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The event gave me an overall philosophy of my profession. The trainer gave me a wake up call on the real objectives of people who have the same profession as me.


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The Trusted Executive @ Dubai


The Trusted Executive @ Dubai
The Trusted Executive @ Dubai
16 February 2020 - 17 February 2020
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai) - Dubai
In House Training , Management , Leadership


Facilitated by: John Blakey

Author of Best-selling and 5-star rated book on Amazon
Featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, BBC Daily Politics and Inc. magazine

Today, the world has shifted where access to the internet makes everything transparent. Dr. John Blakey author of prize-winning doctoral research book ‘The Trusted Executive’, will present the road map leaders need to create a strategy for building trust in a digital, globalised world where nothing can be hidden.

According to Harvard Business Review, compared with employees at low-trust companies, high-trust companies report:

  • 106% more energy at work 
  • 256% higher performance
  • 50% higher productivity 
  • 74% less stress

This workshop will equip you with a clear action plan to structurally build trust and develop new habits at both an individual, team and organisational level. You will review the broader purpose of your business, learn the trust formula and how you can inspire results, relationships and reputations.

John has been a part of countless talks and conferences in his experience as a keynote speaker for leading organizations across the globe, which includes the IBM Leadership LiveHP America Sales Leadership Conference in Dallas, The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Keynote, Keynote Leadership Address for L’oreal Italy, as well as The Marriot Hotels bigTALK series.


"What is trust and why does it matter?" A short overview by John Blakey




“Trainer was very insightful and promoted self-discovery. The event provided tools to improve business and personal traits. Kexxel Group was very professional.”
Shawn Tkatch– Director, Canrig Operations, Nabors Drilling International Ltd

“The trainer spoke very smoothly and was not boring at all. The trainer led the event very professionally. Kexxel Group is very well known and takes action.”
Khaled Chawki – Manager, Agrimatco

“John delivered what he promised, he is a trustworthy person. The event was organised well, genuine, and had useful content. Kexxel Group organized the event well and delivered what they promised.”
Maroua Dif – Human Resource Manager, IKEA Supply (Middle East) DWC LLC         

“The trainer was well prepared and did a good job during presentation. Kexxel Group was perfect as usual.”
Abdul Karim Khalil Al Fraih – Human Resources Manager, Al-Jazirah Engineers & Consultants (AJEC)

“John enjoyed learning the habits of the attendees and welcomed overnight reflections on them. The event identified areas of development.”
Statia Breen – Head of Human Resources, Alec

“Helped me think about trust in a deeper and more structured way and gave me the ability to identify where and how to improve.”
Sean McQue– Director, Alec

“The trainer gave very good content and is very knowledgeable. Kexxel Group is good so far.”
Karim Saddoud– Senior QHSE Manager, Nabors Drilling International Ltd

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Why You Should Attend

Based on John’s prize-winning doctoral research and acclaimed book, ‘The Trusted Executive’, John will help you build a positive relationship with your workforce by developing trustworthiness as a leader.
With this innovative and practical coaching model, you will be able to review the broader purpose of your business, learn the trust formula (trustworthiness = ability x integrity x benevolence) and understand why this formula inspires results, relationships and reputations in a digital, globalised world where nothing can be hidden. 
You will assess your own trust habits using the unique ‘trust quotient’ TQ questionnaire. This questionnaire assesses leaders against the following nine habits:
• Deliver
• Coach
• Be Consistent   
• Be Honest
• Be Open
• Be Humble
• Evangelise
• Be Brave
• Be Kind
The impact of the investment in this evidence-based programme is to develop a high trust culture which in turn leads to an energised and innovative environment at work in which people feel safe, trusted and confident to take the initiative and do their best work.

Program Agenda

Day 1 of the workshop is focused upon the thought-provoking content of "The Trusted Executive" with case studies, group exercises, video interactions, proven business models and the opportunity to network and build new relationships. The sessions will stimulate discussion and debate on the many topics pertaining to the nature of trust. 
Session 1: Why trust? Why now?
  • Start with Why - Create a Triangle of Trust
  • The Benefits of High Trust Cultures
  • The Trust Crisis, What do Leaders do now?
  • Video – The Edelman Global Trust Barometer
  • Case Studies in Trust Failure (FIFA, Nissan, Volkswagen, Sainsbury)
  • Group Discussion – How does the trust crisis reveal itself in your world?
Session 2: The Old Model - ‘Blue Pill’ Institutions
  • Overview of Agency Theory as the traditional economic model of organizational life
  • Profit as the sole purpose of business
  • Intellectual ability and authority as the enablers of the old model
  • Case Studies from the author’s own corporate business career in British Gas, Cadbury Schweppes and Logica
  • Exercise – Diagnosing your own organizational culture
Session 3: Transparency as the Game-Changing ‘Red Pill’
  • The Role of Transparency
  • Video Case Study – United Airlines
  • Introduction of the ‘Blue Pill/Red Pill’ metaphor from The Matrix film
  • Revisiting the Edelman Global Trust Barometer
  • Exercise – Are you ready to take the red pill?
Session 4: The Triple Bottom Line - Results. Relationships and Reputation
  • The new business model being built by 21st century psychologists.
  • Introducing the triple bottom line (profit, people, planet) as the new purpose of business
  • Video Case Study - Unilever
  • Exercise - What is the triple bottom line of yoour organization?

Session 5: The Trust Formula: Ability, Integrity and Benevolence

  • Trust as the ‘super glue’ enabler of the new model
  • Introducing the trust formula – ability, integrity and benevolence
  • Video Case Study – Uber ex-CEO Travis Kalanick
  • Group Discussion – Is it fair that CEOs are held accountable for ability, integrity and benevolence?
  • Day One Summary, Reflections, Actions and Feedback

Day 2 of the workshop is focused upon the action-provoking content of ‘The Trusted Executive’. The sessions will focus upon introducing the unique Nine Habits of trust model and working with this model from a variety of different perspectives. Several example coaching sessions will be used to showcase how the Nine Habits can be developed by individual leaders.

Session 6: The Nine Habits of Trust

  • The Power of Habits as a lever of organizational change
  • Introduction of the unique Nine Habits of Trust model as developed through the author’s doctoral research at Aston Business School
  • Comparison of the ‘blue pill’ habits of authority with the ‘red pill’ habits of trust
  • Assessment of high-pro­le global leaders using the Nine Habits model
  • Group Discussion – which habits are most important in your country culture?

Session 7: Working the Nine Habits - Organizational Brand

  • Introduction of the Nine Habits brand optimizer tool
  • Participants assess their own organizational brand using the Nine Habits model
  • Present back major strengths and areas for development to build a high trust organizational brand
  • Team coaching session – developing insight and actions for trust-building brand habits
  • Effective communication skills (face to face, remotely, cross-cultural & language barrier)
  • Develop action plan

Session 8: Working the Nine Habits - Leadership Style

  • Introduction of the Nine Habits self-assessment diagnostic tool
  • Participants assess their own leadership styles using the Nine Habits model
  • Present back major strengths and areas for development to build a high trust personal brand
  • Team coaching session – developing insight and action for trust-building habits
  • Develop action plan: to be inspiring, reach company’s goal, become visionary & empathic leader

Session 9: The Trusted Challenge Formula

  • To trust is to challenge and to challenge is to trust
  • Introduction of the Trusted Challenge Formula
  • Using the Trusted Challenge Formula to build the Nine Habits
  • Team coaching session – challenging to breakthrough to new levels of performance
  • Real meaning of Loyalty vs Trust
  • Group Exercise – Practising with the Trusted Challenge Formula

Session 10: Workshop Summary and Call to Action

  • The Trusted Executive Quiz
  • The Nine Habits awards for participants
  • Overview of The Trusted Executive Foundation
  • Follow-up Resources and E-learning Options
  • Saving the Starfish’ parable

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for senior leaders from across the private sector, public sector and third sector. It is relevant to the full range of organizational functions including:

  • HR
  • Commercial
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations

As well as board-level consultants who are advising senior teams on strategy, leadership and branding.

Previous Clients

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Al-Jazirah Engineers & Consultants (AJEC)
  • Nabors Drilling International
  • Visa
  • ALEC
  • Amcor
  • Agrimatco
  • IKEA Supply (Middle East) DWC LLC
  • Sahara Petrochemical
  • L’Oreal
  • Network Rail
  • Suez UK
  • Telenor
  • Ford
  • IBM
  • UK Sport
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • The FA
  • Institute of Directors
  • Aston University
  • Coventry University
  • Manchester Business School
  • The Liberal Democrat Party

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5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai)
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