Sam Rizh, Scheduler - MSD Technology, Singapore

It was a simple and easy to follow course. The trainer was very clear, easy to understand and enjoyable with jokes, humour and funny videos.


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Strategic Contract Management & Governance @ Singapore


Strategic Contract Management & Governance @ Singapore
Strategic Contract Management & Governance @ Singapore
28 July 2016 - 29 July 2016
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Singapore) - Singapore
In House Training , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Legal , Corporate Training


Joe Caruso - Experienced Practitioner, Expert in Sourcing, Service Level Agreements and Contract Management!

Joe Caruso
Contract Management Expert

With vast experience in providing expert advice in sourcing, SLAs, and contract management, Joe Caruso is a seasoned practitioner in Contract Management and Service Agreements. He was involved in providing expert consultations to over 110 organizations across Asia Pacific in over 130 projects with contract values up to $ 1.5 billion per annum.

Caruso has the background in representing both customers and vendors which enables him to have perspectives and understanding from both ends in the development of projects and contracts. This has given him the consistent ability in reaching outcomes that are mutually beneficial to both parties, thus ensuring success and sustainable relationships.

Some of Caruso's Clients include:

  • Mitsubitshi Corp
  • Fuji Xerox
  • BHP Billiton
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Calibre Global
  • Coles
  • Methanex
  • Mighty River Power
  • Santos
  • Telstra Telecommunications
  • Toll Logistics
  • Townsville City Council
  • Woodside Energy


“The trainer was excellent in delivery, language, understanding of the subject matter and industry relevant explanations. With adequate training material from multiple sources, he definitely approached this course positively. The main strengths of this event was Joe teaching us how to create, manage and negotiate brilliant SLAs while maintaining the contracting life cycle.”
Ubaid Mustafa Qadiri – Head of Operations, Infrastructure & Applications, Celcom Axiata Berhad

“The manner in which the speaker applied both theory and a practical approach to help the participants understand the subject is clearly a bonus.”
Hadafi Mamat – Manager, Legal & Procurement, TNB Energy Services

“Excellent presentation format and skills. The main strength was exercises conducted during the course. Kexxel Group arranged the event well.”
Samantha Leong – Assistant Vice President, Commercialisation Specialist, PlaTCOM Ventures

“Joe is very interesting and delivered a very interactive masterclass. The main strength of the event was the constant interaction between the speaker and participants. Materials provided were also very helpful. Kexxel Group’s organization of this event is very good and the facilities at the hotel are great. Overall an excellent choice.”
Sylvian Champonet – Service Delivery Manager, Technip Geoproduction, APAC

"Very good material, systemic and complete framework. Easy to read and follow"
Reporting Analyst, Shell IT International (SITI) Malaysia

"Learnt more in two days than months of on-the-job training"
Vice President of Operations, Malaysia Venture Capital

By the end of this event, you will learn how to:

  • Compare your contract management to a best practice checklist
  • Establish the contract management function
  • Prepare and execute your contract management strategy
  • Learn the difference between a good and poor specification, and what that means to your role as a contract manager
  • Examine the different techniques required to manage the different price models
  • Understand the contract lifecycle and how it affects contract management
  • Implement the contract management team with the right skills
  • Plan and manage good contract governance
  • Implement effective issue, variation, and dispute management
  • Discover your CM style and how to work with people that have different styles
  • Plan your options at the end of a contract

Program Agenda

Day 1

Introduction and Overview of Training Testimonials from past attendees
• Course design layout – walkthrough what you will learn
• Meeting individual objectives – discuss your goals


You'll have limited time and resources to ensure success. This session helps you choose where to focus your effort.

1.1: Setting up to manage
• The 12 areas of best practice
• Determining your investment and benchmarks
• Investment case study

1.2: The Contract Management Strategy
• The Contract Management network
• Mapping inuencers and decision makers
• Key dates and milestones

1.3: Managing the Contracting Lifecycle
• The phases and building blocks of best practice
• The breadth of skills required
• Improving your bargaining power


You will, in all likelihood, have to manage a contract that hasn't been written very well…and certainly one that was not written to be easy to manage. This session goes through the key areas and contract management issues.

2.1: Considerations
• The governing documents - including ‘contract’ and ‘o-contract’ documents
• Estoppel (variation by conduct) - a key challenge for any contract manager

2.2: Specification/SLA
• Key contents
• Examine good and poor practice cases

2.3: Managing pricing options
• Explore the various pricing models and what is required to make these successful
• Understand the total cost of contract - it isn’t just the price

2.4: The conditions of contract
• Explore key legal issues all contract managers need to know

Day 2


Both parties need to manage well if the deal is to succeed. This session explores the formal and informal techniques and issues.

3.1: The Governance Charter: The interparty management agreement
• Setting the roles of each party
• Meetings - structure the interaction needed at all levels
• Evaluations, reviews and audits
• Issue, variation and dispute management

3.2: Relationship management
• The six different styles of contract management
• Your style*, what it means for you, and how it compares to others
• Team chemistry - will you work well with the other party?


All contracts end one day. This session helps you prepare for that day.

• End of term options - extensions, backsourcing, and handovers
• Disengagement - unwind the deal
• Assessments - determine the way forward
Closing remarks and evaluation

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those responsible for Contract Management & Governance in their organization. In particular, we highly recommend:

  • Contract advisors, managers, officers, and administrators
  • Business and project managers
  • Service delivery managers
  • Shared service managers
  • Business analysts
  • Service procurement managers
  • Strategy, planning and resource managers
  • Operations and divisional managers
  • Procurement and purchasing managers
  • Logistics and supply chain managers

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Singapore)
Country: sg