Nasser Al Busaidi, Senior Technician - ORPC, United Arab Emirates

The trainer was good and Kexxel Group did a very good job on the preparation.


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Budgeting and Rolling Forecasts @ Kuala Lumpur


Budgeting and Rolling Forecasts @ Kuala Lumpur
Budgeting and Rolling Forecasts @ Kuala Lumpur
05 August 2019 - 06 August 2019
Sheraton Hotel PJ -
In House Training , Finance , Corporate Training


World Renowned Finance Expert!

Alan Fell, Rolling Forecasts Expert

Alan Fell is a leading, internationally recognized and respected specialist, with over 40 years of financial and business experience, in financial performance management – both in policy formulation and in practical application roles. 

Alan has wide practical experience of budgeting and forecasting techniques and has particular interest in the linkage of budgeting to other planning and performance measurement disciplines and in the wider application of modern budgetary techniques relevant to the fast-changing 21st century business world.

For the last 20 years, Alan has been operating as an independent management consultant and trainer, covering a wide breadth of closely related topics – from strategic planning and execution through to detailed budgeting and balanced scorecard.

He has led well over 350 conferences, public training seminars and customized in-house training in a wide-range of international locations, especially in the Middle East/Gulf region and SE Asia, but he also covers North America and Australia / NZ and his home country of the UK. Alan has been as very regular business visitor across the SE Asia Region since 1995.

Prior to that, he was a senior executive with a major UK commercial bank and in his most recent line management role he was Head of Planning and Finance for a major division of the Bank with 3,000 staff.


“Alan is a very experienced trainer. He was able to relate his experiences with the content that was presented, and he explained the examples in a way that was easy to understand. The entire content with different budgeting processes, with hands on experiences taught by the trainer was one of the greatest strength of the event. Kexxel Group did a good job coordinating the event, and has provided email reminders which was helpful.”
Chief Financial Officer, Bank Negara Malaysia

“I found the course very interesting. I have been using the traditional method to do my budgeting and forecasting. Alan’s method is more high-tech. The course is more about management and leadership skills. The new knowledge can definitely be applied in my job. I will recommend the course to my company’s Chief Financial Officer. Alan is a very resourceful and experienced trainer. I have no problems with the organiser."
Marini Mohamed – Assistant Manager, Financial Reporting & Planning, Cyberview

“The course is an eye-opener and challenges traditional finance managers on the most taken-for-granted tool in finance and budgeting. I would definitely recommend the course to finance and senior management teams in any organisations. Alan is an excellent trainer with vast knowledge on the topic.
Kamarulzaman Omar – Financial Controller, Pos Malaysia

“We have learnt from the best. Do keep up the good work. The main strengths were the experiences and issues faced by other industries that were discussed in the event. Kexxel Group’s staffs were efficient and effective.”
Jeremy Yong – Senior Assistant Manager, The Bank of Nova Scotia

“Alan is extremely knowledgeable and he is a real guru for the area of expertise that he is in. Thanks to Alan for being with us for the past 2 days. The examples that we provided by Alan helped me a lot.”
Annie Han – Managing Director, Publicis Re:sources

“I found the training on budgeting the most useful area for me. Alan provided insightful discussions. It was quite a learning experience to learn best practices in budgeting and planning. Kexxel had good coordination and took good care of the participants.”
Jemima Vivo – Financial Planning Manager, Roxas Holding Inc

"The course is relevant to my job scope. I found that I am able to link the strategies I learnt to my budgeting practices. The event was well organised.”
Stephanie Er – Senior Manager, Prudential BSN Takaful

“Alan is very well versed with the training topic and he was able to share his relatable experiences with us during the training. In my opinion, the trainer was the strength of the event. Kexxel Group has organized the event well and the staffs are all very approachable.”
Nazrah Ahmad – Assistant Vice President, Finance & Accounts, Pos Malaysia Berhad
“The trainer addressed the topic of the event well. The main strength of the event is the Rolling and Forecasting Budgeting topic. I’m thankful that Kexxel has provided me this opportunity to learn from Alan.”
Sathianuradha Boobaty – Senior Manager Finance, TNB Janamanjung Sdn Bhd
“Alan is not only a great speaker, but he adds value with to the training with the experience that he has gained from various industries, which gives us a wide perspective on how to implement it effectively in real life situations. The Rolling Forecast topic was the main strength of the event. Kexxel has done an excellent job in arranging the course. It is timely and useful.”
Kalaiselvi Somasundaram – Manager, Strategic Management, Bank Negara Malaysia

Past Clients

  • Maybank Investment Bank
  • Malayan Banking Berhad
  • CIMB Investment Bank
  • Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Pos Malaysia Berhad
  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad
  • The Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Guiness Anchor Berhad
  • Mars
  • Publicis Re:sources
  • PTTEP, Thailand
  • TAIB Bank, Brunei
  • CIMB Niaga
  • Oman Oil Refineries
  • UAE Oil & Gas Company
  • UK Logistics Organizations
  • Bintulu Port Holdings, Malaysia
  • Kuwaiti Trading Group
  • European Electronics/Technology Joint Venture Company
  • Saudi Arabian Industrial Manufacturing Conglomerate
  • Petronas Malaysia
  • PT Bank OCBC NISP TBK, Indonesia

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Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts

Why You Should Attend:

  • Understand the limitations of “traditional” budgeting and why change is necessary for so many modern-focused organisations, across all industry sector
  • Gain an understanding of how modern budgetary techniques can provide real support to business managers
  • Learn about the “Beyond Budgeting” concept from a member of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table.
  • A special focus on the growing trend to “Rolling” budgets / forecasts.
  • Learn how to use the different but aligned disciplines of Forecasting and Budgeting to compliment each other

Program Agenda

Day 1

SESSION 1 – The business context and historic / traditional budgeting

  • Course introductions
  • How Budgeting fits with the wider subject of strategic and operational planning
  • History and principles of budgeting
  • Traditional / historic budgeting: often much maligned, but why it is so widely used and what benefits it can deliver.
  • The common problems associated with traditional budgeting and how they can be avoided or at least minimised.
  • Creating a “value-add” budget process: where business managers see budgeting as providing genuine help and benefit/value to the challenges of business management.
  • The trainer will draw upon relevant case studies dependent on the mix of delegates and their industry sector backgrounds.
SESSION 2 – Newer approaches to Budgeting and Forecasting.

The newer budgetary techniques and how do they compare with traditional / historic budgeting: what are the advantages and disadvantages of each..?
  • Value based budgeting
  • Performance Budgeting and KPI Budgeting
  • Zero based budgeting
  • Activity Based Budgeting
  • Creating a good-practice Performance Management culture, where budgeting is undertaken within modern management practices of accountability, change management, communication, leadership and a performance / incentive culture.

SESSION 3 – Project and Capital Budgeting / “Capex” evaluation

Businesses are a mixture of both process / operations and projects. In this session we explore the challenges of project budgeting and the associated capital expenditure “capex” evaluation disciplines
  • The basic accounting differences between “opex” and “capex” and the consequences in the key financial statements, including depreciation treatment
  • The main challenges of project budgeting – combining capex and opex, plus contingency issues
  • Evaluating capital expenditure – introduction to the discounted cash flow techniques and their practical application
  • Incorporating sensitivity analysis to support the decision-making process
  • The necessary post-audit / post project evaluation discipline – often poorly applied

Day 2

SESSION 4 – “Beyond Budgeting”

How the Beyond Budgeting concept has grown internationally through to the present day – the Beyond Budgeting Round Table
  • The basic concept and sought-after benefits – how much is changing the planning / budgeting process and how much is about management philosophy and culture?
  • The key principles of Process and Leadership within Beyond Budgeting.
  • Abandoning the negotiated annual performance trap – incentivising people to achieve market / benchmark success, not to beat an internal negotiated budget
  • How Beyond Budgeting aligns with Rolling Forecasts
  • The practical first steps in moving towards BB: delegate action plans.

SESSION 5 – Rolling Budgets and Forecasts (Part 1)

  • The Rolling concept and its inherent benefits and downsides: if traditional Budgeting is replaced by a Rolling approach, what can we NOT do in future
  • Rolling budgets or Rolling forecasts: which works better :understanding the management accountability implications
  • Different aspects and types of Rolling – we explore the range and scope of possibilities. Should Rolling apply to strategic and capital budgets – if so, conceptually how can this be done.
  • The behavioural disciplines: Rolling only works when management act professionally and do NOT play the typical budgetary “games”.How can this be effectively implemented.

SESSION 6 – Rolling Budgets and Forecasts (Part 2)

  • The 9 key “decision parameters” of practical implementation for Rolling.
  • Delegates will undertake an exercise (for take back to the office) in setting out the key aspects of how they hope to apply the 9 parameters within their own organisations
  • Delegates will have the opportunity, if they wish, to briefly present their conclusions to the course as a whole for feedback from thecourse leader.
  • Course closure

Who Should Attend?

  • The course is designed for – those at management and supervisory level in both business and finance disciplines who recognise the need to understand better the practical modern budgeting & forecasting.
  • The course is NOT designed for – those at more junior level who require a basic introduction to the step-by-step elementary budget and related book-keeping and basic accounting processes.

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