Basel Mustafa Hammad, Operations & Maintenance Manager - Al Hamra Oasis Village Compound, United Arab Emirates

I will definitely recommend the trainer for a In House Training in my company. Kexxel Group is very professional and they know how to use the right trainer!


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Simplified Strategic Planning Masterclass @ Middle East (MENA)


Simplified Strategic Planning Masterclass @ Middle East (MENA)
Simplified Strategic Planning Masterclass @ Middle East (MENA)
05 July 2021 - 08 July 2021
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) -
In House Training , Management , Sales and Marketing , Plant and Engineers , Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain , Legal , Leadership , Information Technology , Human Resource , Finance , Customer Service , Corporate Training


World Leading Author and Best Seller, Simplified Strategic Planning

More than 350,000 Copies Sold
4.5* Stars on Amazon

The Strategic Planning Expert, Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford

"Poor strategic planning is worse than no strategic planning.
It can be a big waste of time and money. Even worse, it can lead to disasters."

Being an internationally acclaimed author of the Simplified Strategic Planning Manual - the no-nonsense guide for busy people who want results fast; Robert has successfully helped companies achieve over 7,000 strategic level objectives, yielding over US$50 billion in profits.

With over 20 years converting management theory into real-life application, Robert’s seminars built on real-world strategic decisions have resonated with thousands of business audiences across the globe. His valuable experience allows him to bring real nuts and-bolts strategic thinking into every presentation, leaving participants with practical, “how-to” steps they can take home to put to use immediately.
Attended and vouched by companies like Petronas, Maybank, Intel and Pfizer; Robert blends a unique combination of broad and humorous insight resulting in sessions that are lively and practical at the same time.

Sneak Peak at Robert's Live Seminar in Kuala Lumpur



Robert provided a well-structured and organized presentation throughout the course. Being in the same field, I believe he has great knowledge and experience. On the other hand, Kexxel has excellent arrangements and provide good training subjects too.
Sadeq Nayef Sadeq Saleh – General Manager, Agrimatco

It gives our company a good perspective on how we structure our strategic planning. You get to learn and listen to the practical ways of doing business. I encourage people to take this chance and attend this course.
Hazeem Sultan Al Suwaidi - Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Borouge

The training provided great insights to real business cases and Robert is knowledgeable of this region. Also, the references that are being made to the real life business cases which come from the experiences of the trainer are very eye opening and certainly help to avoid any pitfalls.
Linda Tarazi, Head, Special Projects, Admin. & Strategy, Corporate & Investment Banking Group, Mashreq Bank

"I loved the simple tools that the course provided which facilitates in easing the directing of complicated projects. Robert is a great mentor equipped with skill and a wealth of experience in his field.
Borhan Jbara - Head of Strategy & Project Management, Jordan Ahli Bank

A very inspirational trainer. A highly stimulating refresher session on strategic planning.
Maya El Kadi - Assistant Managing Director, BLOM Bank Egypt

Past Clients

  • Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America
  • Colbond Inc.
  • Holland Engineering, Inc.
  • Addison Products Company
  • Comar Inc.
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Hormel Foods Corp.
  • Pal-Tech Inc.
  • Verizon
  • Advance Transformer Co
  • Hospitality International
  • Petersen Industries, Inc.
  • Advantage Federal Credit Union
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • Air Force Medical Logistics
  • Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.
  • Bergen Regional Medical Center
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Toolbuilders Laboratories, Inc.

Why Choose Kexxel's VILT Courses

NOT a Webinar!
Join our live, virtual courses enriched with a diverse range of interactive activities, such as action plans, group discussions, breakout sessions, exercises, case studies, and more.

Course Materials
An advantageous combination of presentation slides and downloadable workbooks are provided to participants prior to classes for a more holistic learning experience.

Pre-Course Questionnaires
Our instructors will understand the specific needs and requirements of each individual participant, by allowing attendees to review and highlight topics of importance prior to the course.

Private, In-house Sessions
Upon request for organizations seeking a more customised learning for their employees.

Post-event Follow up
Learning doesn’t stop at the close of the window screen! We'll do a post event follow up on a quarterly basis. This is an exclusive, invitation-only access for participants that have attended courses under an instructor in that quarter.

Why You Should Attend

This seminar is perfect for you if your existing strategic planning is not giving you the results you need or if you are new to strategic planning. 

Poor strategic planning is worse than no strategic planning. It can be a big waste of time and money. Even worse, it can lead to disaster. Avoid all this with Simplified Strategic Planning - a proven process to focus for superior performance without straining your resources. 

Whether you’ve been doing strategic planning for years or starting from scratch, you can acquire a streamlined process for developing and implementing your strategy. In just four days, you will have learned this time-tested methodology, which has produced outstanding results for thousands of companies from a wide variety of business types.

Day 1 (5th July 2021)

This course will teach you both the concepts and the step-by-step logistics behind the Simplified Strategic Planning process, a comprehensive approach to creating a complete, workable strategic plan in about 7 days of meetings. The focus of the course is on reaching a robust strategic conclusion quickly and driving from that conclusion to effective implementation plans. 

SESSION 1: External Situation


  • Key data to collect on markets for strategic planning
  • Customer behavior and strategy
  • Market segmentation


  • Key data to collect on competitors
  • Where to get competitive data
  • What matters most about a competitor

Other External Factors

  • How technology can make or break strategy
  • Supplier Market dynamics
  • Economics and strategy 

SESSION 2: Internal Situation


  • The role of the balance sheet
  • Assessing your income statement 

Measures of Performance

  • Measures you should use to think about strategy
  • Why financials aren’t enough
  • How to select the most important measures

Profitability Analysis

  • Using the profitability analysis to spot strategic issues
  • Why profitability shouldn’t dictate strategy

Day 2 (6th July 2021)

SESSION 3: Strategic Capabilities and Competencies

Quick Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Defining your capabilities quickly, without fuss
  • Pitfalls in using strengths and weaknesses in strategy

Strategic Competencies

  • Understanding competencies, and why you should invest in them
  • Identifying your strategic competency

Group Exercise: An example of strategic competency in a multi-unit company

SESSION 4: Assumptions

Market Assumptions 

  • Projecting changes in your markets
  • Key data to assess in formulating strategy

Competition Assumptions

  • How to see how you will stack up against the competition in the future
  • Understanding how you can change your competitive position

Opportunities and threats

  • Brainstorming the best opportunities
  • How to separate the best opportunities from the good ideas
  • Highlighting the most critical threats to your strategy

Industry Scenario and Winners’ Profile

  • Projecting the more distant future
  • Using the far future to guide your strategic thinking

Day 3 (7th July 2021)

On day three and four, we draw upon the data and ideas from day one and two and combine them to produce strategies, objectives and execution plans. The focus of this day is on devising well-integrated strategies that create competitive advantage, and managing execution.

SESSION 5: Strategies

Strategic Assessment

  • Identifying market attractiveness
  • Identifying your competitive position
  • Using your position to begin strategic thinking

Strategic Issues

  • The one strategic issue every company must address
  • How to identify and resolve most of your strategic issues


  • Defining strategies for market segments
  • Capturing your vision about your strategic focus
  • Building a set of capabilities to support your vision

SESSION 6: Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

  • Why you need a mission statement - and why you don’t
  • How to get your mission written down in 30 minutes


  • Defining corporate goals
  • Relating goals to measures of success
  • How goals can drive execution - and how they shouldn’t

Objective Setting

  • How to set objectives for optimal execution
  • What to do with objectives that you don’t select for execution

Day 4 (8th July 2021)

SESSION 7: Action Plans

Action Plans Writing Process (Group Exercise)

  • Formulating action steps
  • Sequencing action steps
  • Allocating resources to action steps

Rules for Better Execution

  • Tips from companies that achieve 100% of their objectives
  • How to build better execution into your processes and culture

SESSION 8: Budgets

Cash Flow Budget

  • Using the cash flow budget to protect your company

Investment Budget

  • How to prioritize spending on strategic initiatives

Five-Year Projection

  • Testing your strategic plan as a hypothesis
  • How to quickly use your strategic plan to create a five-year budget forecast

SESSION 9: Schedules and Agendas

Time Budgeting Process

  • Understanding the role of time in strategy execution
  • How to allocate time and schedule execution for better results


  • Putting the whole strategic planning process together – what to do and when
  • How to modify the process to fit your company

Monitoring Process

  • How to keep your strategic planning dynamic and alive
  • How to assure excellent execution by monitoring

Who Should Attend

This training has been specifically designed for C-level executives who are tasked with determining the best course and direction for their companies. These include:

  • CEO, CFO, COOs
  • Heads of Operations
  • Sales Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • IT Engineering
  • Human Resource

..as well as executives reporting to the CEO.


Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)