Mike Cornock, Sales Manager - Oracle Corporation, Australia

The trainer really engaged the audience. He has lots of energy. I learned the methods of interpreting peoples’ thoughts. Kexxel Group ran the event very well!


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The Sales Conversation @ Kuala Lumpur


The Sales Conversation @ Kuala Lumpur
The Sales Conversation @ Kuala Lumpur
16 August 2017 - 17 August 2017
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Malaysia) - Kuala Lumpur
Sales and Marketing


Facilitated by: Ian Segail


Recognized as Australia's leading sales strategist, Ian Segail has helped comapnies across various industries, small and large, accelerate their growth through his structured sales process. Winner of the Tom Hopkins International Sales Person of Year Award and AHRI (Australian HR Institute) Internet Training Strategy Award, Ian is also an author of 'Bulletproof Your Sales Team', dubbed as the best sales management book in the country.

Since 2009, Ian has personally conducted in-depth sales coaching with dozens of local and international sales authorities in Microsoft, St George Bank and Abbott Laboratories among other big name organizations. His methods have since allowed them to observe large surges in their sales revenue post working with him. This can be attributable to his having attended more than 250 business seminars and studying over 800 sales and marketing strategies internationally. 

At the age of 26, Ian has bought and sold his first business which he has succeeded in driving revenue from only $5,000 to more than $22,000 per month in just five and a half years. He has also lectured at the MacQuarie Graduate School of Management which is ranked top 3 in the country.


Video - A Brief Introduction to Ian Segail


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“This event is good, even for people who have been doing sales for a long time. It reminds me of what is important to ensure I reach my aim at the end of the day. Ian Segail knows what he is talking about; he is a
really good coach as he has shown.”
Roslin Ooi – Sales & Business Development Director, Volvo Cars Malaysia
“Ian is a great guy, he know his students and he has industry experience. This is a good event.”
Baharul Nizam Said Daliman – General Manager, Telekom Malaysia
“Focused & highly experienced speaker who used very practical & usable steps. Well executed presentation especially in transferring his knowledge to participants.” 
Linnet Yew Ai Ling - Area Sales Manager, BMW Malaysia
“The training was good with lots of great contents for knowledge purposes. A well-organized event facilitated by a great sales coach, Ian Segail. I’ve learned a lot of new knowledge. Denitely recommend it.”
Benjamin Sim Chaw Zen - Sales Area Manager (Sarawak), Continental Tyre Malaysia
“The trainer provided a very interesting session with plenty of real life examples. The models and methods presented are applicable in our work.”
Richard Yeo Lip Chee – Head of Sales, Maxis Mobile Services


Past Clients

  • Microsoft
  • DKSH
  • Telekom Malaysia 
  • British American Tobacco
  • Sacofa 
  • Continental Tyre 
  • Abbott Laborotories
  • Reebok
  • Century 21
  • Sunway Business Systems
  • Savola Foods
  • Edotco Group
  • Chubb Fire Security
  • Spandex
  • Blanco
  • Gunnebo
  • Burwell Technologies
  • Coleman
  • Astra Tech
  • Astra Zeneca
  • American Medical Systems
  • Sheridan


Why You Should Attend

Do you have customers who continuously criticize you on price? Are your sales people exasperated from being pushed down to Procurement because your product is seen as a commodity? Are you solely relying on discounting to get your sales across the line? Is your average order size dwindling? 

If your sales people are complaining that your prices are too high, it only means one thing.. They are speaking the wrong sales language. This 2 day workshop will give you insight into why you aren't closing the business you should be ,how to shift the customer's focus to value from price and make the margins your products deserve.


Program Agenda

Day 1

Session 1: Overview 

• The sales mindset that creates real value for the customer and margin for you.
• Moving from a "buy from me" mindset to a "win with me" positioning.
• Understanding the 3 primary sales roadblocks your organization faces when selling in today's highly competitive and cut-throat market.
• Developing a systemic understanding of your greatest competitor.
• Learn the tools and what to do to get a jump on your competitors.
• Understanding your contribution and how to use it to enter your real customers world as their partner.
• Changing "the way we do things around here" customer mindset.

Session 2: The New Language of Selling

• In this session you'll discover why 85% of sales people are attempting to solve customer problems that: They can't articulate in the financial terms and... They can't or don't know how to substantiate. 
• You'll learn the value of your solution must ties directly into the business outcome your customer is looking for.
• Learn what it really takes to win by selling value not price.

Session 3: Cost Substantiation

• Changing up the selling conversations from product dominant and transactional focused to being financially centric.
• Learn the 5 "Show me the money" decision drivers.
• 5 key cost justification questions your proposals must answer to achieve the margins you need.
• Convert any one of your products/services/features/benefits/applications to one of 3 key numbers.

Session 4: The real meaning of value as perceived by your customer

• Learn how to translate value into dollar terms.
• Discover what ROI really means for your customers.
• Understand TCO (Total cost of ownership)?
• What do your customers mean by payback period?
• Learn the value of life-cycle cost analysis.
• Understanding the metrics your customers are looking to charge.
• The 6 repositionable impacts achieved by selling the economic applications of your solution.


Day 2

Session 5: The 16 numbers that move the sales dial forward 

• Learn the 16 numbers that excite the C-Suite to take action.
• The "Art of War" methodology for selecting the numbers that apply to the value of your products and services.
• 16 numbers defination discovery workshop.
• Understanding the principle of Risk mitigation.

Session 6: "Show me the money" case study workshop

• Workshop- Developing an applications and a "show me the money" model.
• Understanding decision criterion and justification measures.
• Determine the financial and operational metrics that matter most to your customer's senior management?
• Understand the gap between the current contribution of a product or service and the line managers' objective to increase or decrease it if it is a cost center? Can you help them close the gap enough to make you a compelling partner?
• Benchmark the customer's financial performance against the customer's industry, then determine how to use those results to create demand and urgency.
• Articulating their product/services value in the numerical terms that really matter to their prospective customers for achieving their business outcomes. 
• Being able to describe the fiscal impact of the purchase decision on the business in terms relevant to the prospective customer.

Session 7: Changing The Sales Conversation Presentations

• Presenting your "show me the money" business case solution.
• How have you reduced the risk for your customer.
• Demonstrate how you have aligned to your metrics to help executive decision making.
• Show how your solution will help your executive achieve their personal KPI's.

Session 8: Wrap Up

• Sell with the economic objective in mind.
• Understanding your "norms" (your value metrics) according to two primary criteria to create "door opening advantage".
• Creating an urgency selling model.
• The easiest way of selling up the customer seniority ladder.
• Wrap up.

Who Should Attend

Sales leaders, team leaders and managers from all industries who handle sales and want to:
• Develop their sales skills.
• Improve the performance of their team.
• Sell high margin sales at top tier levels


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