Prateep Puthamrugsa, VP Supply Chain Management - Glow Company Ltd, Thailand

The first time I’ve heard of this company is through an email inviting me to join this class. My experience with other event organizers are not good. Well done, your company is very good. I will definitely suggest to others to join events organized by you.


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Innovative Marketing Masterclass @ Dubai


Innovative Marketing Masterclass @ Dubai
Innovative Marketing Masterclass @ Dubai
22 May 2016 - 23 May 2016
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai) - Dubai
Management , Sales and Marketing , Information Technology , Corporate Training


Lon Safko- Award Winning, Globally Recognized Authority on Fusion Marketing and Social Media

Lon Safko

- The Social Media Bible Hit #1 on Amazon! -
- The Fusion Marketing Bible, published by McGraw Hill hit #3 on Amazon! -
Featured in New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, PC Novice, INC. Magazine, CFO Magazined -
- Creator of the “First Computer To Save A Human Life” as coined by Steve Jobs, Apple -
- Fusion Marketing and The Safko Wheel Marketing Toolkit has been accepted by the US Patent and
Trademark Office as patent pending-


Lon’s Amazon Best Selling Books

 The Social Media Bible          The Fusion Marketing Bible


“The trainer is passionate about his field and willing to support and share ideas. This event has helped me in understanding what fusion marketing is.”
Dina Jamal – Marketing Manager, Bahrain Telecommunications Company

“Lon is one of the best trainers I’ve ever met. The highlight of this event is the linking of all social media tools together and simplifying the marketing strategy part. It is obvious that Kexxel is a well-organized group.”
Amr Almadani – Brand Manager, Azizia Panda United Company

“Lon is very knowledgeable and provides good examples. This event is an eye-opener and provides new ways of doing effective marketing. Kexxel is very good.”
Reem Aabed – Marketing Manager, Bahrain Telecommunications Company

“The trainer is an expert and a good presenter. It was a fruitful session.”
Parween Ali Pairoozi – Head of Sales & Marketing, Eskan Bank

“Lon is a very interesting trainer with a massive amount of knowledge and enthusiasm for social marketing. The main strength of this event is the generality of it and how it can be applied to different businesses.”
Sara Khogeer – Brand Manager, Azizia Panda United Company

“The speaker is very knowledgeable, approachable and professional with hands on experience on the topic. The main strength of this event is strategy building and putting things together. It is my first time working with Kexxel, and they provided a good first impression, I would recommend it."
Zaid Hamed – Marketing & Communication Manager, Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo

“Lon is knowledgeable, experienced, and has the ability to simplify content. The subject itself is relevant to marketing today. Kexxel is professional and good in marketing; it managed to get me here."
Maya Mroue – Marketing Manager, Al Ostoura Kuwait



What you will learn by the end of course?

- Understanding all of the available tools and knowing which ones to use the most effectively
- Understanding terms such as “the fundamental shift in power”, “link love”, “Google Juice” &“What the SEO advantages are to blogging?”
- Using QR codes and mobile marketing, “segmenting”, and “day parting” to achieve a 35%email conversion rate
- Explore in-game advertising, virtual worlds, and video marketing
- Learn about Fusion Marketing as next generation of marketing that brings together traditional marketing, digital marketing tools and social media into one tool
- Understanding Fusion Marketing as new concept of “Interconnecting” that it has been acceptedby the United States Patent & Trademark Office as “Patent Pending”
- Looking at all of your tools, campaigns, objectives, and conversion strategies first in two dimensions, then taking your entire marketing strategies into the world of three-dimensionsusing Fusion Marketing


Program Agenda

Day 1

Session 1: Creative Blockbusters
Session 2: 10 Ways to Jumpstart Ideas
Session 3: Getting in Synch with your Audience
Session 4: Pushing your Customer's Buttons-And Making the Sale
Session 5: 10 Unbreakable Marketing Rules - And When to Break Them
Session 6: Getting in Touch With Your "Inner Marketing Child"

Day 2

Session 7: The Essentials for Creative Marketing Success
Session 8: Creative Marketing Strategy; Trends for and Beyond

Who Should Attend?

-Marketing Professionals
-Marketing Consultants
-Business Owners
-Social Media Specialists
-SEO Specialists
-Sales Professionals

Some of Lon Safko's Achievements Are:

-The Westinghouse Entrepreneur of the Year
-Arizona Innovation Network’s Innovator of the Year
-The Arizona Software Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year
-Nominated for the Ernst & Young / Inc.Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year
-The Public Relations Society of America’s
-Edward Bernays, Mark of Excellence Award
-Fellow of the nation‘s Computer History Museum.


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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai)
Country: ae