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I gained a lot of new techniques, more strategies on negotiations and also the different ways of doing it. Personally, everyone should attend this; it gives you more information, more insight into the overall subjects which we always take for granted. Kexxel Group is good, well organized. I just heard that it’s a new company so congratulations on doing a good job!


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Maximizing Value through Mergers & Acquisitions @ Kuala Lumpur


Maximizing Value through Mergers & Acquisitions @ Kuala Lumpur
Maximizing Value through Mergers & Acquisitions @ Kuala Lumpur
20 February 2019 - 21 February 2019
Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur -
In House Training , Management , Leadership , Corporate Training


Executing successful M&A Transactions with leading M&A authority Bill Snow 
Author of Merger & Acquisitions for Dummies (Amazon 4.5 Stars)
Expert Speaker at Harvard Business School

Bill Snow Mergers & Acquisitions @ KL

Bill is a M&A professional, author and speaker with over 29 years of business experience
Managing Director at Jordan, Knauff & Company
Former Managing Director at Cambridge Partners & Associates and Kinsella Group
Author of Amazon's Best Selling Books: Networking is a Curable Condition, 
Venture Capital 101, How to Hire an Advisor to Sell Your Company





“Bill gave a terriffi­c presentation at a networking group I attended. He is engaging and informative, and the audience enjoyed hearing his insights and stories. Bill is not only an expert regarding M&A, but he also knows a great deal about how to cultivate business relationships that are solid, genuine, and productive.”
Larry Gard, President, Hamilton-Chase Consulting

“Bill explained the Process of Mergers and Acquisitions in a logical, easy-to-understand, and witty manner. Giving us an overview and then carefully chosen details, Bill helped us to understand the ins and outs of the process...”
Marianne Phalen, Treasurer (retired), Illinois CPA Society

“Bill is passionate, articulate and seasoned. His ability to synthesize the complex, esoteric (fuzzy) ideas into simple stories that are clear, concise and entertaining yet valuable is one of his gifts... We, of course, discussed opportunities around buyers and sellers based on market conditions. He just gets it and makes it sound simple. I recommend Bill as an insightful, quality business resource.”
Gary Grossman, Principal Consultant, Venn Strategy Group Inc.

“Always found his presentations to be insightful, thought-provoking, humorous, and ­filled with actionable advice.”
Kathy Kilroy, President, The Mentor Group Inc.

“Bill does a fantastic job outlining the foundation of good networking and providing the structure to help individuals do a much better job with their networking activities ...”
Scott Morling, CEO, Addition Manufacturing Technologies

“I recently attended a seminar at which Bill Snow of Jordan Knauff‑ presented the topic "Networking, a Curable Condition". It was a great presentation and Bill is an excellent speaker, very engaging. I highly recommend Bill as a speaker.”
David P Benhke, Director of Finance, Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois

“Bill inspires his audience to develop relationships built on value. By focusing on this approach, I have helped others further their goals and have created ongoing interactions that build relationships. I recommend Bill as an entertaining presenter with a practical message.”
Mark Quint, Vice President, HARMAN International, Novi Michigan, USA

What Will You Learn From Attending This Event

  • Attendees will understand in depth the processes of buying or selling companies through practical tools and real-life examples from Bill Snow.
  • Receive a thorough understanding of the mechanics of deal-making, negotiation strategies and tactics in contracting, structuring deals, and successfully closing M&A transactions.
  • Examine valuation techniques and various insights about successful M&A negotiations.
  • The numerous documents used that will affect M&A transactions.
  • Learn what is and is not important when hiring an investment banker.
  • Key legal considerations, including representation and warranties, will be explained and discussed.
  • Learn how to strategically prepare for integration through analysis of an acquired company.

Who Should Attend

  • Managing Directors & Senior Management
  • Board of Directors
  • C-Level Executives
  • Investment Bankers
  • Executives of M&A team
  • Legal Heads & In-House Counsels
  • Private Equity Professionals
  • Lawyers/Accountants
  • Financial Managers/Executives
  • Operations Managers/Executives
  • Corporate Development Professionals

Inquiry/In-house Training

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