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Questions That Sell @ Kuala Lumpur


Questions That Sell @ Kuala Lumpur
Questions That Sell @ Kuala Lumpur
16 October 2019 - 17 October 2019
Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur -
In House Training , Management , Sales and Marketing , Information Technology , Finance , Corporate Training


Learn the Secrets of High Performing Sales Professionals from
Paul Cherry, the Sales Success Expert and Bestselling Author 

Author of Bestselling 4.8/5 Star Rated Book on Amazon

Fortune 500 clients include American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and ExxonMobil

Featured in Investor's Business Daily, Salesforce, Selling PowerSales & Marketing Management,
The Kiplinger Letter and Inc.

  • Paul is a prominent sales coach, corporate trainer, and questions guru, with over 23 years of experience in corporate B2B sales training and developing management skills.
  • The author of the bestselling Questions That Sell: The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants (AMACOM), which has been listed on BookAuthority's "100 Best Sales Books of All Time". He has also authored Questions That Get Results (Wiley) and The Ultimate Sales Pro (HarperCollins Leadership).
  • He has written over 250 articles for online resource centers, which have been featured in leading print publications.
  • Paul is the founder of Performance Based Results, which delivers intense customized sales workshops coaching, leadership programs to companies around the world. Since its debut in 2003, Paul has personally worked with more than 1,200 organizations, including 175 of the Fortune 500, plus more than a thousand entrepreneurial, small to mid-sized, cutting-edge businesses looking to dominate their niche markets. His clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) or better.  
  • Client surveys from Paul's training programs indicates his unique ability to engage and motivate clients - whether in front of a group or one-on-one.



Video - A Brief Introduction to Paul Cherry


“Paul is the best sales training resource I have witnessed. He's a gifted presenter who connects with your sales team and provides training that supports creation of emotional connections that drive sales growth. Regardless of your selling style, Paul will help improve your performance that will drive better sales effectiveness. I should know, we had two record revenue quarters, thanks to Paul.”
Jon Webb - Senior VP, Integrated Power Services

“We put your concepts into immediate action. As a result, we closed $10M in sales, which is directly tied with your concepts. That's a terrific ROI.”
Bill Shulby - Director, Talent & Organizational Development Cigna

“More than 3M dollars of sales revenue as a direct result of your two day training. Our team is motivated, confident and passionate about your consultive approach.”
Mario Tanas – President, Datalogic

“We doubled our business in 24 months and no doubt you were instrumental in our sales success.
Kelvin Bradford - Sales Director, Mitybilt

“We are up 35% over the same period last year. It's brought a new set of challenges but good ones.”
David Mornan – Partner, Brookaire

“Outstanding. what more can I say?”
Mark Barthel – President, Springfield Electric

“Eye opening, thought provoking and progressive. Dive deep with Paul's concepts and start achieving the results you deserve, just as our company has!”
Jerry Currie – Sales Director, Hustler

“Within 4 months, our team documented $6M in sales revenue that goes back to your training. Well worth every penny."
Dean Lemman – Persident, North Coast Electric

“Your session challenged our most seasoned team yet raised the bar for our starters to step up to the plate quickly. Excellent."
Paul Pignone – Director of Training, DOW Chemical

Past Clients

  • Amerisource Bergen
  • American Pharmacists
  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • The Economist
  • BlueCross Blue Shield
  • Coventry Health
  • Prudential
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Meditek
  • Philips
  • Seiko Optical
  • Datalogic
  • Microsoft
  • Vanguard Systems
  • Comcast
  • ExxonMobil
  • Pacific Gas and Electri (PG&E)
  • Springfield Electric
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Marriott
  • Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
  • Coca Cola
  • Campbell Soup
  • Brookaire
  • Mitybilt
  • Hustler
  • North Coast Electric 
  • DOW Chemical

Why You Should Attend

You work incredibly hard but how often are you frustrated at not closing the business you know you should be? Do you have customers who hammer you on price when they really should embrace your value? Are you dealing with customers who procrastinate or put off decisions? Do you ever struggle with trying to make a great first impression with important prospects but only to get quickly dismissed with the words, “I’m not interested.”? Ever try to ask some intelligent questions but too often your prospects get bored or feel interrogated? How about customers who won’t return your phone calls? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this workshop will give you answers.

If you feel you’ve plateaued, or you’re not maximizing your full potential, or you’re a top performer but you want to be stellar, then this workshop is for you. Learn the secrets of high performing sales professionals so that you too can accelerate your success, close more sales, at higher margins and with less effort.

Paul’s methodology is simple, engaging and thought-provoking. His training is fun and invigorating. Whether you are a 30 year sales veteran or new to sales, this workshop will quickly and dramatically jump-start your selling skills. Throughout the action-packed two days, Paul will be sharing his extraordinary experience with participants. You’ll leave this workshop with a wealth of powerful ideas that you can put into action the very next day.

Program Agenda


This workshop begins with participant introductions, an overview of the program’s content and methodology, and setting expectations. We’ll discuss your goals and what you want to take away so that the instructor is attentive to the unique challenges you face.

Module 1: Sales Bridge Model - Your Roadmap To Sales Success

In Module 1 we will introduce the Sales Bridge Model - a proven process to help you manage the sales process. We’ll discuss the purpose of planning, building rapport, discovering needs, presenting a tailored solution, and securing a close or a commitment to the next step in the sales cycle. The Sales Bridge Model is the foundation & roadmap for our time spent together.

  • Why we need to expand our customer’s comfort zone & get them to embrace change.
  • Customers typically divulge 20% of what we need to know & how to uncover the remaining 80%
  • The #1 reason why sales people struggle on how to sell value and you’ll learn how to make it happen.
  • Understanding why so many sales are lost on price or go to your competition.

Module 2: The Right Outcome Begins with Great Questions

In Module 2 we dive deep into how to ask the right questions, with the right people, and qualify the right opportunities.

  • Learn how to ask thought provoking questions that build instant credibility and rapport.
  • Understand why up to 50% of your questions can end up shutting down a conversation.
  • How to craft powerful engaging questions that position you as an expert & trusted advisor.
  • Get to know your customers’ decision making process, buying criteria and motives.

Module 3: Power of Listening

In Module 3 we learn the power of listening. When you ask power probing questions, you will uncover a lot of important information. But you better listen and know what to listen for so that you can get to the heart of the issue to win the sale.

  • How to listen for what’s being said, not said, and the hidden motives that can negate the sale.
  • Listen to understand instead of listening to give a response.
  • Learn the power of asking the lock on question to dive deeper into the sales conversation.
  • Small group exercise.

Module 4: How to Justify Your Premium Solution & Overcome Objections

In Module 4 we learn how to get the customer to focus on value and not price. We’ll spend time on how to overcome price objections, stalls and put-offs.

  • How to create a sense of urgency, uncover pain points, and motivate your customers to take action.
  • How to eliminate stalls, put os and customers who procrastinate.
  • How to quantify and dollarize your customers’ problem so you can easily justify your value and protect your hard earned margins.
  • Small group exercise.


We begin Day 2 with a review of lessons from Day 1. After summarizing Day 2’s agenda and objectives, we move on to effective prospecting strategies, how to hire, manage, and motivate a high performing millennial sales force.

Module 5: Prospect with Confidence & Purpose

When it comes to keeping a healthy pipeline of opportunities, prospecting is a must. We’ll look at how to prospect for new opportunities, how to leverage existing relationships to prospect for new ones and how to ask for referrals, the most eective and easiest way of prospecting.

  • Overcoming call reluctance.
  • Making a powerful impression in the rst 30 seconds so you can quickly turn that cold call into a warm call.
  • How to use IWURCS as a prospecting tool whether you are face to face, on the phone, through email.
  • Creating powerful voicemails that prompt call backs.

Module 6: Close with Confidence

Every sales person must know how to close. In this Module, we’ll look at how and when to close as well as subtle and rm closing techniques. Close too soon and you can create a stall. Too late, and you might lose the sale. We’ll look at buying signals and best of all how to motivate the prospect to close themselves.

  • How to leverage the rule of commitment and consistency to shorten your sales cycle and have a commitment during each step of your sales process.
  • How to close with condence.
  • Know when to use a subtle close verses a rm call to action close.
  • How to motivate customers to close themselves with little to no effort on your part.

Module 7: Managing & Motivating a High Performing Millennial Sales Force

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. Many people question how to engage and motivate them. We’ll explore what drives them, what they want, and how they want to be managed and motivated so you can win their loyalty.

  • Foster a sales environment that brings out the best in your Millennials and the rest of your team.
  • Zero in on what really motivates the Millennial sales force, the answer might surprise you.
  • Capitalize on your Millennials to shake up the status quo and get the boomer salespeople to up their sales game.
  • Create a succession plan as boomers begin to leave in mass exodus.

Module 8: Putting the Concepts into Action

Wow, we made it towards the end of Day 2 and that means putting the concepts together. We’ll go back to the Sales Bridge Model, and with all great concepts we covered over two days, we will implement the five steps of the Sales Bridge including 1. Planning. 2. Building Rapport, 3. Asking Great Questions & Listening for the wealth of great information, 3. Presenting a viable solution and 5. Closing. As a result you’ll walk away with a great roadmap to close more sales at higher margins.

  • Small group exercise using the Sales Bridge Model.
  • Practice & reinforcement.
  • Debrief our take-aways from our two days together.
  • Participants share their observations and commitments on what they will do and do differently to ensure their success.

Who Should Attend?

This intensive seminar is designed for anyone who is responsible for overseeing a team and/or is involved in business-to-business selling.

It is particularly well-suited for:

  • Presidents
  • Owners
  • CEOs
  • Senior Executives
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service or Technical Products Specialists 

and anyone who needs to sell value and premium solutions in a competitive and commoditized B2B selling environment.

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