Ibrahim Al-Rabiah, Administrative Assistant, Marketing - Saudi International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM), Qatar

The content of the seminar was very clear and concise. I had a very good experience in updating the knowledge of the subject. I also felt that I could take away actionable idea. Overall, it was a very good event.


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How To Lead Like A Meerkat


How To Lead Like A Meerkat
How To Lead Like A Meerkat
03 December 2020
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) -
Leadership , Corporate Training , In House Training , Customer Service , Finance , Human Resource , Information Technology , Legal , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Plant and Engineers , Sales and Marketing , Management



4 Part Leadership Series:

Immersive Journey through the Business & Mind Safari with

International Keynote Speaker and Master Storyteller

The Master Storyteller, John Carroll

John Carroll

Founder & CEO of John Carroll's Business Safaris
Clients include BMW, Johnson & Johnson, & Reckitt Benckiser

John is a hands-on entrepreneur and business leader for over 30 years, who specialises in developing engaged, productive employees and great corporate cultures that truly live the brand. His career in brand marketing, advertising, business strategy, generalist HR, and general management has spanned across Australia, Southern Africa and the U.K.

He is the author of "Purposeful – A Guide to Finding Clear Direction in a Chaotic World", which was rated 4.8/5.0 on Goodreads. Recently, he has published his second book, "Leading for an Engaged Culture - How the Meerkats Formed a Family and Other Stories", focusing on corporate culture and employee engagement. Aside from contributing to various magazines and journals, he has also appeared on national television and radio. 

As an internationally recognised speaker, John masterfully weaves his business experience, love of wildlife, extraordinary life journey through an upbringing and military service in war-torn Zimbabwe, personal tragedy, and chronic illness into enthralling African animal fables that underpin and illustrate his captivating keynote presentations and highly practical yet entertaining workshops.

A Sneak Peak Into John Carroll's Business & Mind Safari


John Carroll's First Book, Purposeful          


John is one of the best facilitators because he genuinely cares and respects people; he shares and generously gives his time and talent in and outside the training room. John possesses great training techniques and is a natural coach and mentor. He delivers life changing information in a way that really hits the mark and makes an indelible imprint that can make all the difference when making choices in life. I highly recommend John Carroll if you want to improve, develop, motivate or just be entertained whilst being educated!
Ivana Agapiou - General Manager, Eather Recruitment

John is a great storyteller. His message about customer, employee and brand experience told though his self-written African tale about The Monkey, where he taught us that real engagement is so much more important than constant chatter, was one of the highlights of a recent conference I went to..” 
Han te Riele - Managing Director, Brightlabs

"John... is enlightening and the way he tells the stories just comes and grabs the audience. I'd recommend how he tells and relates life stories to business to anybody. Fantastic!
Phil Haynes - Special Advisor, Holden General Motors New Zealand

Past Clients

  • ANZ Bank
  • BMW
  • Caterpillar
  • Harvey World Travel
  • John Deere
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • P&O
  • Reckitt Benckiser

Why Choose Kexxel's VILT Courses

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Join our live, virtual courses enriched with a diverse range of interactive activities, such as action plans, group discussions, breakout sessions, exercises, case studies, and more.

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Private, In-house Sessions
Upon request for organizations seeking a more customised learning for their employees.

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Course Outline

In this session, John will take you on a virtual “Business Safari” using an African animal fable to teach the key principles of Purposeful Leadership. On this journey, you will discover how leadership has changed in modern times, how leadership and management are different concepts, and why both are important. You will also understand what people want and the key principles for developing individuals. Learn how to use the power of strengths-based leadership and how to develop a strong corporate brand that nurtures dedicated employees, cultivates loyal customers and creates a more sustainable business. 

You Will Learn

  • When to lead and when to manage
  • What people want in the modern workplace and how to deliver it through good leadership
  • How to harness the power of strengths-based leadership to develop better teams and a better business
  • How to build a strong corporate brand that nurtures dedicated people and loyal customers

Module 1: Leading and Managing

  • When to lead and when to manage
  • Understanding what people want in the modern workplace
  • Setting, monitoring and modifying clear expectations
  • Developing the critical link between good leadership and a good corporate brand
  • Group Activity: Applying ‘meerkat practices’ to human situations. Assessing a series of common situations to determine when to lead and when to manage 

Module 2: Coaching, Mentoring and Guiding

  • The separate roles of a leader as a Coach, a Mentor, and a Guide
  • Knowing when to use each role
  • Case Study: Dealing with a poor performing employee to improve their productivity and results

Module 3: Leading Through Strengths

  • Understanding the principles of strengths-based leadership
  • The power of developing strengths instead of trying to fix weaknesses
  • Putting diverse strengths to work in a team environment
  • Activity: Identifying your own strengths and how to use them

Module 4: Building the Corporate Brand

  • Using the principles of Purposeful Leadership to build the public brand
  • How to ‘brand’ the customer journey through good business leadership
  • How a strong corporate brand is the key to a sustainable business
  • Group Activity: Identifying customer touch points and how to ‘brand’ them as a leader

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