Tony Woodhall, Maintenance Manager - Veolia Water, United Arab Emirates


The trainer has great experience in the subject, and has a presentation format that is both interesting and informative. It is my first time with Kexxel Group and my first impression on them is very good!

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Effective Sales Coaching


Effective Sales Coaching
Effective Sales Coaching
15 October 2020
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) -
In House Training , Management , Sales and Marketing , Leadership , Corporate Training


4 Part Sales Series:

Drive and Dictate the Pace of Your Sales Cycle with

Internationally Leading B2B Sales Trainer & Amazon's Bestselling Author

Joe Morone
Joe Morone

Co-Founder & Lead Sales Trainer for Worldleader's Smart Sales Institute
Co-Author for Amazon's 5-star rated book, "The Smart Sales Method for B2B Sales Team"
Clients include Xerox, General Motors, Ford & Boeing

With over 30 years of proven track record in growing sales and sales teams, Joe has collaborated with more than 300 organizations to better differentiate, win more sales, and realize new growth.

As the co-founder of Worldleaders Inc., Joe acts as the lead sales trainer to help sales leaders craft a growth-oriented sales strategy and improve their overall sales results by 45%; improve their close rates to 70%, and reduce sales cycle time by up to 6 months.

Joe has led, hired and trained Vice Presidents of Sales, Vice Presidents of National Practices and Director of Sales to win major contracts ranging from USD5,000,000 to USD150,000,000 in sales for global clients such as Fedex, Boeing, Manulife and more. 


“…This was a perfect fit for us as we continue to implement our aggressive growth strategy."
– Mark Shaw, President, Forge Metal Finishing

“…Our sales cycle has shortened from 6 months to 3 weeks on average and we are driving the sales cycle instead of allowing the prospect to dictate the pace.”
– Eric Posa, Vice President Operations, Copeland Technology Solutions

“Great sales training! We have worked with Worldleaders for more than 5 years, and continue to train our sales teams with them.”
– Sergio Ruffolo, Owner and COO, JR Language Translation Services

“… Not only have they helped me become a top performing sales professional, they have helped me hire and train other top performing sales professionals. Hands down the most professional and effective organization I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
– John Francisco, Sales Manager at Xigent Automation Systems

Why Choose Kexxel's VILT Courses

NOT a Webinar!
Join our live, virtual courses enriched with a diverse range of interactive activities, such as action plans, group discussions, breakout sessions, exercises, case studies, and more.

Course Materials
An advantageous combination of presentation slides and downloadable workbooks are provided to participants prior to classes for a more holistic learning experience.

Pre-Course Questionnaires
Our instructors will understand the specific needs and requirements of each individual participant, by allowing attendees to review and highlight topics of importance prior to the course.

Private, In-house Sessions
Upon request for organizations seeking a more customised learning for their employees.

Post-event Follow up
Learning doesn’t stop at the close of the window screen! We'll do a post event follow up on a quarterly basis. This is an exclusive, invitation-only access for participants that have attended courses under an instructor in that quarter.

Course Outline

Harnessing the Potential of Your People & Leading a High Performance Team

Sales leaders are responsible for ensuring that their teams meet their quota and continue to develop. This sales coaching course is designed to assist leaders with creating and driving systemic sales success throughout an organisation. Joe will teach the knowledge, philosophy, and protocol for managing all aspects of your sales organisation.
What you will learn:
  • The big-picture strategic approach
  • Effective coaching tactics around pre-call planning, on-call support, and post-call debriefing
  • Day-to-day tactical guidance needed to lead a high-performing sales team
Module 1: Instituting a High-Performance Selling Environment
Module 2: Daily Sales Management
Module 3: Performance Management
Module 4: Filling the Team with Top Performers
Module 5: Establishing a Best Practices Library
Activity: Coaching Philosophy
7/10 of stalled deals occur because salespeople are working with the wrong stakeholder. Implement a coaching philosophy designed for your team to ensure your team targets the right ones.


Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)