Rani Matar, Key Account Manager - Binzagr Company, Qatar

It was certainly interesting to be in the midst of the involvement of the different cultures. The trainer has a brilliant command over the session and the case studies presented were both challenging and informative. Kexxel Group has certainly organized a world class event!


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Optimizing Talent For Organizational Success: A New Lens @ Dubai


Optimizing Talent For Organizational Success: A New Lens @ Dubai
Optimizing Talent For Organizational Success: A New Lens @ Dubai
18 November 2012 - 19 November 2012
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai) - Dubai
In House Training , Talent Management , Human Resource


Dr. William A. Schiemann - Author of Multiple Books on Human Resources

Dr. William A. Schiemann


Dr. William A. Schiemann is Principal of Metrus Group an organizational research and advisory firm specializing in strategic performance measurement and employee alignment, with headquarters in Somerville, New Jersey. Dr. Schiemann and his colleagues have consulted extensively with many major corporations on the development and implementation of business strategies, organizational diagnostics, people and HR measurement, talent acquisition and retention, productivity and quality improvement, and creating high performance cultures and successful merger strategies. Dr. Schiemann and his firm are known for their pioneering work in the creation of performance gauges and scorecards to measure strategy implementation, their innovative People Equity® model and establishing linkages between employee, customer, and financial outcomes.

Dr. Schiemann is author of The ACE Advantage: How Smart Companies Unleash Talent for Optimal Performance (SHRM 2012) (www.the-ace-advantage.com) and  (Wiley and SHRM 2009) (www.reinventingtalentmanagement.com). He is also co-author of Bullseye! Hitting Your Strategic Targets Through High-Impact Measurement, (The Free Press 1999).




“Bill Schiemann presented to our group of senior level HR professionals on the topic of People Equity®. His engaging style, robust metrics and deep passion for employee engagement and alignment generated a rousing discussion. Our participants gained tremendous knowledge and were inspired to focus their energies around meaningful talent retention.”
Shira Harrington, Program Co-Chair, HR Leadership Forum, Washington DC

“Bill spoke to a packed room at our SHRM program in Richmond, Virginia. Bill’s presentation was engaging, compelling and highly strategic. All levels of human resources professionals in attendance received tremendous value from his insights. His presentation was a powerful way to kick off our year, and we are already thinking of a way to get him back to Richmond for more.”
Karen Michael, Programs Director, Greater Richmond SHRM, Virginia

“Bill Schiemann is a first rate speaker who has brought thought provoking content and lively discussions to our audience. He is one of the few that we’ve asked to return ...and that is saying something for our members who have such high expectations for how they spend their time.”
Laura A. Mindek, President, New York Human Resources Planning Society

“Today more than ever before, engaged employees who embrace the vision & values of the company while doing meaningful work are the key to organizational success. Bill’s book will share key elements and actions on what leaders need to do to build enduring organizations that create positive lasting memories for their customers, their people and their shareholders.”
Garry Ridge, CEO, WD-40 Company

“The ACE Advantage is an essential talent guide for leaders. Great approach for building strong leaders and leveraging talent across the globe.”
Donald Crosby, Senior VP, International & Corporate Human Resources, McDonald’s Corporation

“Reinventing Talent Management is an outstanding blend of research and practice. It reports compelling research on the value of investing in talent and offers specific recommendations on how to develop people equity through alignment, capabilities, and engagement. The book confirms what good people managers do and offers specific guidelines for those wanting to upgrade their people management skills.”
Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Partner, The RBL Group

“Bill makes the case for reinventing talent management and tells us how to do it. It is loaded with good examples and must-take actions that lead to a winning talent management strategy.”
Edward E. Lawler III, Founder and Director, Center for Effective Organizations, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

What You Will Learn By The End Of This Course:

- Understand the new talent marketplace — what has changed as a result of global economic conditions, globalization and social values.
- Understand why different business strategies require different talent strategies, and how to create them.
- Learn the three major components of talent optimization, and how they can be managed and measured to accelerate organizational performance.
- Learn why human capital metrics are so important today, how to select the ‘right’ metrics, and how to manage a strong measurement system.
- Understand how talent management lifecycle processes can be improved to optimize talent and strategy execution.
- Learn what separates highly from poorly rated HR departments, and how HR can grow value.
- Learn how personal skills connect to business value.


A brief introduction about the programme

Program Agenda

Day 1:

Session 1: New Talent Marketplace
- Group exercise to identify important regional trends.
- Applying global and local trends to talent planning discussion and exercise.

Session 2: Talent Strategies
- Case example of three competing business strategies.
- Personal exercise of identifying the dominant strategy for your organization and the talent management implications.

Session 3: Talent Optimization & People Equity® Model
- Case study on talent optimization.
- Reviewing the People Equity® model of optimal workforce performance and why it leads to strong organizational performance.
- Discuss the implications of low People Equity® for the organization and for leaders.
- Discuss the drivers of high People Equity®—how you can control People Equity®.
- Exercise on applying People Equity® to your organization.

Session 4: Human Capital Metrics
- Discuss the difference between strategic and tactical measures.
- Introduce the connection of business and talent strategies to strategic scorecards.
- Introduce and discuss strategy maps and talent value maps.
- Discuss sample metrics and the role that surveys play.
- Questions and answer segment on metrics.

Day 2:                                                                                        

Session 1: Talent Management Lifecycle
- Introduce the talent lifecycle concept.
- Discuss how stages of the talent lifecycle are influenced by People Equity® and why so many organizations are sub-optimizing their investments in talent:
a. Talent Acquisition discussion.
b. Talent Retention discussion.
c. Performance Management discussion.
- Skills shortage—how do we find, develop and retain key employees in pivotal jobs?
- Retention of top performers.

Session 2: Adding HR Value
- How does HR add value?
- How can HR be strong performance and change leaders? How can HR increase its value?
- Introduce high value model for HR and internal service groups; share best practice findings.
- Case example of high and low performing HR groups.
- Discuss key steps you can take to enhance the value of the HR (or other) functions.
- Set personal agenda.

Session 3: HR and Business Value
- Using employees to predict and improve operational performance, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

Session 4: People Leader Development
- How should they best do that?  
- What are the pitfalls of today’s leaders and how can organizations over come them?  
- What are the key leadership competencies that enable them to be superior People Leaders.

Session 5: Summary
- Summary of key lessons and Action Commitments.

Who Should Attend?

All managers, HR professionals and others who must manage or leverage talent in their organizations. Senior leaders will find strategic value from this intensive course.

Some Of The Clients William Has Worked With Are:

- Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc.
- McDonald’s Corporation
- Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
- Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Partner, The RBL Group
- School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
- New York Human Resources Planning Society
- Greater Richmond SHRM, Virginia
- HR Leadership Forum, Washington DC
- WD-40 Company
- Jack In The Box, Inc.

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This group is open to all professionals who deal with negotiation on a regular basis or use negotiation as a career. Here, members are encouraged to discuss and debate on any related topics to benefit from new ideas and opinions from different professionals in different career fields in regards to negotiation.

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