Junaid Jafar, Executive Director - Tadhamon Capital, Qatar

This is one of my first experiences in a class about negotiating. It’s very beneficial especially if some of the things you see yourself doing or common mistakes you shouldn’t be making. Jim puts these into perspective and says don’t do that, don’t get deceived to negotiate. Always try to negotiate with the procedure. These small tips I think you should follow then use a lot of his input into each and every negotiation and hopefully we improve in time. It’s been a great two days! There are a very diverse number of people from different walks of lives and Jim kept us entertained throughout the whole two days!


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Crisis & Reputation Management @ Dubai


Crisis & Reputation Management @ Dubai
Crisis & Reputation Management @ Dubai
17 January 2016 - 18 January 2016
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai) - Dubai
In House Training , Sales and Marketing , Legal , Human Resource , Finance , Corporate Training


Leading expert in the field of media, crisis, and issues management!

Steve Cropper

Steve was a pioneer of media training in Australia and his career spans the fields of journalism, politics, public relations and online marketing communications, culminating in the establishment of Reputation Australia in 2003.
He was a media advisor to the Government of New South Wales before becoming Communication Manager of the Liberal Party of Australia in the Federal Parliament. Steve also made an impression with global PR firm Burson-Marsteller on a range of pan-European corporate and government accounts, working on issues management and crisis preparedness. 
Back in Australia, Steve joined the Federal Government as a Manager of Media and Corporate Relations, before becoming Hill and Knowlton's Asia Pacific Director of Crisis and Issues Management.
He has a Master's Degree in Digital Media and is the author of Mastering Media Interviews in the 21st Century. 

Tutor's Recent Publication

“The fact that Steve has been on both sides of the table is a real asset. This is a perspective from someone who knows all the ins and outs. Steve's many years of experience  are an extremely valuable tool if you want to succeed with the media.”John Bates, TEDx Speaking Coach


“I have Steve to thank for making the transition from journalism to PR an easier task the anticipated plus showing me the ropes and teaching me much of what I now know. He is one of the nest media trainers and crisis consultants I have worked with and have enjoyed every opportunity of working with him in the past ten years.”
Andrew Kirk, Managing Director Hong Kong & Taiwan. Hill & Knowlton
“I worked with Steve on a series of video programs for presentation to professional communicators. He is a very capable video producer and media trainer/coach with a good knowledge of the PR and corporate communication environment. Always good to work with.”
Jim Macnamara, Professor of Public Communication, University of Technology, Sydney
“We put a number of staff through Steve's presentation training and the overwhelming response was that they found it benecial and enjoyable. Steve's training was challenging and took many of them out of their comfort zone however his professionalism, sense of humour and support meant that all sta left were left smiling, rather than cringing at the end.”
Lee Davelaar, Communications Manager at Pfizer
"I've been using Steve to media-train our clients for more than six years now and he comes highly recommended. His module is well structured for people facing the media for the rst time, and those who have some media experience and need a refresh. His style is friendly and professional and keeps trainees engaged throughout the entire session. Most importantly, feedback is always good."
Nicholas Owens, Director at Seani Communications Group
“Steve is one of the best and most experienced consultants and media training resources I have used at Bluegrass in recent times - a great member of our team who works well with clients and with his colleagues. He is also a willing contributor to solutions for our clients. I would recommend him as a great resource for agencies and clients alike.”
Rodd Pahl, Founder and MD of Bluegrass Consulting, Head of Digital Advocacy, CEO & Board adviser
“We hired Steve and the Reputation Australia team during a crisis period. Steve and his team worked swiftly to understand the situation, providing wise counsel to the management team clear direction on next steps. Steve played a valuable role in another significant project for the company - our brand launch in April 2008. Steve media trained our team, and was an impressive MC at our press conference, coordinating proceedings with great style and professionalism. Steve negotiated excellent media opportunities for the company to share its story with a wider audience. The net result: our team came across as passionate and professional clinicians, and key stakeholders in the media, trade press and colleagues in the hearing industry became aware of the brand.”
Josephine Sabin, Head of Community, Content, Communications at DesignCrowd
“Steve is a highly executive media trainer who is able to instill confidence in media spokespeople. Steve's experience as a journalist and trainer allows him to tailor training sessions that are highly interactive and lead to well prepared media talent. He understands the media and the message his clients are trying to convey and shows how it can be more effectively crafted and delivered.”
Daniel McDougall, Senior Manager - Media and Communication
"I worked with Steve Cropper for several years while at Seani Communications Group. He was one of our preferred media trainers, offering media interview skills training for our clients. It was always a great pleasure working with Steve and I was always able to put him forward to our clients with absolute condence. He is highly personable, condent and assertive and he denitely knows his stuff. Clients gave always the most favourable feedback following a session with Steve. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"
Evan Petrelis, Director, Client Services & Agency Development at Seani Communications Group
“Steve is an excellent issues management and business consultant. I have sought his advice on numerous projects over the years. He works very well with staff and client (at all levels) and really delivers under pressure. He has a friendly, professional approach and I highly recommend him.”
Sarah Reed, MBA, BSc, Fellow AICD, GM Integration / Telstra Health

“Steve has a great feel for crisis situations and a deep understanding of media pressure during a crisis event. This makes him both a good team member to have on your side, but also an exceptional media and crisis communications trainer. I have no hesitation to recommend Steve and would work with him again if the opportunity arose.”
Alex Harris, Property Consultant at Sell Lease Property Pty Ltd

Attend this course and you will learn how to: 

• The difference between an issue and a crisis
• The essential aims of crisis media management
• Preparing a crisis communication plan
• Developing a crisis team
• Managing stakeholders and information flow
• What your role is in the crisis
• How to manage the issue before it becomes a crisis
• Review case studies
• Taking every opportunity to get your positive messages out in the media interview

Program Agenda

Day 1-  Crisis preparedness

This session covers structures for a crisis team, the facilities it needs, information flow and handling the media.

Session 1 : The value of reputation in a crisis
• The 'reputation halo effect'
• An issue versus a crisis
• The financial impact of crises on shareholder value
• Malaysian airlines. A case study in best practice
• How ready are you to face a crisis today?
Session 2 : Planning for crisis. Risk assessment and structures
• The aims of crisis communication
• Preparing a crisis communication plan
• Developing a crisis communication team
• Managing stakeholders and information
Day 2-  Media relations during a crisis
This session covers handling the media in crisis situations.
Session 1: Media Behaviour
• What the media is looking for in a crisis
• First response
• Phases in a crisis lifecycle
• Messaging
Session 2: Interview skills
• Techniques for media liaison
• Skills for spokespeople
• Examples and analysis of spokespeople in difficult interviews
Day 3-  Mastering Media Interviews (OPTIONAL)
This session provides participants with the skills to conduct successful interviews in crisis situations and an opportunity to practice recording interviews.
Session 1: A three-part technique
• Developing a first response
• Effective messages that communicate effectively
• Optimising an interview with your message
• Handling difficult (even impossible) questions
• The new face of media in the 21st Century (social media)
Session 2: Practical
• Participants record a short interview on-camera, which is then replayed and analysed
• Participants need to complete a short questionnaire in preparation for their interview recording

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Corporate Communications Team
  • Corporate Affairs professionals
  • Head of Marketing or PR
  • Head of HR
  • Legal Counsel
  • Government or Community Liaison Officers
  • Sales Team
  • Crisis Team

Key Clients

  • Pfizer
  • Hill & Knowlton
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Telstra Health

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai)
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