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I had a very knowledgeable and vast experience with Kexxel Group. It was certainly pleasant to be in the trainer's class.


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Maintenance Planning & Scheduling - made simple - Masterclass


Maintenance Planning & Scheduling - made simple - Masterclass
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling - made simple - Masterclass
26 April 2021 - 30 April 2021
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) -
In House Training , Plant and Engineers , Corporate Training


4 Part Maintenance Planning & Scheduling – made simple:

Maximise Wrench Time and Achieve High Maintenance Performance with

World Renowned Maintenance & Reliability Expert

Maintenance & Reliability Expert, Ricky Smith

Ricky Smith

Co-Author of over 9 Bestselling Maintenance Books on Amazon
Client Portfolio includes Shell Global, Cargill, Saudi Aramco

As a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP), Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician (CMRT) and Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) Ricky has over 30 years’ experience as a Maintenance and Reliability Professional. His many years of experience include prominent roles such as:

  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic for the US Army
  • Maintenance Technician for Exxon Company
  • US Army Facility Maintenance Investigator for Pentagon (US Dept. of Defense)

Ricky has co-authored nine best-selling maintenance books that has an average 4.2/5 star rating on Amazon. Some of his published titles include “Planning & Scheduling Made Simple”, “Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers”, and “Industrial Machinery Repair”. Besides being a well-respected author, he is also a frequent contributor for a variety of magazines over the past 25 years on technical, reliability, and maintenance subjects.


Planning and Scheduling made simple        Rules of Thumb for Maintenance Reliability Engineers

Testimonials from Kexxel Group's Past Maintenance Events

…Overall the event was well organized giving us good insights on how to improve maintenance department in any firm.
Mohd Akib Mohd Ali Maintenance Manager, Bluescope Steel (M) Sdn Bhd

The training explained fundamentals of maintenance best practices.
Clement Koay Assistant Maintenance Manager, Shell Chemicals (Singapore)

…As for Kexxel Group, I think they have organized a great training that enabled us to improve our knowledge on maintenance management.
Hew Zhong Rong Senior Factory Manager, Tmkay Fertilizer

Kexxel Group is a great event organizer that always deliver high quality trainings.
Mohd Zul Akmal Bin Zainal Abidin Senior Maintenance Engineer, PGEO Edible Oils

…I think that Kexxel Group has a good event management team.
Syed Mohd Faisal Bin Syed Kamaruddin Senior Vice President, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Previous Clients

  • Saudi Aramco
  • Gold Corp (Canada)
  • ArcelorMittal Steel
  • Oman Petroleum
  • Charleston Public Works
  • Reliance (India)
  • Life Cycle Engineering (Global)
  • Irving Oil
  • New-Indy Paper
  • Fontana
  • US Department of State
  • Shell Global
  • Cargill

Why Choose Kexxel's VILT Courses

NOT a Webinar!
Join our live, virtual courses enriched with a diverse range of interactive activities, such as action plans, group discussions, breakout sessions, exercises, case studies, and more.

Course Materials
An advantageous combination of presentation slides and downloadable workbooks are provided to participants prior to classes for a more holistic learning experience.

Pre-Course Questionnaires
Our instructors will understand the specific needs and requirements of each individual participant, by allowing attendees to review and highlight topics of importance prior to the course.

Private, In-house Sessions
Upon request for organizations seeking a more customised learning for their employees.

Secure Online Platform 
Cisco Webex is the online training platform of choice for our VILT courses. Cisco Webex respects your data privacy, is highly secure by default, and has governance and transparency. 

Day 1 (5th April 2021)

SESSION 1 – Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Overview (Part 1)

  • Instructor and Attendee Introductions
  • Expectations from each attendee
  • Expectations from instructor & Course Objectives
  • Daily Training Schedule
  • Proactive Maintenance Workflow Model / Process
  • World Class Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Case Study:Alumax / Alcoa Mt Holly – John Day PE
  • Definition of:
    - Maintenance
    - Reliability
    - Work Identification
    - Preventive Maintenance
    - Predictive Maintenance
    - Maintenance Planning
    - Maintenance Scheduling
    - Work Execution
    - Work Order Close Out
    - Backlog
  • What is Wrench-Time and How Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Impacts it Maintenance
  • Planning and Scheduling Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles
  • Group Discussion:How does Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Actually Work?

SESSION 2 – Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Overview (Part 2)

  • Exercise:Process Map Development – Proactive Maintenance
  • Exercise:Create a RACI Chart for Proactive Maintenance
  • Planning and Scheduling Leading and Lagging KPIs
  • Expectations from PM and PdM
  • Failure Modes and how to manage and mitigate them
  • Creation of the following Proactive Maintenance:
    - Vision Statement
    - Mission Statement
    - Guiding Principles

Day 2 (6th April 2021)

SESSION 3 – Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Overview (Part 3)

  • Developing and Managing an Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Process
  • Planning and Scheduling Workflow Process
  • Steps required to develop an Effective Planning and Scheduling Program
  • Repeatable/Effective Procedures
  • Planning and Scheduling Roles and Responsibilities (RACI)
  • Managing a Proactive Planning and Scheduling Program
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Leading and Lagging KPIs
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Dashboards
  • Exercise: Create Definitions for Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Scheduling, Parts and Material Kitting

SESSION 4 – Maintenance Planning (Part 1)

  • Proactive Maintenance Planning Process
    - Maintenance Planning Definition
    - Requirements of Maintenance Planning:
        - Job Requirements
        - Repeatable Procedure Definition
        - How to create Repeatable Procedures
        - Parts Requirements / Kitting Process:
             - Definition of Kitting
             - How to establish a Kitting Process
             - Parts Ordered from Vendor vs Storeroom Stock
             - Security of Scheduled Work Parts/Material
  • Exercise:Create Maintenance Planning Vision and Mission
  • Exercise:Create Guiding Principles for Maintenance Planning
    - Developing an effective Maintenance Planning process
    - Maintenance Planning Roles and Responsibilities
    - Maintenance Planning Leading and Lagging KPIs
    - Creating Leading and Lagging KPIs for Maintenance Planning
  • Exercise:Creating a Process Map for Maintenance Planning

Day 3 (7th April 2021)

SESSION 5 – Maintenance Planning (Part 2)

  • Exercise:Create RACI Chart (Roles and Responsibilities for Maintenance Planning)
  • Why Repeatable Procedures are critical
  • Examples of Repeatable procedures for Preventive Maintenance
  • How to create a Repeatable Procedure
  • Exercise:Create a Repeatable Procedure for Replacement of a pump Provided
  • Proactive Maintenance Scheduling:
    - Maintenance Scheduling Definition
    - Requirements of Maintenance Scheduling

        - Requirements for Daily and Weekly Scheduling
    - Roles and Responsibilities for Scheduling
    - Leaderships expectations of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Exercise:Create Maintenance Scheduling Vision and Mission
  • Exercise:Create Guiding Principles for Maintenance Scheduling
    - Developing an effective Maintenance Planning Process
    - Maintenance Planning Roles and Responsibilities
  • Creating a Workflow Process for Maintenance Scheduling
  • Creating a RACI Chart for Maintenance Scheduling
  • Lessons Learned from Day 1, 2 and 3
  • Preliminary plan to implement what you learned so far in the past 3 days

Day 4 (8th April 2021)

SESSION 6 – Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Alignment

  • Group Exercise: Role Play - Real World “Proactive Maintenance Process”
    - Players include: Maintenance and Production Leadership, Maintenance Planner / Scheduler, Storeroom Person, Maintenance Technician
  • Maintenance Scheduling Exercise:Create a Weekly Maintenance Schedule with the following players: Maintenance Planner, Maintenance Supervisor, Production Management Pulling Maintenance and Planning into the Real World for you when you return (Think about this day as if you had all the control and power do anything do anything that is required for success)
  • Create a Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles for your Organization
  • Create Leading and Lagging KPIs for your Organization
  • “The Wall” (what is it and how will it impact success)
  • Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Expectations from Leadership
  • Common Mistakes and Miss-steps when moving into Proactive Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Why Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Implementations fail and what to do to Mitigate these mistakes
  • Exercise:Create a Plan when you return (individually with my guidance)

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ‘activity based’ (hands on) with a focus on best practices in Maintenance Planning and Scheduling and the optimization of Maintenance Wrench-Time. It is designed for managers, planners and supervisors and other key members responsible for maintenance planning, scheduling and control activities, such as:

  • Maintenance Planners
  • Maintenance Schedulers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Senior Maintenance Technicians
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Maintenance Planning / Scheduling Leaders
  • Engineers
  • Operations Managers
  • Reliability Professionals
  • Material Coordinators
  • Plant Managers

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)