balance of leadership styles and approaches to match a transforming environment. Consider the styles as like golf clubs in your bag – which do you select to match what need, to bring about the best possible result? Participants will also have opportunity to reflect on their own leadership styles and approaches
• Daniel Goleman’s six leadership styles and the role of emotional intelligence
• Leadership styles – productivity research
• Aligning the style to the needs of the situation
Enhancing personal leadership
– The Influence Style Indicator ®
This session introduces the Influence Style Indicator ®, a simple but powerful tool that looks at 5 influencing styles and provides participants with a sense of what styles they prefer to use when influencing others. Participants will learn about their preferred and less preferred styles, and have opportunity to reflect on their stakeholders needs around influence. 
• Understanding your preferences towards influencing others, through five influencing styles
• Understanding strengths and limitations of current approach to influencing
• Develop a plan to more effectively influence key stakeholders in the future
Developing learning agility and potential
– Action planning and goal setting
This final session brings the workshop together, identifying the 11 elements of learning agility, and how individuals can develop their learning agility to ensure that skills, knowledge and capabilities remain relevant in the new world. Participants spend time on personal action planning and goal setting, producing a development plan to tap into their potential.
• Explore the 11 elements of learning agility
• Develop an action plan for personal change and development
• Explore options for ongoing development, 70/20/10

Who Should Attend:

This program has been designed for General Managers and Senior Managers with at least 3 years of leadership experience, or Senior Managers with significant and complex leadership responsibilities from organisations of any size. Participants with backgrounds in the private, non profit or public sector are encouraged to attend. 

Key Clients: 

Reserve Bank of Australia
Apparel Group
Cover-More Group.
Australian Securities Exchange

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