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The First Time Manager @ Kuala Lumpur


The First Time Manager @ Kuala Lumpur
The First Time Manager @ Kuala Lumpur
30 March 2016 - 31 March 2016
Pullman Hotel Bangsar Kuala Lumpur -
Leadership , In House Training , Customer Service , Finance , Human Resource , Information Technology , Legal , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Plant and Engineers , Sales and Marketing , Talent Management , Management


Join Jim McCormick, Reputable Author & Leader of Organizational Excellence!

Noted author of bestselling "The First Manager" book and various others.
The Founder and President of the Research Institute for Risk Intelligence.
Previous Client List:

Siemens | ABB | PepsiCo | Wells Fargo Wealth Management | Amway | ThyssenKrupp Elevator | FedEx | Bank of America | Trinidad & Tobago Business Development Company Limited | Unilever | Verizon

Author of: 


“Jim McCormick set the stage for all of us to become stronger individuals in every aspect of our careers. By applying the principles Jim put forward we will experience tremendous success in our professional lives and as an organization.”
Al Bolles, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Pepsico Beverages and Food
“Feedback ranged from “phenomenal” to “a wonderful break from the norm, and someone who challenged me personally. Your seminar and delivery was described as a breath of fresh air and it felt like an investment in me VS. an investment in the company. It definitely makes me re-assess how I am approaching my business”
Leo Hamill, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Wells Fargo
“Sometimes our talented technologists are not naturally suited to manage well. You artfully presented them with the insights and information they need to become effective managers. Some of our team members who were thinking about giving up their management responsibilities are now excited about applying what they learned.”
Lee Hayward, Chief Learning Officer, Flextronics International
“Thank you for your powerful sessions. I received great feedback from the team. There were some clear break-throughs during the seminar and actionable insights that people could immediately implement. Thanks for being a valued partner."
Brent Longval, President & Chief Financial Officer, Marketing Architects Inc.
“From the start Jim approached the programme with professionalism and ease. He covered every aspect of the topics that I wanted dealt with and a few that I didn't think of. We are still receiving accolades from our Forum and as such, I whole-heartedly recommend him!! Thanks Jim for a job well done!”
Nadia Narine, Manager, Business Development Company Limited of Trinidad & Tobago

What you will learn from this event:

  • How to shift from a co-worker to a manager
  • How to implement key managerial skills
  • How to avoid pitfalls as a manager
  • How to effectively sustain your career as a manager

Program Agenda:

Day 1 will focus on the basics of management and how you can set yourself up for success. We will them move on to core concepts that will elevate your team’s performance. We will finish the day learning about how to effectively work with your most important asset – your people.
An Overview of Management
  • The transition from Key Contributor to Manager
  • Management VS Leadership
  • A manager’s primary responsibilities
  • Pitfalls to avoid as a manager
  • Why traditional management no longer works
Setting Yourself Up for Success
  • Structuring your organization
  • The ideal span of control
  • Your primary management tool
  • How to avoid the most common management mistake!
Getting into The Management Role
  • The basics of effective management
  • Creating a High Performance Team
  • Motivating the team and creating a high performance environment
  • The four types of decision-making for any situation
  • Managing your former peers
Managing Your Team Members
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • What are the 2 most important traits in any job candidate?
  • Proactive Talent Management
  • Conducting Performance Appraisals
  • Firing – when it just isn’t working

Day 2 starts with working on motivating your team and helping them improve professionally then turn to a focus on how you can be more effective. We then explore more advanced concepts for you to work on as you get more comfortable as a manager. We close the day with some insights on how you can increase your chances of advancing then identify some action steps for you to take to implement some of what you have learned.

Performance Appraisals
  • A powerful Performance Improvement Tool
  • Building confidence in your employees
  • How to effectively discipline an employee
  • How to encourage initiative and innovation
Making Yourself More Effective
  • Delegating effectively
  • Avoiding the perfectionism trap
  • Managing your time effectively
  • How do you overcome the biggest threat to productivity?
Maturing as a Manager
  • The 5 types of employees
  • Your most important responsibility as a manager
  • Communicating effectively with your team
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Managing your boss
Advancing as a Manager
  • One Secret to continuing to advance
  • Distinguishing yourself as a leader
  • Promoting your brand without offending
  • Individual Key Insights
  • Personal Action Steps

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Pullman Hotel Bangsar Kuala Lumpur