Cheat Yuet Mun, National Sales Manager - Biosensor International Technologies, Malaysia

The trainer gave clear ideas which were supported by real case scenarios. The whole event was well organized by Kexxel Group. It was simple and not over cramped and I found the main strength of the event in the sharing of real case scenarios together with the role plays that were followed by the lectures.


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Leading Culture


Leading Culture
Leading Culture
21 January 2021
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) -
In House Training , Management , Leadership , Human Resource , Corporate Training


4 Part Human Resources Series:

Driving Organizational Growth and Change with

HR Leader & Telstra Business Woman of Year 

Rhonda Brighton-Hall

2017 TEDx Speaker on the Future of Work
Client Portfolio includes GSK, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Moelis & Company

With over 30 years of human resources leadership experience, Rhonda’s career has spanned senior roles at large multi-nationals such as BHP, Sara Lee, and Luxottica. She has delivered keynote conference addresses around the world – from her home country of Australia, New York, Switzerland, Chicago, London and, Singapore. This journey left her recognised as one of Australia’s foremost experts in the human side of business.

Aside from that, Rhonda is the CEO and Co-Founder of mwah.live – a unique organisation designed as the most accessible ‘how to’ knowledge base on the planet for making work absolutely human. Specialising in leadership, inclusion, and the future design of work, she is applauded for both her strategic insight and the simplicity she brings to getting the people side of businesses right.

Video - A Brief Introduction to Rhonda Brighton-Hall


"Rhonda Brighton-Hall is one of the most experienced practitioners I have had the pleasure of working with – she knows her stuff when it comes to People and Culture. Her ability to facilitate a room and get an outcome without you realising it is impressive."
Rosalind Tregurtha - Group Director, Employee Experience, Domain 

Rhonda Brighton-Hall is at the forefront of thinking and doing when it comes to People and Culture. Rhonda has a modern, engaging and thoughtful approach to facilitation, and her deep understanding of diversity and inclusion always results in people-centred solutions to fit any business challenge”.
Emily Fisher - Director, Women in Leadership, Executive Branch, Department Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australian Government

Rhonda Brighton-Hall brings together people, leadership and culture deep knowledge, experience and knowhow in a way that is human, pragmatic and a little bit magic! What I love about working with Rhonda is that she makes the complex simple and it just works and drives the business and people outcomes that you seek, every time”.
Nicky Brown - People and Culture Director, HireupOther

Past Clients

  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Australia’s largest bank
  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
  • Domain Group
  • South Australia Police
  • Moelis & Company, a global investment bank

Why Choose Kexxel's VILT Courses

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Join our live, virtual courses enriched with a diverse range of interactive activities, such as action plans, group discussions, breakout sessions, exercises, case studies, and more.

Course Materials
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Pre-Course Questionnaires
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Private, In-house Sessions
Upon request for organizations seeking a more customised learning for their employees.

Post-event Follow up
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Course Outline

Traditionally, HR has been about ‘people leadership’, but as we move towards a new way of working and streamlined HR, people and culture structures, the greatest benefit HR can offer is leading a culture where every employee and every leader is accountable and inclusive. In this session, you will discover the framework to create a thriving organisational culture. 

You will learn:

  • How to map and measure culture in a manner way beyond ‘engagement scores’
  • What is a great organisational culture
  • What are the key foundations for a great organisational culture
  • The role of HR in leading culture 

Module 1: What do Senior Leaders and Boards Want to Know About Culture?

  • The role poor culture has played in the downfall of great organisations
  • Defining great culture and how to look for it
  • The presentation and understanding needed by the Board and Executive Team to have good oversight over culture

Case Study: Discuss a great Board presentation on culture and the Dashboard used to map, measure and understand it 

Module 2: Great Organisational Culture

  • Changing expectations, including the need to balance the aggregate organisational culture with individual wellbeing
  • Key foundations of great culture
  • Geographic differences in understanding and measuring culture – myths or facts

Group Discussion: How the Dashboard works to drive deeper understanding of culture and leadership in geographic differences

Module 3: The Role of HR in Leading Culture

  • Challenges in leading culture
  • Critical partnerships in leading culture
  • The role of senior leaders in leading culture
  • The role of HR in leading culture
  • The core responsibilities, levers and measurements that HR owns

Group Discussion: Discuss the HR role’s accountabilities and achievements in leading culture, in comparison to the CEO and Executive Team 

Module 4: The Role of Belonging

  • Where to start the conversation on Belonging, which is a step above diversity and inclusion
  • The benefits of Belonging to individuals and organisations
  • The Belonging Index and how it applies to your organisation
  • Addressing the challenges in Belonging
  • Creating leaders that promote a culture of Belonging

Group Discussion: Belonging Index, Culture Dashboard, and leadership expectations in a great culture. Group discussion of two case studies and the impact of Belonging on growth and ability to compete in uncertain times

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)