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Transforming Sales Leaders Into Great Coaches x @ KL


Transforming Sales Leaders Into Great Coaches x @ KL
Transforming Sales Leaders Into Great Coaches x @ KL
22 August 2016 - 23 August 2016
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Malaysia) - Kuala Lumpur
In House Training , Sales and Marketing , Customer Service , Corporate Training


Trainer's Profile

Photo of Ian Segail

Ian Segail is a highly reputable expert sales strategist from Australia and he has over 17 years of experience in sales and sales management. He is a commercial focused leader who has helped both small and big businesses to increase sales consistently, quickly, and at higher margins.

The expert strategist is also a Strategic Sales Performance Coach who works with both experienced and novice sales managers and business owners across a wide scope of industries including international companies in the world, such as: Microsoft, St. George Bank, Abbott Laboratories, Reebok, and more.

Ian Segail is passionate in guiding sales teams in transforming their sales strategy to improve market competitiveness through hands-on training. His proven sales training also involves re-engineering sales operations so that sales teams will gain the ability to capture and grow their sales margin through Ian's impressive selling systemology, "The Sales Machine".

The expert strategist is the winner of the Tom Hopkins International Sales Person of the Year and of the AHRI (Australian HR Institute) Internet Training Strategy Award. His expertise is further proven in his sales management books, “Bulletproof Your Sales Team”, “Double your Sales in 90 Days”, “Executivity”, and more.

The Best-Selling Sales Transformation Book written by Ian Segail:

Bulletproof your Sales Team


“Ian is a great guy, he know his stuff and he has industry experience. This is a good event.”
Baharul Nizam Said Daliman – General Manager, Telekom Malaysia

“This event is good, even for people who have been doing sales for a long time. It reminds me of what is important to ensure I reach my aim at the end of the day. Ian Segail knows what he is talking about; he is a really good coach as he has shown.”
Roslin Ooi – Sales & Business Development Director, Volvo Cars Malaysia 

“The real life experiences that Ian shared are great eye openers! The strength of this event is the sales leadership skills. I learned a lot of things from this session. This is a very good course with Ian; there is a lot of practical actions that we can bring back. In a nutshell, I think this course is very benefcial and well organized, it is something I would share.”
Rosdah Abd Hassan Chin – Manager (Corporate Sales), Royal Selangor Marketing Sdn Bhd

“The speaker is very inspiring, he provides applicable stories and examples for professional and personal situations. The main strengths of this event is the demonstration related to applicability of methods and systems.”
Rama Thireshin – General Manager, Nissan Middle East 

“The speaker is very good in creating stories that sticks to the brain, and summarizes complicated things to make it look simpler. This session is very informative with fantastic formulas. The implementation is the strong point of this session, and Kexxel is very good in terms of co-ordinating and follow-up.”
Ng Yat Peng – Sales Manager, Medi-Life Sdn Bhd

Some of Ian's Past Clients:

  • Telekom Malaysia Berhad
  • BMW Group Malaysia
  • Maxis Mobile Services
  • Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia
  • Halton Group Asia Sdn Bhd
  • Altel Communications Sdn Bhd
  • Godfrey Phillips India Ltd
  • Mcat Box Office Sdn Bhd
  • Dimension Data (M) Sdn Bhd
  • ProEight Sdn Bhd
  • Electric Library (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Microsoft
  • St. George Bank
  • Reebok
  • DKSH

By the end of the event, you will:

  • Learn the differences between coaching and training, and when to use them separately.
  • Be able to coach your team for an improved sales performance.
  • Gain the ability to conduct a power packed infield coaching session to ensure your sales team continue to deliver consistently.
  • Be taught an effective but simple framework to drive consistent sales results.
  • Attain some skills and tools for managing your sales teams remotely.
  • Learn the ways on building continual relationships of trust with your sales teams and with other stakeholders.
  • Gain communicating skills to provide constructive feedback, to empower your team, and to manage tough conversations in order to become an effective sales performance coach.

Program Agenda:

An Overview of Day 1

Session 1: Learn thoroughly about what sales coaching is and how sales performance coaching can guarantee results. The simple yet practical Sales Performance Coach Model will also be explained in this session.

Session 2: Discover how sales managers fall short on coaching and what are their blind spots. This will be followed by continuing lesson on the Sales Performance Coach Model.

Session 3: Participants will get into action as the "Coaching in Action" workshop activity will be unfolded in this session. 

Session 4: In this session, attendees will start to learn and develop basic coaching skills in a non-directive coaching style. This will be done by a few exercises such as an active listening exercise, powerful effective questioning, and the coaching feedback.

An Overview of Day 2

Session 5: Set up the performance coaching agreement for your sales team to ensure that you can get support even from the most difficult sales rep. Also, learn about managing your sales team through direct communication, getting in control of negative emotions, and by providing effective corrective feedback.

Session 6: Discover and design actions that drive sales forward by the Simple Sales Planning Model and the Simple Key Account Growth Plan.

Session 7: Identify your sales team's tendencies for poor performance and how to conduct infield coaching sessions to make sure that your sales rep continues to deliver results even after your visit. Also, learn on how to construct a field management tool from a proven template.

Session 8: This last session will test the participant's new gained knowledge and skill sets by the session's activity workshop: Demonstrate new coaching skills. Participants will also be able to form a post workshop Action Plan and receive a feedbacks from their coaching session.

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Malaysia)
Kuala Lumpur
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